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Sarah Copus

Sarah Copus

Sarah Copus (Youtube Sample)

Progressive new age band 2002 now includes young daughter Sarah Copus. At 11 years old, Sarah was the lead vocalist on their latest album, "Celtic Fairy Lullaby", singing in Gaelic, Welsh and English, and also playing harp. Sarah also performed on earlier 2002 albums. At age 10, Sarah's soaring, angelic voice was featured prominently on the album "Trail of Dreams", which won "Best Vocal Album" from Zone Music Reporter. The addition of young Sarah to the group has earned them the nickname the "First Family of New Age Music".

An accomplished harpist, Sarah also plays violin, piano and baritone ukulele. More impressive is that she's already creating harmonies and vocal arrangements for 2002 and others. Sarah is also an active member of the Texas Celtic music scene, having given over 160 performances in the past 2 years, both solo and with various bands. She was featured on the cover of the Allen Image Magazine and has been invited to be a featured performer at the venerable North Texas Irish Festival in 2017.

Vin Downes

Louis Colaiannia Vin Downes (Youtube Sample)

Vin Downes began studying guitar at the age of eleven. His early interests were in electric guitar, but this all changed when he heard the opening notes of David Cullen’s “Along the Way” on a Windham Hill Records guitar sampler. He immediately immersed himself in the fingerstyle music of Will Ackerman, Michael Hedges, David Cullen and Leo Kottke.

Greatly influenced by the music of artists on Windham Hill Records in the late 1980's, Downes furthered his interest of fingerstyle guitar technique and music composition by earning a degree in classical guitar performance and music education from William Paterson University in New Jersey.

Vin Downes has released four studio albums, two of which were produced by Grammy Award winning guitarist and producer, Will Ackerman and award winning engineer/producer, Tom Eaton. He has also been a performing member of "The Gathering – A Concert Series presented by Will Ackerman".

Downes has recorded and performed with musicians including Will Ackerman, Tom Eaton, Michael Manring, Eugene Friesen, Liz Story and Tony Levin.

Vin Downes is a public school music teacher in New Jersey, where he currently teaches classical guitar at Bayonne High School.

Amy Faithe

Amy Faithe

Amy Faithe (Youtube Sample)

Phoenix based, Amy Faithe has been known for her soulful and sultry vocals in the r&b/soul and jazz genres, while having released her critically acclaimed debut album, The Ascent in the world of new age. Along with the completion of this stunning work of art came highly-praised reviews and nominations for “Best Vocal Album” for both Zone Music Reporter and One world Music Radio for 2015. Faithe has since carved a space for a fresh, modern and progressive interpretation of the new age genre and this year delivers her second album titled, Peaceful Warrior. While Peaceful Warrior promises her undeniable, signature sound, Amy vocally intertwines more of her r&b musical influences into what she describes as “an intimate account” with many of her personal life experiences as inspiration for the compositions. Amy is honored and excited to be included among such brilliant talent for this year’s ZMR Award performances and wishes much love and luck to all of the nominees.

Jill Haley

Jill Haley

Jill Haley  (Youtube Sample)

Jill Haley has released 4 recordings of original music about the United States National Parks. The instrumental music is scored for oboe, English horn, piano, guitar, French horn, cello and percussion. Her 3rd recording, "Mesa Verde Soundscapes" received the “Best Piano Album - with Instrumentation” from ZMR for 2014.

I has been an Artist in Residence at 3 National Parks which means I was invited to live in the parks for an extended time. I was able to write music about the Parks while I was living in them. I also created and performed oboe and English horn lines for artists recording at Imaginary Roads Studio with producer, Will Ackerman.

Tonight I will be joined by Grammy award winning guitarist (and husband!), David Cullen in presenting my National Park music.

Al Jewer & Andy Mitran

Al Jewer and Andy Mitran

Al Jewer & Andy Mitran (Youtube Sample)

Al Jewer and Andy Mitran have been musical partners for about 17 years. In that time the duo created 5 CD’s and 4 DVD’s, which have generated numerous awards and nominations. In 2004 they were approached by producers of the Oprah Winfrey Show to contribute music to their production library, which lead to them composing hundreds of pieces that helped create Oprah’s “Harpo Sounds” music library. From there Andy and Al began composing music for film and TV as well as launching their own Perfect Choice Music Library which now contains over 13,000 mixes. The ZMR Awards honored them two years in a row with awards for their album "Desert Light" winning Best Relaxation/Meditation album 2014 and "Surrounding Sky" winning Best Ambient Album in 2015. Their current album "Transmigration" reached number 1 on the Zone Music Reporter international air play charts in the spring of 2016 and features 22 special guests and collaborators making it a true journey with friends. Al and Andy continue to expand their musical horizons and they grow their discography.

Michele McLaughlin

Michele McLaughlin

Michele McLaughlin (Youtube Sample)

Michele McLaughlin is a Contemporary Solo Pianist & Composer. She has released seventeen albums, many of which have received multiple nominations and awards, including “Album of the Year” and “Song of the Year”. Her album, Undercurrent, debuted at #5 on the New Age Billboard Charts. Her original solo piano compositions are often described as “musical storytelling” and are haunting and contagious, relaxing and beautiful, peaceful and touching, energetic and inspiring. Her music is a regular favorite on Pandora Radio and is a bestseller on iTunes and Amazon, often landing her in the Top Ten New Age Charts. You can listen to Michele online via Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, Pandora Radio, iTunes Radio, Spotify, XM/Sirius and Music Choice Soundscapes. Michele performs and tours regularly and runs her own in-home concert series in Salt Lake City, Utah.

"McLaughlin is what I refer to as a "heart on her sleeve" composer, i.e. there is no subterfuge, no subtlety at work in her music – she presents her emotional intent of a song forthwith and front and center. It's a testament to her considerable talent that this baring of her soul always works so well, because in the hands of a lesser talent, the music would be melodramatic, overly self-conscious, and would grow tiresome. However, it's not just her technique and artistry, which is impossible to ignore, but also her artist's soul, which seems woven into every piece of music she writes. No matter how pyrotechnic she can be (and this woman can really play piano with the best of 'em), there is always the presence of heart, sometimes "in your face" and sometimes between the lines, but never hidden behind artifice." - Bill Binkelman – Wind & Wire and Zone Music Reporter


Seay Seay (Youtube Sample)

With her distinct voice and evocative sound American recording artist and humanitarian Seay (pronounced 'say') has gained prominence as both a vocalist and composer. Originating her signature vocals and uplifting sound the beauty of Seay's Billboard Charting and award winning artistry touches a universal chord and has drawn listeners from across the globe releasing several acclaimed albums and singles in the Pop, World and New Age genres airing on several hundred radio, satellite and syndicated programs with several million plays of her videos.

With classical training in both voice and music, Seay's formative years were spent playing piano and studying voice and traveling with her family throughout the Far East, Korea and Japan while her father an army physician finished his medical residency. Growing up in a creative Rennaissance household, with a long line of teachers, artists, authors in her family and ancestry, Seay was exposed to the arts and the world's cultures for much of her life. She later attended the prestigious Sotheby's Art Institute in London with graduate studies in Decorative Art and Languages. It was while living in England and returning to her families English roots, her music journey began singing on projects for song publishers Carlin, Motown, Warner Chappell Music, artists Elaine Paige and Annie Lennox and performing in London's music scene. "I have always felt like I am a citizen of the world and much of my creativity reflects that."

Returning to the United States, Seay forged her unique evocative style honing her skills as a vocalist and songwriter studying music therapy with author of the Mozart Effect, Don Campbell. "I have always felt a strong purpose to be apart of the healing in the world." Under her own label, Tuscan Sun Music, Seay released her debut album '1 Voice' an evocative album of world influences and celestial vocals and was named a Top 10 album of the year on the World New Age Chart with selections featured on the launch of XM's HD Surround on Finetuning alongside Sting, Ray Charles, Enya and Norah Jones. Her seasonal album, 'A Winter Blessing' with several renowned guest instrumentalists, topped the ZMR Top 100 chart and was named on Mainly Piano's Top 30 albums of the last decade while also being nominated for Best Holiday Album. Her inspirational single and video 'All Around The World' celebrating those common ties that join us, has been apart of several humanitarian events which include the opening ceremonies of World Peace Day, Peace Day TV and the theme for Project Peace on Earth's "Love All" Simulcast live From Bethlehem, Palestine on Christmas Day 2012 and seen by millions of people across the globe for which she is a musical ambassador. Seay and her evocative vocal chant piece "Orion's Gate" is featured on Project Peace on Earth's '2 Unite All' and '2 Unite All Vol 2" projects featuring 26 world artists and produced by Grammy winning Indian composer Ricky Kej, with Peter Gabriel and, Roger Water, Stewart Copeland of the Police in support of The United Nations and UNRWA World Peace Initiatives. Seay's music is also an addition to several syndicated channels which include Sirius Spa Channel, Music Choice Soundscapes and the C.A.R.E. Channel heard in 900 hospitals and health care facilities.

Seay's current award winning release ‘In The Garden’ celeb​rating the earth ocean and each of us as human ​beings, and named one of the top 10 records of 2016 has spent 4 weeks on The Billboard New Age Charts peaking at #3 with Enya and Vangelis and 4 months on the ZMR Radio top ten charts peaking at #3 for 2 months. "In The Garden" endorsed ​y the United Nations and Mission Blue is also a silver medal winner in the Global music awards, Hollywood music and media award nomination.

Seay has also been blessed to work and perform with many gifted musicians, songwriters, composers, producers in film, television, advertising and as a guest artist which include Annie Lennox, Cher, Elaine Paige, Clay Walker, Crystal Gayle, Ricky Kej, Christmas release "Breath of Heaven" with Stephen Peppos.and his 2017 upcoming album “Leaving Terra Firma”. her recent vocal work includes he honor of singing on the world music project "Shanti Samsara" launching the United Nations COP21 Climate Change conference in Paris and "Incredible India - ProYog - From The Birthplace Of Yoga" which was nominated for a Hollywood music and media award, both produced by Ricky Kej. One of the special honors of her musical career has been performing a benefit concert of the songs of Oscar Winning Lyricists Alan And Marilyn Bergman, at the Nashville Jazz Workshop with the Bergmans in attendance.

Seay currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee where she continues singing, writing and creating from her studio. A voting member of The Grammys, a SESAC affiliated writer and a Music Ambassador for Project Peace On Earth, Seay is also visual artist, Her artwork can be found in private collections and her exhibit "The Power of Sound" has been seen on ABC Lifetime channel and in venues which include The Nashville Jazz Workshop, The Songwriters Guild and Universal Music.

Michael Whalen

Micheal Whalen

Michael Whalen (Youtube Sample)

Two-time Emmy® award-winner, BMI award winner and Emmy® nominated composer and noted music supervisor, Michael Whalen, is a veteran of 750 TV and film scores, thousands of commercials and numerous TV themes and corporate identity pieces. He is also a well-known recording artist having created dozens of solo albums and soundtrack recordings. His best known solo recording is the 2005 Narada recording “My Secret Heart” which features the song “I Have Loved You for a Thousand Lifetimes.” His newest recording “Dream Cycle” was released in February 2017. Michael has been an adjunct professor at The Berklee College of Music, The City College of New York and NYU. He is represented and published by Warner/Chappell Music..

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