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2002 (Youtube Sample)

If someone asked me to define the genre of New Age music with one listen of a CD, I'd likely pick one of 2002's recordings.
- Peter Manzi, New Age Retailer Magazine

The award-winning group known as 2002, have placed 10 albums on the Billboard Charts (271 weeks total) and made the list of top new age artists in the Billboard Magazine "Year in Review" issue, December 2003. Also on the list; Yanni, Manhneim Steamroller, Jim Brickman, George Winston & Enya.

Randy Copus plays piano, guitar, bass and keyboards. Pamela Copus plays flutes, harp, keyboards and a wind instrument called a WX5. Newest band member, Sarah Copus, sings and plays Celtic harp. All of the vocals on their albums are created by recording their voices many, many times and layering them to create a "virtual choir" with a celestial, angelic quality.

During their 21 year career, 2002 released 9 albums with Sausalito record label Real Music and 6 albums under their own Galactic Playground Music label. The newest album, Believe - A Spiritual Romance debuted at #8 on the Billboard Chart and was nominated for "Best Vocal Album" by Zone Music Reporter as well as "Best Album of the Year 2013" and "Mejor Album del Febrero 2013" by Reviews New Age (Spain). It has also been on the Amazon Top 100 (new age) for over 100 days, peaking at #7.

David Arkenstone w/ Charlee Brooks

David Arkenstone

David Arkenstone w/ Charlee Brooks (Youtube Sample)

Celebrating the 25th year of his recording career that spans more than 30 albums, film and television soundtracks and video game scores, three-time Grammy nominee David Arkenstone has created Loveren, his most elaborate album to date. Known for his cinematic, symphonic style and his passion for taking listeners on a fantastic journey, Arkenstone has reinvented himself yet again, on a grand scale.

This award-winning multi-instrumentalist has captivated audiences since he broke onto the music scene in 1987 with his debut album, Valley In The Clouds. His compositions are inspired by travel and adventure, and are a fusion of state of the art technology and fully orchestrated acoustic instrumentation. Arkenstone's living legacy is a deep and diverse catalogue of pioneering New Age classics, authentic Celtic collections, exotic worldbeat recordings, experimental electronic meditations, and visionary sonicscapes.

A live, epic concert event - David Arkenstone's Symphonic Adventure - is set to tour and will be broadcast in 2014.

Charlee Brooks Collaborating with David is gifted vocalist, Charlee Brooks, who co-wrote and co-produced the album, Arkenstone feels Loveren is his most epic work to date. "Charlee and I inspired each other and created music that transcends what either of us would be able to accomplish on our own," says Arkenstone. "We put everything into Loveren a lush string section, ethnically diverse world music rhythms, tribal chants, eclectic world instruments, New Age nuances, a new language and the Nashville Soul Choir!"

Todd Boston

Todd Boston

Todd Boston (Youtube Sample)

Todd Boston is a guitarist/multi instrumentalist that defies what is possible for one musician and produces a sublime sound of harmony, rhythm, melody and texture marrying technology with the ancient instruments and music of the world. His collaboration with Will Ackerman (Windham Hill Records) produced the award winning album "Touched by the Sun" (Best Acoustic Instrumental Album of 2012, ZMR awards).

Lisa Downing

Lisa Downing

LISA DOWNING  (Youtube Sample)

Lisa is a multiple award winning, international composer, concert and recording artist who is re-defining the genre of solo piano. Her heartfelt and technically impressive original compositions will touch your soul and revive your memories. As you listen to Lisa expressing shared human experiences through the piano, your deepest thoughts can be heard.

Her CDs have won multiple awards including ZMR Holiday Album of the year and ranked in the top 5 ZMR Albums for worldwide airplay in it's genre. Lisa's album "A Delicate Balance" was considered for Grammy nomination. Her newest CD, "The Wisdom of My Shadow" is due to be released in 2014.

Lisa performs all over the world with Grammy Award winning musicians such as Liz Story, David Lanz, Suzanne Ciani, and Peter Kater, to name a few. From the "International Pianists of the World" series in Spain, to Argentina for the "Conceirto Internacional de Piano" series, to performances across the United States, Lisa's audiences are entranced by the descriptions of her compositions which create parables that will reach far into the aspirations and challenges of each listener's experience - revealing the true unity of human nature.

Fiona Joy w/ Sherry Finzer and Rebecca Daniel

Fiona Joy

Fiona Joy (Youtube Sample)

Fiona Joy Celebrates the Female Heart of Celtic and New Age Music.

Once heard, one doesn't easily forget Fiona Joy's highly emotional and beautiful piano music and vocals. An ARIA Finalist in Australia for 2008 and winner of three major awards including Album of the Year in the 2009 ZMR Music Awards, Fiona Joy was also a 2013 Independent Music Awards Finalist for Best New Age Album and Best LIVE Performance. With over 43 awards across 9 countries Fiona has worked with internationally-renowned artists including Will Ackerman (Producer) and Corin Nelsen (Producer, Engineer), T-Bone Wolk (Hall & Oates), Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, Dire Straits), Jeff Haynes (Pat Methany), and Eugene Friesen (Paul Winter Consort) to name a few. Her music is available online, in stores and also on

"One of the brightest lights in the contemporary instrumental genre, Fiona Joy Hawkins is poised to move into stardom." Will Ackerman, Founder of Windham Hill Records _____________________________________________________________

Sherry Finzer

Sherry Finzer (Youtube Sample)

As a classically trained flutist from Rochester, NY, Sherry Finzer has won many awards and competitions. She recorded her first solo album, Desert Journey, with guitarist and composer Ric Flauding, and in 2009 Sherry started her series of new age/healing music on the Heart Dance Records label, titled Sanctuary.

The first two releases, Sanctuary and Sanctuary II: Earth, were GRAMMY semi-finalists for Best New Age Album, and are now being played on radio stations around the world. Her latest release is Transformation, recorded with her guitarist Darin Mahoney. The album includes original compositions and arrangements by both Sherry and Darin, and also a song that was written for Sherry by composer Tom Febonio.

Sherry is a Performing Artist for both the Pearl Flute Company based in Japan, and Guo Flutes, based in Taiwan. She is President/Founder of a not for profit 501C3, the AZ World Music Initiative, an interactive music awareness program for K-5, seniors and those with special needs. _____________________________________________________________

Rebecca Daniel

Rebecca Daniel (Youtube Samples)

Rebecca started singing professionally at the age of 9, and at 12 was the first child to perform the role of "Flora" in Nicholas Hytner's production for Kent Opera of "The Turn of the Screw" by Benjamin Britten. She then sang madrigals with the Tudor Consort of Rochester Cathedral before attending the Royal Academy of Music in London to study violin with Emanuel Hurwitz and the Amadeus String Quartet, she also performed chamber music throughout the UK.

After being invited to join the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Rebecca discovered the joys of Musical Theatre and was the orchestra leader for Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, Beauty & the Beast and The Sound of Music; she also played for West Side Story, A Little Night Music and The Hunting of the Snark.

She has performed, toured and recorded with some extraordinary musicians including John Denver, Bread, Will Ackerman, John Farnham, INXS, James Gallway and the Chieftains, Fiona Joy, Anthony Warlow, Shirley Bassey, Barbra Streisand, Kate Ceberano, Tommy Emmanuel, Olivia Newton-John, Men at Work, Glenn Close and many more; and has also recorded many movie soundtracks including Strictly Ballroom, Moulin Rouge and Black Robe.

Rebecca is very fortunate to have had the opportunity to expand her experiences while working with Fiona Joy, and has written arrangements, and performed on many albums, including Producing the 2011 album "Live at the Q". _____________________________________________________________

Kevin Keller

Kevin Keller

Kevin Keller (Youtube Sample)

Kevin Keller is an American pianist and composer known primarily for "ambient chamber music", a style that combines live instruments with electronic effects.

Keller's first solo recording "The Mask of Memory" (1994) came to the attention of radio producer Stephen Hill, who included several tracks on a Hearts of Space program titled "Digital Planet" in 1995. This was followed by a Living Room Concert and feature on Echoes, whose host John Diliberto named Keller's second CD "Intermezzo" as one of the Top 25 records of 1996. Since that time, Keller has released 6 full-length recordings and several EPs and compilations, working with musicians such as cellist David Darling, guitarist Jeff Pearce,and Keller's own chamber ensemble of strings, woodwinds, percussion, and piano.

Keller currently resides in New York City,where he composes music for film and contemporary ballet. His 2012 album "The Day I Met Myself" was produced by Russel Walder; the album won the ZMR Music Award for Best Neo-Classical Album of 2012

Shambhu w/ Jeff Oster

Lorrie Sarrafin

Shambhu and Friends (Youtube Sample)

Shambhu exploded onto the contemporary instrumental music world in October, 2010 with his acclaimed #1 debut CD, 'Sacred Love', co-produced by Windham Hill Records founder Will Ackerman. His new release, Dreaming of Now, also co-produced by Will Ackerman and recording engineer Thomas Eaton, features 11 new songs that reflect an exquisite fusion of contemporary instrumental, world, Indian and jazz styles.

Shambhu's technical mastery of the guitar enables delicate expressions of nuance and subtlety while engaging audiences in deep spirit. His music has been called 'magical,' a 'journey', and 'opening a space within'.

Shambhu has performed with Jeff Oster, Todd Boston, Carlos Santana, Narada Michael Walden, and he played on Whitney Houston's multi-platinum album, "Whitney." He studied meditation for three decades with the renowned spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy. _____________________________________________________________

Jeff Oster

Jeff Oster (Youtube Sample)

As one of the few trumpet/flugelhorn artists working in ambient terrain, Jeff Oster draws from a rich background of classically trained, jazz tinged horn study, mixed with contemporary electronica and loop based electro-orchestral bed tracks.

Three of Jeff's albums, RELEASED, TRUE and SURRENDER were voted by broadcasters worldwide as the Album of the Year for 2005, 2007 and 2011 at the ZMR Music Awards. Jeff is a featured performer on Laura Sullivan's 2014 Best New Age Grammy winning album "LOVE'S RIVER".

Both TRUE and SURRENDER were chosen by Echoes as one of the 25 Essential Echoes albums for 2007 and 2011, and TRUE was included as one of Echoes' Top 200 Albums of the last 20 years.

SURRENDER was co-written and co-produced by producer/composer Bryan Carrigan and Jeff Oster. Both RELEASED and TRUE were produced by William Ackerman, Grammy Award winning guitarist and founder of Windham Hill Records. _____________________________________________________________

Paul Speer

Paul Speer

Paul Speer (Youtube Sample)

Paul Speer (born in Lewiston, Idaho) is a Grammy nominated guitarist, composer, and record producer. He has released several solo albums, music video albums, and collaborations with other artists such as pianist David Lanz, drummer Scott Rockenfield of Queensryche, UK musician Paul Lawler, and French vocalist/musician Satine Orient. 2013 marked the release of a new solo album entitled "Ax Inferno". _____________________________________________________________

The Wooden Wings

Paul Speer

The Wooden Wings (Youtube Sample)

Start with two female vocalists shorter than your kid sister, a pair of rough-edged, Southern-tinged voices belting out notes sultry and fierce. With a couple of amped-up guitars and a steady percussive backbone, The Wooden Wings carve out their own sound in the blues-rooted city of New Orleans: a folk-fused brand of rock 'n' roll driven by hypnotic harmonies atop ear-catching melodies. _____________________________________________________________

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