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 Top Recordings for December 2015
 Title: Winter Symphony
Artist: Jennifer Thomas
Label: Tickled Ivory Music
Score:  8.91

2(9) Nightbound - David Lindsay - Fallingfoot Records 8.20
3(5) Moon and Shadows - Barbara Hills - House in the Wood Productions 7.78
4(3) Encantado - Jim Stubblefield - Natural Elements Records 6.63
5(82) Now - Paz del Castillo - The Borderline Music 6.48
6(2) Winding Down - David Nevue - Midnight Rain Productions 6.45
7(--) Starlight Starbright - Candice Night - Minstrel Hall Music 6.30
8(--) Forever Christmas - David Lanz & Kristin Amarie - DKL Records 6.19
9(--) Silhouettes of Love - David Lanz & Kristin Amarie - DKL Records 5.98
10(7) Mystical Morning - Uwe Gronau - GEMA 5.80

118Surrounding SkyAl Jewer and Andy MitranLaughing Cat Records 5.53
1223Fall Into WinterBryan CarriganPeonies Music 2.98
131Across The WaterBill LeslieGreycliff Music 2.83
1412You Are My HomeMichael WhalenMichael Whalen Music 2.69
1570ConvergenceKaren OlsonSoundvue Records 2.67
164All Our YesterdaysBlackmore's NightFrontiers Records 2.66
1713WhenAeTopus12 Ton Productions 2.47
186First LightPeter CalandraSelf-Released 2.30
1910Illumination of the HeartDeuterNew Earth Records 2.27
2070Green Isac OrchestraGreen Isac OrchestraSpotted Peccary Music 2.16
2141Eight WindsBob ArdernSelf Released 2.14
2211Songs of LeavingAngelo RapanSelf-Released 1.97
2315The AscentAmy FaitheSelf Released 1.63
2418Atlantis Trilogy: Brave New WorldRobert SlapHighpooch Music 1.61
2421Asia BeautyRon KorbHumbledragon 1.61
2616ElementsLudovico EinaudiPonderosa Music & Art 1.55
2722Learning To FlyNeil TatarSelf-Released 1.53
2817La StradaKevin KellerKevin Keller Productions 1.48
2953Dark Sky IslandEnyaReprise Records (Warner Music) 1.45
3032Falling Water Shimmering StringsChris HaugenReal Music 1.44
3019ImaginingsPaul Adams, David Hoffman, Elizabeth Geyer & Pravin GodkhindiLakefront 1.44
3225March of the TimeshiftersSensitive ChaosSubsequent Records 1.39
3327In These StormsDave PrestonDave Preston Music 1.28
3438Dawn TreaderChronotope ProjectSpotted Peccary Music 1.22
35--Atma BhaktiManish VyasNew Earth Records 1.20
3628Nanda DeviHans ChristianNew Earth Records 1.06
3730GracePaul AvgerinosRound Sky Music 1.02
3843Fire In The RainstormKori Linae CarothersiRoknNod Records 0.95
39--Christmas BeyondSteven CSelf Released 0.86
40--GlimpsesHaiku (The Haiku Project)Real Music 0.80
4072NextJeff OsterRetso Records 0.80
4229Flute FlightSherry Finzer and Mark HollandCedar 'N Sage 0.78
4248Sky Before a StormGareth Laffely w/ Laura SullivanSelf Released 0.78
4449SnowLight: A Christmas MemoryLynn TredeauSelf Released 0.72
45--EquilibriumKeraniKerani Music 0.69
4646The Blue StarMingoSonarweb Communications 0.67
4654Letters from Far AwayHeidi Anne BreyerSelf Released 0.67
4632Under The StarsJoanne LazzaroSelf-Released 0.67
4637So Near, So FarAir Craft, Douglas McKeehanCraftedair 0.67
5072Echoes of LifeLynn TredeauSelf Released 0.64
5140Moog & NylonTom CaufieldSelf Released 0.63
5239Eye of The WizardDeborah MartinSpotted Peccary Music 0.61
52--LichensMike HoweSelf Released 0.61
52--KonnektionsJeffrey KoepperAir Space 0.61
5532Moth in FlamesPaul EllisSpotted Peccary Music 0.59
5687Bridge To VallabhaTina MaliaSelf-Released 0.58
56--Reiki Hands of LoveDeuterNew Earth Records 0.58
5641The Woman AstronautPenka KounevaSelf Released 0.58
59--What the Winter SaidKathryn KayeOverland Mountain Music 0.55
5966The Wind PearlJohn AdorneyEverSound 0.55
5926Radio GodGet TribalGet Tribal Music 0.55
6251DarshanAjeet KaurSpirit Voyage Records 0.53
63--ChristmasCurtis MacdonaldCMMP 0.50
6343MississippiEric TingstadCheshire Records 0.50
63--Ambient Holidays Volume 1: Christmas AmbientKen ElkinsonAugust Son Productions 0.50
6356Rhythms Of The NightDouglas Blue FeatherSpirit Hawk Records 0.50
67--Echotides [EP]Erik WølloProjekt 0.48
67--Noel: Stella LuminosaLa Maitrise des petits chanteurs de Quebec w/ Francois CoutureDisques Boghei Records 0.48
6945Chants For MeditationOmneityAugust Son Productions 0.45
7066Kundalini Rise of the SoulThomas BarqueeSpirit Voyage Records 0.44
71--Mood ChainTwilight ArchiveMancinelli Music 0.42
7131BlueprintBob HolroydReal World Works 0.42
7120Safe in Your ArmsScott CossuHeart Dance Records 0.42
7155Water and LightLoren EvartsOtter Records 0.42
7566MomentsTim NeumarkNeumark Music 0.38
75--Dividing the DarknessSteve RiveraSelf Released 0.38
77--Deep SleepLiquid MindReal Music 0.34
77--Om LandDavid Vito Gregoli 0.34
79--I Must Be DreamingLaura TateSelf Released 0.31
79--The Pale CatalogKerry LeimerPalace Of Lights 0.31
7961Elders & Ancestors, Music for a Healing SpaceAgrelia's CastleMysterium Music 0.31
7966VoyagerCatherine DucMG Music Ltd. 0.31
79--American Songbook VI: Idyll For The Misbegotten; The SleeperGeorge CrumbBridge Records 0.31
7987ReminiscentAnastasiaSecret Formula Records 0.31
7965Heart SongElise LebecTabitha Lebec Publishing Company 0.31
79--Haiku FlowHenrik HytteballeReal Music 0.31
79--When the Sun Turns NorthDeborah Schmit-LobisSelf Released 0.31
79--Concert At Jodrell BankUnder the DomeNeu Harmony 0.31
79--JuxtapositionRon Boots & John KerrGroove Unlimited 0.31
79--Mushroom VimanaBinarSelf Released 0.31
79--Christmas LightsDoug HammerDreamworld Productions 0.31
7980Live!The Piano GuysPortrait Records 0.31
79--Yule TidingsScott LawlorSelf Released 0.31
79--Crafty ChristmasNathan EklundOA2 Records 0.31
95--A Few ThoughtsPeter Paulsen TrioSquarePegWorks 0.30
95--Alive in the VortexSteve RoachTimeroom Editions 0.30
95--MacbethOriginal Soundtrack: London Contemporary Orchestra w/ Jed KurzelDecca Records-Universal Music 0.30
95--Wild WinterSmoke FairiesFull Time Hobby 0.30
95--Christmas: A Ghostly GatheringMidnight SyndicateLinfaldia Records 0.30
95--Winter CalmJeff PearceJeff Pearce Music 0.30
95--Maz RazRazteriaAsteria Records 0.30
9576ApsarasAlio Die / Amelia CuniProjekt 0.30
95--Passenger 4Free System Projekt and Dweller at the ThresholdQuantum 0.30
95--The FountainJohn AdorneyEverSound 0.30
95--Natalie MerchantNatalie MerchantNonesuch Records - Warner Music Group 0.30
95--Songs from Within 2Mark HollandCedar 'N Sage 0.30
95--Songs from the Deep FieldDarshan AmbientSpotted Peccary Music 0.30
9576Another Time, Another PlaceRobin SpielbergplayMountain Music 0.30
9556Bloodmoon RisingSteve RoachTimeroom Editions 0.30
95--One JourneyRyan StewartRyan Stewart Music 0.30
95--Blue RadianceErik WølloProjekt 0.30
95--Skeleton KeysSteve RoachProjekt 0.30
95--MonolithAs Lonely As Dave BowmanProjekt 0.30
95--Unbroken DreamsTrine Opsahl and Josefine OpsahlHeart to Heart Records 0.30
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