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 Top Recordings for June 2014
 Title: The Dream Exchange
Artist: John Luttrell
Label: Atmospheric Music
Score:  8.41

2(3) Life Under Stars - Carl Weingarten - Multiphase Records 8.39
3(--) Closer - Louis Colaiannia w/ Various Artists - LouisColaiannia 8.21
4(--) By a Wire - Jennifer DeFrayne - Little Hartley Music 8.20
5(2) Arctic Sunrise - Kerani - Kerani Music 7.86
6(4) Inner Circle - Peter Calandra - 7.52
7(1) Ritual - Peter Kater/R. Carlos Nakai - Mysterium Music 5.52
8(35) Sketches From An Island - Mark Barrott - International Feel Recordings 5.12
9(7) A New Age of Classical Piano - Christopher Boscole - Self Released 4.32
10(6) Craftsman - Bob Ardern - Self Released 3.89

118A Southern SunJoseph AkinsHeartSong Music 3.88
1229Echoes of Home: The Most Glorious Celtic MelodiesPhil CoulterShenachie Ent. 3.48
139EmergenceLawrence BlattSelf Released 3.02
145Tapestries of TimeAnn SweetenOrange Band Records 2.77
15--With Evening AboveJeff PearceJeff Pearce Music 2.58
1617PassengersGreen IsacSpotted Peccary Music 2.53
1712Dream WalkerVicki LoganCarvic Inc. 2.32
1810New HorizonMinstrel Streams (Matt and Rebecca Stuart)Minstrel Streams 2.18
1914Unlike the StarsVin DownesRiverwide Records 2.06
2019Choose LoveJeremy WeinglassSelf Released 1.97
2125Structures from Silence 30th Anniversay EditionSteve RoachProjekt 1.92
2220Impossible LandscapeDeeperNETSpotted Peccary Music 1.89
23--Dreams From AfarMichael Logozar 1.76
2441Infinite BeautyDonovan JohnsonBoxhouse Music Co. 1.70
2518AtmospheresRudy AdrianSpotted Peccary Music 1.58
2616CeremonyJames HoodEdible Sounds 1.56
2713Process of BeingZero OhmsSpotted Peccary Music 1.53
2811The Undiscovered HorizonHarrison EdwardsArturim Records 1.30
29--Winds of SamsaraRicky Kej and Wouter KellermanListen 2 Entertainment 1.27
30--River of LightAshanaSpirit Voyage Records 1.26
3123Eros ThanatosDan PoundPound Sounds 1.15
32--Surya: Chants of LightNadaka & GopikaRaga Mantra 1.06
3357Among the MissingDavid Pritchard 1.05
3437KaleidoscopeLisa HiltonRuby Slippers Productions 1.03
35--A New DirectionAmy JanelleLive Your Dream Music 0.98
3643VisitationsDamon BuxtonMany Miles Music 0.94
3773DreamtimeCornell Kinderknecht & Martin McCallLittle Greyhound Music 0.86
3715Mystic PlacesPhoenix RisingSelf Released 0.86
3960Perfect ImperfectionTom CarlenoBarking Cat Records 0.85
3927The Peasant SabbaticalNeil Jacobs Neil JacobsAdena Productions 0.85
4138EquisticeKen ElkinsonAugust Son Productions 0.77
41--Dharma RainChronotope ProjectUdana Music 0.47
4239Music of the Extraordinary VoyagesLarkenlyreCynelic Gast Music 0.76
4331The Wonder WellJohn AdorneyEverSound 0.74
4324SojournJim GabrielSelf Released 0.74
4535TimelinesErik WølloProjekt 0.73
46--UmbraARCDiN 0.71
4722In a Time Lapse: The RemixesLudovico EinaudiPonderosa Music & Art 0.70
4821Goddess RisingJennifer Zulli 0.65
4834Call of the MountainsMasakoSelf Released 0.65
5040Below ZeroBryan CarriganPeonies Music 0.64
5029Movements of the HeartDavid LanzShanachie 0.64
5041The Peace MessengerMark PinkusSelf Released 0.64
5360Flutter and FlowcyberCHUMPInternal Combustion 0.62
5373NocturnesDan ChadburnSelf Released 0.62
5526PavanePaul HiggsToucan Tango 0.61
5568Take the Money and RunCode IndigoAD Music 0.61
57--Nightlight DaylightMuriel AndersonSelf Released 0.59
5833Tranquil TimesDarlene KoldenhovenTimeArt Recordings 0.58
59--Forever ChangesClaudio MerliniAD Music 0.56
60--Yearning for the WindAncient FutureAncient Future 0.55
6168Love & Other EphemeraSilvery GhostsSilvery Ghosts 0.53
6152StupaDavid Parsonsgterma 0.53
6332Reflection of TimeJohn Lyell 0.52
63--AnomaliesMark DwaneTrondant 0.52
63--InstrumentalProject TrioHarmonyville Records 0.52
6681The Stargate TapesEmerald WebFinders Keepers Records 0.50
66--VisionsKavita ShahInner Circle Music 0.50
6644Shivoham: A Journey Into BlissManish VyasSpirit Voyage Records 0.50
66--Narrow PathMatthew SchoeningSolo Electric Cello 0.50
6648Dreaming of NowShambhuAcoustic Shine 0.50
7145Language Of The SoulSteven VitaliVitali Music Entertainment Corp. / Dream Music Publishing 0.48
7156Fight for SurvivalInjunuityCanyon Records 0.48
71--IntentionByron Metcalf and Mark SeeligProjekt 0.48
75--Kirtan AidV/ASpirit Voyage Records 0.77
7663Invitation from WithinAnn LicaterCul de Sac Mystic Productions 0.42
7646Ground CherryFrançois Couture w/ Martin VerretDisques Boghei Records 0.42 Records 0.41
7998Tree of LifeLoren Nerell and Mark SeeligProjekt 0.38
79--Prana: Healing Tones for LifeMala Ganguly and David Vito GregoliDharmapala Records 0.38
7973Seabound [Remastered]Juta TakahashiLunisolar 0.38
82--A Delicate BalanceLisa DowningVision Quest Entertainment 0.36
8281Scotland: Grace of the WildBill LeslieCapitol Broadcasting Company 0.36
8228Dreaming TimeForrest Smithson 0.36
8273Regenerator 3017Djam KaretFirepool Records 0.36
82--Cobra FakirMiriodorCuneiform Records 0.36
87--Spirit of the MountainHarrison EdwardsArturim Records 0.35
87--Minstrel StreamsMinstrel Streams (Matt and Rebecca Stuart)Minstrel Streams 0.35
8755The Healing PathParijatNew Earth Records 0.35
9073Dawn Of A New LightDouglas Blue FeatherSpirit Hawk Records 0.33
92--Final CallKitaroDomo Records 0.32
92--RedemptionPaul SpaethSelf Released 0.32
92--Return To Other WorldsDan PoundPound Sounds 0.32
92--Gypsy BellsBrianna Lea PruettCanyon Records 0.32
9649Node 2NodeDiN 0.30
96--Between Two LightsJeff StocktonTriskele Records 0.30
96--3 Fervent TravelersTime for ThreeE1 Music 0.30
96--Reality of the FantasyJames SeraSelf-Released 0.30
9681Lake Street DiveLake Street DiveSelf Released 0.30
9681Comin' Home BabyThe Reese ProjectVectorDisc 0.30
9681The JourneyGareth LaffelyRoaring Brook 0.30
96--Mourning SunLiquid SkyShadow Puppet Studios 0.30
96--FarshadowWithin ReasonHarmonic Resonance Recordings 0.30
96--The Listening HeartBetsy GrantSelf Released 0.30
96--CIDiamond VersionMute 0.30
96--Afro-Mandinka SoulSeckou Keita QuartetARC Music 0.30
96--PsychostasiaDaemonia NymphePrikosnovenie 0.30
96--SonarCraig PadillaFruits de Mer 0.30
96--Tigris and EuphratesJoey CurtinMulberry Tree Records 0.30
96--The Drop that Contained the SeaChristopher Tin 0.30
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