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The 15th Annual ZMR Music Award Nominess

Congratulations to all nominees and Good Luck!
(Sorted in Alphabetical Order)
As nominated by broadcasters worldwide.
Album of the Year
A Trick of the Wind - Erik Scott (Self-Released)
Eternal - Kevin Wood (Real Music)
Evensong: Canticles for the Earth - Meg Bowles (Kumatone Records)
Mosaic - David Wahler (Darius Productions)
Reach - Jeff Oster (Retso Records)
Best Ambient Album
Before Sunrise - Jeff Greinke (Spotted Peccary Music)
Evensong: Canticles for the Earth - Meg Bowles (Kumatone Records)
Music For Telecommuting Volumes 3 & 4 - Ken Elkinson (August Son Productions)
Parting Is - Jon Durant (Alchemy Records)
Silver Chord - Michelle Qureshi (Music as Metaphor)
Best Chill/Groove Album
Auriga to Orion - Majestica (Heart Dance Records)
Dreams Beyond Terra - ELEON (Heart Dance Records)
Drum Distillery - James Asher & Arthur Hull (Starfield)
Stranger Days - David Wright (AD Music)
What The Years Have Left Behind - Reaching Calm (Reaching Calm)
Best Contemporary Instrumental Album
A Trick of the Wind - Erik Scott (Self-Released)
After The Rain - Neil Tatar (Self Released)
Perihelion...the Turning Point - Al Jewer w/ Andy Mitran (Laughing Cat Records)
Reach - Jeff Oster (Retso Records)
The Waters of Glacier - Jill Haley (Self Released)
Best Electronic Album
Clear Light - Stephanie Sante (Sante Music)
Colors of the Ambient Sky - David Arkenstone (QDV Productions)
Totem Totum - AeTopus (12Ton Productions)
Walking a Beautiful World - Sensitive Chaos (Subsequent Records)
Yesterday Passing - Jim Ottaway (Self-Released)
Best Instrumental Album - Acoustic
An Open Sky - Ryan Judd (Rhythm Tree)
River - Don Latarski (Heart Dance Records)
Serenity II: More Peaceful Music on the Chapman Stick - Michael Kollwitz (Self Released)
Short Stories - Michelle Qureshi (Music as Metaphor)
Who Said It Was Easy? - Jamie Bonk (Self Released)
Best Neo-Classical Album
Carpe Noctem - Peter Calandra (PCM)
Deep Cuts from the Moral Wilderness - Tom Caufield (Bohemian Embassy)
Rising - Vicente Avella (Pandora's Boombox Records)
Small Treasures - Kerani (Kerani Music)
The Flowers Suite - Barbara Hills (House in the Wood Productions)
Best New Artist
87 Keys - Philip Shpartov (Heart Dance Records)
Peaceful Being - Richard Noll (Singing Heart Productions)
SINDHU - Caro Pampillo (Self-Released)
The Ineffable - Alan Matthews (Self Released)
Woodland Moons - Marcia Watson Bendo (Marcia Watson Bendo / Heartnotes Music)
Best Piano Album - Solo
Encounters of the Beautiful Kind - Rachel LaFond (Self Released)
Fellowship of Solitude - Lynn Tredeau (Self Released)
On the Edge of A Dream - Robin Spielberg (playMountain Music)
Songs of Changing Light - Kathryn Kaye (Overland Mountain Music)
Story of Ghosts - Fiona Joy (Blue Coast Records)
Best Piano Album - w / Instrumentation
Beautiful Song - Anne Trenning and Friends (Shadetree Records)
Escapism - Lisa Hilton (Ruby Slippers Productions)
Even For A Moment - Gary Schmidt (Heart Dance Records)
Kiss The Quiet - Michael Whalen (Michael Whalen Music)
Moonlight In Empty Rooms - Heidi Anne Breyer (Winterhall Records)
Best Relaxation/Meditation Album
Add Colours to my Sunset Sky - Trine Opsahl (Heart to Heart Records)
Ama - Michael Brant DeMaria (Ontos Music)
Mindfulness - Paul Avgerinos (Round Sky Music)
Mosaic - David Wahler (Darius Productions)
Quiet Spaces: Flute Meditations for Mindfulness and Relaxation - Ann Licater (Cul de Sac Mystic Productions)
Best Vocal Album
A World Away - 2002 (Galactic Playground Music)
Deva - Deva Premal (White Swan Records)
Lost Souls - Loreena McKennitt (Quinlan Road Limited)
Mirrors - Sangeeta Kaur (Sangeeta Kaur Music)
White Sun III - White Sun (Be Why)
Best World Album
Eirlandia - Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning (Ark Records)
Eternal - Kevin Wood (Real Music)
Healing Music Volume 2 - Valerie Romanoff (Valrock Music)
Inner Rhythm Meditations Vol II - Byron Metcalf (Heart Dance Records)
Spirit Wheel - Terra Guitarra (Earthsign Records)
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