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The Sounding Board by R J Lannan
RJ Lannan is the reviewer for The Sounding Board.
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Good Sign
By Davol
Label: GIRA Sound
Released 3/1/2010
Good Sign tracks
1. Scarborough Days  
2. Good Sign  
3. Going There  
4. Nautikos  
5. A Place Here  
6. Truth 2010  
7. Stay  
8. Goodnight  
Laetatia Electronica
Pure, exuberant electronic music is fairly rare these days. Luckily, Davol fills the void with his latest release Good Sign. It is about time we had a little positivity around here. Wrapped up in eight warm and cheery tracks are positive outlooks, happy observations and lot of well wishing behind the notes. Since the late eighties Davol has been making successful electronic music. He has a formal background in classical music, and like Suzanne Doucette, his muse was the moog synthesizer. The rest is electronic history. He has more than a half-dozen additional releases, achieving success with his first album Mystic Waters, and as of late, one of my favorites A Day Like No Other. His music is usually light and whimsical, avoiding the brooding tone of many other electronic artists. And if you want to get deep-down into it, he is also a microbiologist.

The opening tune on Good Sign is a happy-go-lucky ditty called Scarborough Days. This light hearted song is metaphorically imbued with sunny afternoons, windy sails across the lake and impromptu trips across the landscape. A great tempo and a bright melody round out the song. If you are not happy after you have heard this, check your pulse.

Next is the title tune, Good Sign. It has a smooth jazz feel with some pseudo-acoustics thrown in and the cadence is assurably steady. As the title suggest, it is filled with the promise of a sunrise or the smile of a small child. I have been looking for signs all my life. If I find even a penny on the sidewalk, then my fortune is assured. Yeah, I am optimistic and it does not matter if its head or tails.

Similar to Good Sign, Nautikos had an earthy rhythm and jazzy vibe. The piano rifts were well interwoven and it made for some great sea faring travel music. The sparkling of the waves, the rushing of the sea along the hull and the windy thrust of the sails are palpable in this energetic melody. The sea offers countless gifts in the way of inspiration, folklore, mythology and discovery. Sirens, mermaids, tempests, are all mental fodder for a day dreaming day.

One of the most extraordinary cheerful tunes is called A Place Here. Full of great pulses and swirly embellishment is it a song that proclaims that being in the presence of greatness, on any level, is well…inspirational. Where ever she is or he is, where ever the sun shines or the ocean roars, that is the place. It is celebratory tune that does not only say this is what makes me happy, it says this is happiness.

Then there is the song Going There. I thought it was the reciprocal of A Place Here, but it is a singular tune that is the musical background for the journey, any journey. It is the tune that urges me to go over the mountain, take the forest path and not be afraid to take the long way home. Sometimes it is not the destination that is important; it is what we learn along the way.

All eight long playing tracks on Good Sign are most pleasing. Electronic music of late has been banished to the European club scene, and I for one am glad to have a mainstream artist like Davol remind me of from whence it all came. Wonderful music for a sunny day or a week away from home. Laetatia Electronica? It means Electronic Joy. As Davol always says, "Save a tree, cancel your phonebook."

Rating: Very Good   Very Good
- reviewed by RJ Lannan on 10/8/2010
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