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The Sounding Board by R J Lannan
RJ Lannan is the reviewer for The Sounding Board.
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Hydrogen Burning
By Dream Art Science
Label: Earthlife Media
Released 2/2/2006
Hydrogen Burning tracks
1. Gates of the Duat  
2. Hydrogen  
3. Foundation  
4. Deep and Strong  
5. No Place (Song of Atum)  
6. Wizard  
7. Inundation  
8. Khepri (Rising Sun)  
Flash! New Culture Discovered
There is nothing simple about Dream Art Science and their music. In fact they may be responsible for creating their own culture, their own language and accompanying religion. It’s because they are from the future. Their album is called Hydrogen Burning. Henry Cavendish’s discovery, hydrogen, is like the air we breathe. You can not see it, taste it or smell it, but it is quite volatile. Hydrogen is the H in H2O. When hydrogen gas burns in the air, it creates water. Water and air are the basis of all life and music is probably the next most necessary element. Dream Art Science has covered all the bases.

The tunes on Hydrogen Burning are an unusual mix of reggae rhythms, electronic pulsars and art rock with some good vocals and a thematic slant toward ancient Egypt. Sort of like music from the "Stargate (the motion picture)" culture perhaps. Beverly Chen Shrieve is the vocalist/songwriter who injects the music with her warm contralto and stimulating lyrics. Electric guitarist Kevin Shrieve earned his chops performing with noted artist such as Klaus Schultz, T-Bone Walker and Bobby Womack.

Starting out with a quavering background and a solid electric guitar lead the opening tune The Gates of Duat introduces us to a reggae sanctioned beat and the doors to the Egyptian underground, literally. Duat is thought to be a place in the western desert where the dead souls resideand the sun lives during the night.

Hydrogen is a good vocal with an interesting lyric.

"Everybody’s singing
The song of creation.
Everybody’s doing
The spiral tuning
At the origin
In a cloud of hydrogen
Feels good to be falling
Gravity calling"

It had a medium tempo and simple guitar lead, but the song is catchy. It quickly became a favorite as the theme for the near future culture shift.

There is a lot of synth action in the tune Foundation. As a veteran of the Golden Age of Science Fiction I can not help but think of Professor Asimov. The Foundation in this case is a call to improve your life and make an impression with your life on the lives around you. This song had a pronounced dance groove to it, but I didn’t find it a hindrance to enjoy the song.

Wizard is a fairly long cut at about six minutes. It has an outstanding instrumental lead and the vocal jumps in the half way through. The song is about a force that although unseen, is perceptibly evident in the workings of daily life. Beverly keeps the lyrics simple and yet they tell a deeply emotional and stirring tale. Another good cut.

Khepri (Rising Sun) is about the best cut on the album. Khepri is the demigod responsible for guiding the sun in its daily appearances. Also called "The boat of the sun" he is the god that produces the daylight defying solar eclipse. The guitar lead is pure progressive rock and very refreshing for my taste. The softly sung lyrics are prayerful and the music overall is excellent.

Dream Art Science is in search of the "chronovision production" something that is readily available in the future, but noticeably absent in our time. Hopefully, with their album as a beacon others from the future (that are already here) will take note and join them in their quest. I’m ready to sign up.

If you peruse the included literature you could swear that somewhere there is a decoder ring waiting for you. Honestly, Dream Art Science has created something that will expand like a miniature universe and you can be one of the many who become true believers. I know it's a bit cryptic, but the music leaves me no choice.
Rating: Good +   Good +
- reviewed by RJ Lannan on 5/11/2006
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