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What We Hold Dear
By Timothy Wenzel
Label: Coyote Floe Music
Released 4/28/2017
What We Hold Dear tracks
1. Murmuration
2. What We Hold Dear
3. Appalachian Waters
4. Ascension
5. A Spring Day in Autumn
6. Hypnotized
7. Incantations
8. Moon Dance
9. In A Little While
10. On a Quiet Night
11. Desert Dream
12. Turquoise Sky, Emerald Sea
Instrumental Visions That Heal
What Timothy Wenzel states is so true: “One of the most important lessons in life is to learn to concentrate on what we have rather than what we don’t have. As a reminder of that I titled my new album What We Hold Dear and each of the musical themes reflects various aspects of life that are especially meaningful to me.”
In January of this year I covered Perpetual Motion-RearView featuring a phenomenal violin player name Josie Quick. Timothy very wisely made Ms. Quick a part of his What We Hold Dear album as well as Jordan Schug, who was a great addition on Cello.

Timothy is a former scientist turned musician. That I would say is one of those paradigm shifts of life that immediately makes an impact on all concerned.

Fortunately, those of us that enjoy contemporary music of the new age instrumental flavor, become the immediate benefactors of this enormous change one individual went through.

There is always a story behind the music. I have found over the years that ironically music without words has more depth and soul than most music with so called meaningful lyrics. Timothy solidly backs that statement with 12 tracks that capture you in the triangle of life - mind, body and soul. His keyboards lead the way while Josie and Jordan provide an excellent layer of exquisiteness. As with most music of this sort it has a strong foundation in classical that carves a path to other inroads, which becomes the contemporary new age instrumental sound that is the final product.

It takes patience and a natural gift to create and present music so close to heaven and our creator. My personal space is always ready to receive these wonderful gifts that recording artists such as Timothy give us.

Like a road to your destiny What We Hold Dear and the concept of that, can change with one listen to this music. There is a rhythm and cadence to each track that breathes life into a room. It is like a heartbeat you cannot physically hear or touch but you know it’s there pumping and giving you what you need. This is music that brings gratefulness and satisfaction with your surroundings, or should I say what you hold dear?

On the cover of this CD there is a storm off in the distance yet the sun is breaking through that storm, as you hang on to what you hold dear - family, friends, or a nice thought from the past or the day. If you have some sort of trouble or storm brewing inside remember that the truth and light can shine right through and clear skies are ahead. For me that is what the picture on the CD says and then the music plays the story out from track to track. Listen and find out what it means for you, that is the perfection and an invitation that great instrumental music can deliver.
Rating: Excellent   Excellent
- reviewed by Keith MuzikMan Hannaleck on 5/27/2017
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