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The Sounding Board by R J Lannan
RJ Lannan is the reviewer for The Sounding Board.
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Reconstructed: Solo piano
By Isadar
Label: Mainya Music
Released 6/5/2012
Reconstructed: Solo piano tracks
1. Summer Nights (Reconstructed)  
2. Throwing The Dice (Reconstructed)  
3. End Of The Line (Reconstructed)  
4. Active Imagination (Reconstructed)  
5. The Purple Heart: A Summary (Reconstructed)  
6. Where The Wild Things Are (Reconstructed)  
7. Jealous Heart (Reconstructed)  
8. Uncertainty (Reconstructed)  
9. The Bermuda Triangle (Reconstructed)  
10. Near The Edge Of Light (Reconstructed)  
11. Waiting (Reconstructed)  
12. Overview (Reconstructed)  
13. Love Chaconne (Reconstructed)  
14. Fountain Of Life (Reconstructed)  
15. Smoke Signals (Reconstructed)  
16. Voice Of God - Thanksgiving (Reconstructed)  
What Goes Around..
I have said it before...there are piano players and there are pianists. Isadar is a pianist of the highest caliber. He is influenced by the early age of instrumental music when pianists such as George Winston, Phillip Aaberg and of course, Liz Story were at their zenith. Fortunately, such music is timeless and their inspiration continues to dwell deep into Isadar's solo piano works in a big way. His phrasing is like that of famous instrumental works of the eighties. I can hear it and I love it. Isadar (Thibodeaux) offers listeners his new album Reconstructed, a sixteen track album of purely piano music taken from his previously released albums in which many of the tracks have been tinkered with, repolished and renovated into a successfully cohesive body of work. I have to admit it was perfect for my rainy day of reviewing and I had a hard time going on to the next task. The music was engrossing to say the least. Oh, and did I mention that Isadar's album was produced by Grammy Award Winner and founder of Windham Hills Records, Will Ackerman? It’s like icing on a cake.

Out on the lawn the last few fireflies with their green neon glow light up the pale lavender sky. A southwest wind shudders the leaves on the corner pin oak and one by one, the stars magically blink on. Summer Nights is Isadar's opening tune and it is filled with breezy warmth and dusky starlight. Here in the Smokies we get a lot of nights like this and every one is a gift to cherish with someone you love.

I kept returning to the song Uncertainty. The melody had grown on me after a few times and it became a favored track. The song was not so much filled with doubt as it was of sadness. The future is often unknown, but inevitable. What remains always are unanswered questions.

Reverently remembering that fateful day of September Eleven, The Purple Heart - A Summary pays respect to the day of loss in that horrendous episode of American history. The evocative music reminded me not of crumbling concrete, ferocious fires and endless futility, but something completely different. To me the calmness in the tune offered glimmers of hope, the strength of sinewy hands and the fleeting smiles of courage. I could not help but be deeply touched by the melody and the memories leading me to believe that is was not just American history, but world history as well.

Near the Edge of Light is a song of finally understanding. This is a complex song full of nuances and almost a story unto itself. There is a period of indecision, then a time of discovery and lastly a glimmer of hope. Then, as the tune arrives at its apex it erupts into a slight celebration, the light is evident.

I could feel the crispness in the air and see the clear blue skies as a vee of Canadian geese glided across the horizon. At one time man would celebrate the harvest in this late fall season, but for today we celebrate the blessings we have been given. Voice of God - Thanksgiving is the best cut on Reconstructed and way too short in length. The voice of God that day was in the sound of the geese no matter how clownish they sounded. It was also in the sifting of the wind, the stirring of the leaves and the heartbeat of everyone on the planet. It was the uplifted hearts who said the prayers of thankfulness and the eyes that smiled when blessing were realized.

Isadar offers some of the best solo piano compositions worth listening to in my opinion. The mixture of thought and emotion blended with his aural complexities is a treasure. The entire album is a stunning achievement from an technically adroit artist that spares no effort to bring comfort to the spirit. I liked every song on the album and it made me want to hear much more from this artist. Highly recommended.
Rating: Excellent   Excellent
- reviewed by RJ Lannan on 12/14/2012
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