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The Sounding Board by R J Lannan
RJ Lannan is the reviewer for The Sounding Board.
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By Tom Eaton
Label: Riverwide Records
Released 2/6/2016
abendromen tracks
1. sunday / slow rotations
2. monday / midwinter
3. tuesday / the compass
4. wednesday / in stillness
5. thursday / for orion
6. friday / patience
7. saturday / long lonely light
8. wednesday night
9. the eighth day
10. saturday night
During the Darkest Hours
It is seldom that life hands you a second chance, but when it does you grab it with both hands and play on. This may be the case for musician and well-known producer/engineer Tom Eaton. Although I have been aware of his wizardry behind the mixing board at Will Ackerman's Imaginary Roads Studios for a long time now, I also knew that he was a multi-instrumentalist. His name appears in a lot of the credits on synth, percussion, singing bowls, dry sticks, emptying trash cans, etc. His secret specialties however, are on piano and writing music.

Tom Eaton has revisited his muse, spoken to the oracle and put pen to 5-lined paper to offer up the singular recording called abendromen. A couple of housekeeping chores first. The audio quality on the recording is incredible. The second thing is, it does not sound like an Imaginary Roads Studio recording, but something that may have been released by Windham Hills at the height of their popularity. It is in the developed tone, the precise phrasing, and the sumptuous compositions. We can add Tom Eaton to the list of piano greats that features Liz Story, George Winston and Scott Cossu.

The English translation of Tom’s recording "abendromen" is Evening Dreams. Tom offers us a daily dose of nascent beauty to contemplate on this ten track album of contemporary piano with light accompaniment. Many of the usual sidemen and women for IRS are on the album making a work among friends.

It starts with Sunday/Slow Rotations. Funny thing about Sundays. They represent the beginning for some and the end for others. The melody has physical movement and it speaks for itself as you become the center of the music. The light changes with the flow of the music, the warmth of day becomes the coolness of night. It is a day well spent. It is followed by the track Monday/Midwinter.

Tuesday/The Compass interested me by its title alone. I am always looking for direction in things (in life) and the music gave me a point to aim for. I could imagine that maybe my goal is around the corner, over the next horizon or someplace in the future, but the music offers courage and hope. I took this as a serious piece and it became a favorite. Next comes Wednesday/In Stillness.

Light, surreal strings opens the tune Thursday/For Orion. It is an electronic and piano tune of pure fantasy. This number may fit somewhere between the mainstays of smooth jazz and electronica, but the melody is organic in its heavenly aimed heights. There is blackness, there is light and there is energy. Our dreams know of no bounds.

Friday/Patience had a profound dolefulness to it. It was not an enveloping sadness, but the thoughtful musical musings had a sense of yearning, a heart in neutral waiting to find out what comes next. Unfortunately, time goes by slowly when the minutes are tallied, the heartbeats counted and the days languish right in front of our eyes.

The remaining tracks are Saturday/Long Lonely Light, Wednesday Night, The Eighth Day and Saturday Night. From a mournful silence comes the tune "The Eighth Day". It is the only tune that captures the beginning of a new day. It is a pale light, a spreading warmth and a sense that with each new dawn, life will continue. It is hope.

The last song on the album is called "Saturday Night". It a tune that allows for our own dreams to grow and mature. The tempo is very slow. It is a quantity of time. It is the time it takes for the moon to come out from behind the clouds. It is the measure of our soul coming to rest and be at peace. It is the amount of time it takes for the earth herself, to take a breath. It could just very well be a small eternity. This was my overall favorite on the recording.

I liked every track on Tom Eaton's "abendromen". The music which is soulful and pensive gripped me and affected my mood, the perfect example of what music is supposed to do. If this be Tom's music, then he should visit the "other side of the board" more often. I sincerely look forward to more music from this talent artist.
Rating: Very Good +   Very Good +
- reviewed by RJ Lannan on 5/29/2016
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