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The Sounding Board by R J Lannan
RJ Lannan is the reviewer for The Sounding Board.
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A Time of Innocence
By Keith Driskill
Label: Self-Released
Released 9/19/2009
A Time of Innocence tracks
1. Miracle of Forgiveness
2. Lover's Farewell
3. Muir Woods
4. A Time of Innocence
5. Moonlight Lullaby
6. Melancholy Moment
7. My Angel Friend
8. Fireflies
9. Twilight
Uplifting as the Breath of God
It was the summer of '61 in Lowell, Massachusetts. Nine years old, I was out of school and the only responsibility I had was to run errands for my mother and my grandmother, and then, the rest of the day was mine. I roamed the fields and woods with magnifying glass, bug jar and rock hammer, a budding future scientist. I had the world in my pocket. Okay, so I did not turn to a life of science, but I experienced again every memory of sky and trees and the occasional salamander when I heard Keith Driskill's acoustic guitar album, A Time of Innocence.

Keith Driskill was born in Kentucky, meandered down to Louisiana and migrated west to Seattle, Washington all within a short time in his childhood. Now he makes his home in Utah where the updrafts of warm wind, like a surge of inspiration, never quit. Whether he is sailing in a glider or plucking his six string, he gives the task all the concentration, the devotion and the talent they deserve. His album is chock full of uplifting, but gentle music perfect anytime you want a sunny day in your life regardless of the weather outside.

With four children to his credit, Keith knows about his subject. And he surely has experienced the Miracle of Forgiveness many, many times. No creature on the planet has an attribute more powerful than unconditional love of a young child, not even a parent. The song says that no matter how many times you had to say no, not now or maybe tomorrow, a hug and a smile were just seconds around the corner. Their smiles will melt a heart like July sun on January icicles.

If you find yourself up near San Francisco, you might want to stop in to visit the coastal sequoias and other rich flora of the Muir Woods National Monument. Who would not be inspired by the towering, centuries old trees that stand like guardians for the rest of the resplendent forest? Keith captures that grandeur and beauty in his tune Muir Woods. The song sounded as if I were guided somehow along the well-worn paths under a sunshine infringed canopy. There were just the two of us, my hushed footsteps and Keith's amazing melody.

The title track A Time of Innocence is a pastoral tune as gentle as a child's caress and as soft downy feathers. It chronicles moments like when you told them where the butterfly comes from or the storybook in your lap just before sleepy time. It reminded me one time of my (then) six year old son and I walking in our Kentucky woods. He stopped abruptly and said, "Listen, Dad." Then just as quickly said, "Never mind, it was only my imagination." It is these and other wondrous memories that will give our spirit succor on the sometimes rocky road into their adulthood.

Twinkling, neon-green and sparkling in the approaching dusk is the tune called Fireflies. If you have not done it yet, get out there in that field with your little one and a baby food jar and you can capture time in a bottle along with giggles and lightening bugs. All of it is priceless and that is what Keith's song reminds us.

Finally, Twilight, the time when the miracles slumbers until the next sunrise. It is the stuffed bears, the last knock-knock joke and the final sip of water that all culminates into a breathless prayer of thanks for the living, breathing miracles that you are tucking in. Count yourself lucky; this does not happen every day to everyone.

You can unwind with Keith Driskill's music, but careful because it will induce nostalgia in those that have brought up their brood or visions of future wonders for those that have not. Whether you have children or not is really not the issue. The issue is pure, sweet music that will allow the spirit to dream and remember all the things that have been good in your life. Dream on.
Rating: Good +   Good +
- reviewed by RJ Lannan on 7/15/2011
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