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The Sounding Board by R J Lannan
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Skipping on Daisies
By Christopher Boscole
Label: Self Released
Released 6/1/2016
Skipping on Daisies tracks
1. Skipping on Daisies
2. Suite Wonder
3. Three Fairies
4. Toy Bells
5. Variation on Chopin Nocturne
6. Voyage of the Keys
7. Prayer of Hope
8. Universe
9. Princess of Peace
10. Wonder Suite
11. Raindrops in A Minor
12. Procession of the Angels
13. Celestial Sailing
14. Be Happy
You Are My Sunshine
Children are the light in the otherwise dim universe of our everyday life of jobs, commuting, and bill paying. But for some, or perhaps many, they become our raison d'etre. Pianist Christopher Boscole has transmuted that purpose into enchanting piano music and he calls it Skipping on Daisies. There is no doubt that the music celebrates the innocence of childhood, the miracle of discovery and the special kind of love that is a sacred bond between parent and child. This bond is like no other.

The title tune, Skipping on Daisies is a storybook beginning. Christopher's melody is so animated you can feel the sunshine, smell the sweet grass and flowers and make out every Disney cartoon character you've ever known in the puffy clouds above. Time for silly daydreams.

Wonder Suite is my favorite on the recording. It unwinds slowly like a spider on her web or unfolds like petals on a spring flower. The was something quietly beautiful about the tune. There is a complimentary song on the album called Suite Wonder that has the same lightness as its mirror tune, but the tempo is a bit slower and more reflective. Perhaps it is the pause that lets you daydream about the path and the destination of the child. The terms firm, fair and positive creep into your mind along with the feelings of adequate, hopeful and strong.

Imagine a bright moon lit night, a vast field of wildflowers and three fairies dancing sprightly. Boscole just happens to have the right music for this little midnight marvel and it is called Three Fairies. As the song unfurls we are spectator to so much more than cardboard wings, old lace curtains and little girl giggles. We are witnessing magic.

Christopher uses Chopin's - Nocturne op.9 No.2 for the lullaby sound on Variations on Chopin Nocturne. Pensive as well as romantic, this tune flows like dreams on a starry night and soothes even the most hectic heart, no matter what the age.

On a clear summer's night and with a ready sky full of stars, one can surely expect Celestial Sailing. Christopher's twinkling adventure not only offers a kid sized astronomy lesson, but also lots of falling stars to wishing upon. You can almost hear one of them say, "No daddy. It looks like a turtle," and you'd have to agree.

Be Happy is the closing track on Skipping on Daisies. The day is over, the toys put sway and the baths taken. A story, a sip of water, another sip of water and it is time to say goodnight. Then and only then can a parent truly say what they are hoping for, what is in their hearts, day after day. Yes, success is on the chalkboard as is health and a wish for them to have more than you ever had, but happiness is all you really want. You want them to go through life with a smile on their face and a light heart. The rest will come naturally. Christopher's theme is light, and it wanders about asking little questions. The tune provides the answers with positive sparkling resonance.

Christopher Boscole is well educated in the music field with a Bachelor of Arts in Music, Master of Music in Studio Music and Jazz and a Masters in Teaching degree for education. His influences span the centuries with everything from Erik Satie to Keith Jarret, but he is well known for his natural improvisational style. Everything seems to come out letter perfect. He explores music from an organic point of view and he is able to convert and incorporate that respect into the notes of his songs.
Rating: Very Good   Very Good
- reviewed by RJ Lannan on 10/21/2016
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