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The Sounding Board by R J Lannan
RJ Lannan is the reviewer for The Sounding Board.
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By Lynn Yew Evers
Label: In-Concert Productions
Released 3/18/2016
Elysian tracks
1. As The Train Leaves
2. Remembering Love
3. Kindred Spirit
4. Shrouded Hope
5. Finding You
6. Dream Chaser
7. Bluebird Day
8. Crosswalk To Maplehurst
9. Enchanted Stroll
10. Urban Trekking
11. Beautiful
12. Night Owl, In A Style Of A Nocturne
13. As The Train Leaves (Reprise)
Before the next journey...
I can't tell you how many times I’ve started my life over, but I know that each time, it is an uphill climb with vague hopes that I will again see the top. As The Train Leaves is a song that talks about beginning again. It is about someone giving you a hint of hope and building on it. Pianist Lynn Yew Evers is getting to the top on her new album Elysian. There are a lot of definitions for Elysian, but I imagine that Lynn is thinking "heavenly" and her themes are a reflection of that lofty goal. The album is thirteen tracks of contemporary piano music infused with a subtext of faith and with light accompaniment on many of the cuts provided by the talented folks at Imaginary Road Studios. The names are getting more and more familiar, Noah Wilding on vocals, Charlie Bisharat on violin, Eugene Friesen on cello, Tony Levin on upright bass, and Tom Eaton on everything. Co-producer Will Ackerman even puts in a note or two. The recording also includes two fine performances by world class flautist Wouter Kellerman of South Africa.

It started out as a recital piece, one practiced with aim towards deep emotion. Kindred Spirit is a medium tempo tribute to the one that was found and the finding was good. Lynn's music suggests that if you are fortunate enough that life allows you to meet your soulmate, then hold on with both hands and all of your heart.

Shrouded Hope mixes Lynn's poetic melody with a mesmerizing lead by Kellerman's silver flute. It is time to shake that pebble out of your shoe and take that first step. Keep your hopes high and dare to dream.

Maplehurst is a place of the forgotten. The old red brick building is tall and stately, built in a time when things were right with the world and architects created for the future. Little did they know that their construct would stand as a monument for the down trodden, the sick, the homeless, and the have nots. Lynn's wistful solo piano tune, Crosswalk to Maplehurst, offers a message of hope for those that have lost all their dreams.

Another song featuring Kellerman is called Beautiful and it was one of my favorites. It is a lighthearted, anachronistic tune, something heard long ago at the turn of the century. The music is for dreamers and lovers. It reminds that that the world does turn, the stars will shine and the sun will return to fulfill your dreams again tomorrow.

Night Owl (in the style of a nocturne) offers Charlie Bisharat on violin and to me it was a romantic interlude in the collection. Black heavens dotted with diamond lights in the background sets the stage for the starry-eyed lovers. You cannot hear the sound of the night creatures over the beating of your own heart, but love seems to drown out the world around you.

The album ends just like it opened, with the tune As the Train Leaves (Reprise). This time instrumentalist extraordinaire ,b>Will Ackerman includes his guitar to send off the hopeful and the courageous. For that is what Elysian is, an anthem for those that take that first step and go on even when they stumble or when others cause them to fall behind. Just listen to Elysian. You can hear the sound of faith within Lynn Yew Evers’ notes.
Rating: Very Good +   Very Good +
- reviewed by RJ Lannan on 3/6/2017
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