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The Slow Dance of Time
By Tom Caufield
Label: Bohemian Embassy
Released 12/6/2011
The Slow Dance of Time tracks
1. The Slow Dance of Time
2. El Matador
3. Francesca on the Rooftop
4. Saving Daylight
5. In the Realm of the Senses
6. Swaying Grass of Summer
7. Rumination
8. These Ancient Times
9. Waking Dream
The Emotion of Sound
I believe this is the album I have been waiting for all year. I have to admit I am a bit nostalgic about Tom Caufield's solo guitar album, The Slow Dance of Time. His intricately absorbing compositions reminded me of the eighties when the transition from classical to contemporary guitar was at its zenith. Names like De Grassi, Roos, Speer and Ackerman topped the charts, even though at that time, the charts were hard to find. Caufield would have been on those charts.

The title tune, The Slow Dance of Time, sounding almost organic at times, reminds of a JoaquĆ­n Rodrigo tune with its warm, Spanish style melody and earthy flow. Although time is generally thought of as having a linear course, Caufield's music proves an exception. Does time sway and swirl, turn and twirl? Just listen.

Francesca on the Rooftop turned out to be a favorite. The title alone conjures up a warm summer night, an ebony sky full of multi-colored diamonds and an extraordinary someone. The night is full of suggestive smiles and promises kept, but it is the music that consummates the encounter.

In the Realm of the Senses was definitely a contemporary tune with a hypnotic cadence. Like a metronome or a musical clock, the tune sauntered along turning the notes into a sway. The music would make you look all around and suggest that you wonder about your present environment.

The tune Rumination finds Tom Caufield at his best. His fretwork is superb as he picks his way through a tune of pensive progressions. It is a contemporary tune with an Old World flair. It made me think of warm summer days, the splash of a courtyard fountain and a certain special someone that begs the question when?

Another favorite is Saving Daylight. Tom's reoccurring theme of time, memories and daydreams is most prominent in this piece. It is as if Tom, using strong Spanish elements, gathered up all the daylight he experienced and stuffed it in his pockets in hopes of using it a later time.

Waking Dreams is the best cut on The Slow Dance of Time. Although a bit more than four minutes long, it felt not long enough. It was a daydream, alright, but not a momentary lapse. It was an instant suspended and cherished. It was a transparent memory overlaid onto a solid moment completing an image held deep in the heart.

Tom suggests that the music is a collaboration between him and his guitar. I would further add one more point, making it a triangle. I would include his spirit. There is an emotional depth to the music that goes below the roots of notes written on paper and fingers sliding on steel. That emotion is present in every song and deserves a listen.
Rating: Excellent   Excellent
- reviewed by RJ Lannan on 2/10/2012
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