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The Sounding Board by R J Lannan
RJ Lannan is the reviewer for The Sounding Board.
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Expecting Miracles
By Lisa Pressman
Label: Opus Fromus
Expecting Miracles tracks
1. The Poetry Of God
2. When Hope Makes A Wish
3. Deep In The Mist
4. Expecting Miracles
5. When The Spirit Moves You
6. Above Beyond
7. Seven Days Of Winter
8. All Because Of You
9. Not Without Hope
10. One By One
11. Perfect Calm
12. Willow
13. When Hope Makes A Wish (Instrumental)
14. Not Without Hope (Instrumental)
Faith Takes Wing
The new album from Lisa Pressman, Expecting Miracles is full of optimism and conviction. The combination of her exotic voice, neither soprano, nor falsetto and her distinctive piano make for a good listen anytime. Pressman is the piano playing half of the Opus Fromus duo along with her long time partner guitarist Tin Ponzek. Both are vocalists, multi-instrumentalists, producers, and lyricists. Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Pressman is a working artist and leads her own ensemble. She offers her services of live performances at wedding and parties. Her music is mostly contemporary, but she has been known to flavor it with jazz and Latin rhythms.

Lisa's latest work is an expression of faith. She is a true believer and she wishes to share the strength of her convictions with the rest of the world though her music. Expecting Miracles features Lisa on the piano, Tim Ponzek is on guitar and keyboards, Bob Lashier plays bass and Todd Chuba provides percussion.

The Poetry of God is a tender song, almost a prayer of thanks to the Maker of All Things. From Lisa's eye and heart she proclaims that everything you see is the Poetry of God, the mountains, the seas, the forests and the sky and more importantly ourselves. They are a gift to us. It is hard to argue with that theory.

"Enter my heart Your thoughts fill my life
Enter my soul Your Words are inscribed
And I speak Your Love
Yes I speak Your Love
Every line...across time"

The song Expecting Miracles is a modern day hymn with voice and piano. There are no words, because when you expect miracles it is an absolute act of faith and no words are necessary. Lisa vocalizes this one like the open-air is her cathedral and the song rises towards the heavens. One of the best cuts on the album.

Deep in the Mist is another prayer-song that grants Lisa the faith of a witness to all that is great from the Maker. Lovely piano riffs in this one. In the song When Hope Makes A Wish it is known by God and it is in His power to make things happen even if they are not understandable right away. God does work in mysterious ways so I've heard.

Even though it is only late fall, where I live there is snow covering the mountains in the distance. A perfect time to listen to Seven Days of Winter, one of the many instrumentals on the album. With the tune in mind, it is a week of gentle winter, where the pine trees take on a dusting of whiteness and the sun comes out and makes everything clean and bright.

Almost like a bit of Haiku, the words to the song Willow are very simple.

"And when the sky is gray, and when the wind is still, I am there to hear your prayers."

The song exemplifies the ultimate example of faith and the piano melody, absolutely sweet and reverent, comforts and adds hope to anyone’s beliefs.

The last two cuts on the album are bonus tracks featuring instrumental versions of Not Without Hope and When Hope Makes A Wish.
If you like your music with meaning, then Expecting Miracles is for you. The word "hope" reoccurs throughout the collection in between the lines as well as within the notes as does the concept of faith. There are some dreamy instrumentals to help you think and believe.
Rating: Good +   Good +
- reviewed by RJ Lannan on 2/3/2012
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