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The Sounding Board by R J Lannan
RJ Lannan is the reviewer for The Sounding Board.
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Crystal Keys: Songs to Awaken and Heal
By Lia Scallon
Label: Sounds of Sirius
Released 7/12/2011
Crystal Keys: Songs to Awaken and Heal tracks
1. Pearl
2. Sapphire
3. Amethyst
4. Smokey Quartz
5. Citrine
6. Clear Quartz
7. Emerald
8. Ruby
9. Gold
10. Diamond
Blissful Refraction
Musician, artist, and healer Lia Scallon releases her ninth album Crystal Keys - Songs To Awaken and Heal. The ten track New Age and World genre album is a blend of ethereal music, warm vocals and a haunting chant made up of Lia's own creation called the Language of Light. The track titles are named after gems, crystals and precious metals. Lia's suggests that the Crystal Keys are codes that are available to interpretation by supernatural beings. Crystals form the basic components of organic life and are believed to be living witnesses to Earth's history. I once taught a course in Crystallography at the age of sixteen and as an amateur geologist I know something of crystals. Aside from their obvious beauty, I have always admired them for something more than what they seem to be. Lia’s wondrous music just (pardon the pun) crystallizes my theory.

Many religions and mythologies have ascribed supernatural powers to pearls. Christian as well as Islamic ideologies highly prize the pearl and in the Hindu religion it is believed that Krishna presented pearls to his daughter on her wedding day. In this musical instance Pearl represents the power of the moon and its healing properties. Although not really a crystal, the organic gem still has powerful attributes. Lia’s sweet vocal and mysterious chant of what sounds like Fijian or Samoan language, her Language of Light, offers a calming prayer to the Silver Orb and all her powers.

Amethyst is associated with royalty, but its heritage goes way back to the Greek God Bacchus and his mercy upon the maiden Amethyst. The Romans likewise used the purple quartz gem in many ways. There is a soft, spoken passage in the song Amethyst that is quite comforting and typical of Lia's vocals. The background music meanders like a slow flowing water course, ever moving, ever cleansing to body and spirit.

Soft, sweet and seraphic, the track Citrine features a haunting flute and a lush vocal. Citrine, a rare form of orange to brown quartz crystals is found throughout the world and is prized as a healing instrument of the internal organs, kidney liver, etc. Lia's voice echoes the sound of the flute making the song hypnotic and peaceful.

From Egypt to South America no other gemstone was more sought after than Emerald. Emerald has the power over love, health and intelligence. It also symbolizes the emergence of plants and their verdant rebirth throughout the year. Lia's warbling song with flute and harp has an organic sound, that of revitalization and vertical movement.

Diamond has its obvious history; rare, priceless and mystical. It was once thought of as "tears of the gods" and it was widely used as a healing stone. The voice is quite delicate in the song Diamond. It carries with it a gentle purity, but the feeling of drifting along some unseen current is perceivable.

Additional talent on Crystal Keys includes Nigel Pegrum on flute, David Hudson on didgeridoo, Mark Mannock on keyboards and David Jones on percussion and Tibetan bowls. I have the complete works of Lia Scallon and I always find her music to be calming as well as inspirational. This latest addition to her ongoing project, The Sounds of Sirius, offers the strength and healing power of the medium of music, one that is unique, for it touches all of the senses.
Rating: Good +   Good +
- reviewed by RJ Lannan on 10/21/2011
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