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The Sounding Board by R J Lannan
RJ Lannan is the reviewer for The Sounding Board.
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Power Animals
By Niall
Label: Paradise Music
Power Animals tracks
1. The Horse
2. The Owl
3. The Wolf
4. The Eagle
5. The Bear
6. The Salmon
7. The Snake
Totem de Facto
Spirit guides or totems have been used by many clans on many continents, but the North American tribes have always had a special interest in Power Animals. They believe that each animal placed upon the earth by the Great Spirit has particular attributes and powers. It is man’s quest to understand and incorporate these powers into his own life in order to live in harmony with the earth. Multi-instrumentalist Niall offers seven exciting tracks of music to accompany your quest. Niall, a native of Great Britain has released three additional albums filled with relaxation, New Age and meditative music. All of them have a light, palatable theme that incorporates his signature flute and electronic ensemble pieces. They are Spirit of the Shaman, Calling All Angels and Reiki River.

The horse returned to the Americas with Christopher Columbus' second voyage to the New World. With an odd jangling of percussion, The Horse gallops across the range giving excitement to the listener. The horse, as a spirit guide has long been known for its speed, movement and safety. The music with its strong melody imparts a sense determination and grace.

The Owl has the gift of clairvoyance and is a guide through life's mysteries. The owl has been revered in cultures throughout history, from the Egyptians to the Greeks to modern day witches. The music is strong, steady, and almost persistent.

The Wolf embodies a sense of freedom and confidence. You can sense the great expanse of wilderness that the wolves travel as they hunt and prowl. He or she has the freedom to explore, to unearth, and drive forward with an incredible natural strength.

The music sounds as uplifting as it can be as we soar with the updrafts on the track The Eagle. The eagle is a very important totem in the animal world, perhaps the most important. He is the messenger bearing prayers to the Creator and a facilitator of visions.

The Bear was a bit deceiving, but I it liked just for that. It comes on slowly, quietly, subtly and then with a sound reminiscent of Taiko drums, it explodes into pulsing energy. The power of the bear must be carefully watched and evaluated. The bear is so powerful that it sometimes forgets its own power and blunders into situations. The bear therefore represents self-analysis. It says think before you act. This was my favorite on Power Animals.

The Salmon show us how to overcome obstacles as evidenced by their arduous journeys upstream while The Snake symbolizes personal growth, shedding our old life for a new one.

The liner notes suggest that you can search for your totem and learn to utilize its strengths and characteristics to improve your life. Niall has made it easier with music that compliments your thinking and perhaps is a guide all on its own. All of the tracks on Power Animals is over five minutes long with some of them being eight minutes or better affording the listener a generous amount of music to become acquainted with their spirit guides.

Rating: Good +   Good +
- reviewed by RJ Lannan on 8/28/2009
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