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The Sounding Board by R J Lannan
RJ Lannan is the reviewer for The Sounding Board.
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The Symphony of Burning Lamps
By François Couture & Denis Veilleux
Label: Disques Boghei Records
The Symphony of Burning Lamps tracks
1. Avant la création du monde
2. Premiers battements de coeurs
3. L'arbre dans la graine
4. Les ombres de la dissemblance
5. Se parler de toutes façons
6. Passage Étroit
7. À bout de nerfs... la patience!
8. Urgente sortie
9. La poursuite
10. Enfin du secours!
11. Comme il est petit!
12. Qui est là et me sourit ?
13. Viens dans ma maison froide!
14. Le seisme divin
15. Le Cosmos en acte
16. Le défilé des montagnes Fra
17. L’hôtel-dieu de l’amour
18. Le jardin de corinthe !
Light Through the Ages
Who would have thought that a symphony written in the modern day would have its roots begin in the ancient city of Corinth around 54 A.D.? It was time when St. Paul wrote to the church of Corinth urging unity, which became two books in the bible. Fast forward to a popular wedding song called If I Don’t Have Love (Si je n’ai pas L’amour) by Denis Veilleux. It became the impetus for François Couture and La Symphonie Des Lampes Allumées, a Neo-symphonic work of epic proportions. Orchestra and chorus blend seamlessly into a contemporary work that incorporates several genres including classical and cinematic. It is an ambitious work made up of eighteen tracks, but due to their classically influenced nature, I am compelled to call them movements.

François Couture is a well-known Québécois composer and sound sculptor with ten releases to date. He is an award-winning musician who is known for joining eclectic elements that represent unusual topics together and having great success with the results. Denis Veilleux is a remarkable writer, singer, and songwriter who focuses on religious based music. He has been known to take on causes for the greater good. Both men reveal a strong show of faith in their music. Although I would like to, I cannot review all eighteen tracks, but the highlights are spectacular.

Avant La Création du Monde (Before the Creation of the World) opens the symphony with a bold, cinematic like piece. The music is reminiscent of a John Williams filmscore. It is warm and organic and grows, as if I could envision the beginning of the creation of the planet. Molten lava flows as strongly as the seas, there is disorder, there is solidification, but mostly, there is light. Next, the world becomes a living, breathing thing in the music Premiers Battement de Coeurs (First Heartbeats). The friction of change has diminished as the light and heat combine into a force.

Passage Etroit (Narrow Passage) is one of my many favorites. It is complex flow of instrumentation. It seemed as if the horizon could never be met no matter how far I traveled. Finally, I imagined myself at that well know stopping point, a rock and a hard place. Did I want to see what was on the other side?

La Poursuite (The Chase) is a fast paced tune in which I had to wonder who was chasing whom? The music urged me on, but I never knew to where or for what purpose. Perhaps in the end I will find out. A slow piece called Enfin Du Secours! (Help Arrives!) offers not only a bit of rest, but a scant suggestion of optimism. The music with its warm chorale background is evenly paced, melodious, and hopeful.

You would think that a tune about a smile would be lighthearted, but Qui Est Là Et Me Sourit? (Who's There Smiling at Me?) is a very serious work. It sounded to me like a lament, an occasion full of sadness. The trumpet and chorus combination is somber.

Is the tangible creation of life on earth represented by the tune, Le Seisme Divin (The Divine Earthquake) I wondered? It is not quite violent, but the music builds and becomes a gradual process. The tune segues into the next track, Le Cosmos En Actes (The Cosmos in Acts). The tempo is quite positive in this one, alluding to the earth hurtling though space, finally on its predestined course.

The last two tracks represent man's life on earth as it was given to him by God. L’Hotel-Dieu De L’Amour (Hotel-Dieu of Love) is the setting in which Adam and Eve is given everything they need to have a bountiful life. Le Jardin De Corinth (The Garden of Corinth) with a warm melody and angelic chorus, is where they end up, for it is truly paradise. For it is the discovery of inner light.

This s a remarkable work and my words are probably not adequate to describe all the nuances that can be found in every track. The story has a wonderful flow and once the listener is acquainted with the music, he/she is able to follow the story quite easily. This powerful work by Couture and Veilleux is just begging for a large stage and an even larger audience. Cette œuvre puissante par Couture et Veilleux mériterait d'etre joue sur de grandes scenes et d'etre entendue par un public encore plus grand.
Rating: Excellent   Excellent
- reviewed by RJ Lannan on 5/29/2015
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