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The Sounding Board by R J Lannan
RJ Lannan is the reviewer for The Sounding Board.
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Shadows of a Distant Future
By Jon Sebastian
Label: My Blue Tunes
Shadows of a Distant Future tracks
1. Nascency  
2. Flowing  
3. Eon Lost a Moon  
4. Lelallad  
5. Shadows of a Distant Future  
6. Morningtide  
7. Kenetic Love  
8. Romanticia  
9. Primal  
10. Sebastian  
11. Mysty Mountain  
12. Starwinds  
13. Til'marrow  
Oh, The Beauty Of It All
I first encountered Jon Sebastian's music when I reviewed the album Echoes of Tuvalu. Jon's song, Mysty Mountain made a profound impression so when he sent me his new album Shadows of a Distant Future, I was happy to see he had included Mysty Mountain again. Jon's electronic music is earthy New Age, ambient and with a smidgeon or two of Space Music. There is a lot of energy and movement in some and a calming theme to others. All in all a great mix for lazy afternoons, late night brainstorming or times when your body is here, but your spirit has the wherewithal to travel on its own.

The opening cut called Nascency is eponymous. The state of beauty is captured in the echoing notes of an almost accordion-like sound that is simple and clean. The music is quiet and oftentimes fragile. There are underlying currents of oriental themes and flat, bass tones that are like rivulets of deep color making it a terrific opening number for the album.

Leballad is a somewhat somber piece, an ominous piano tune of what ifs and what will be(s). Jon's electronic piano is an instrument of Solomonid wisdom as the choices are laid before you. The music offers you the lady or the tiger, perhaps two forks on the river or maybe which trail of stars to follow. Make a choice.

Mysty Mountain is Jon's musical tribute to the wonderful area he lives in, the Smokey Mountains. In a natural and unfortunately, sometimes man-made haze lies a beautiful range of stony mountains and an unsurpassed landscape at their feet. Forests of lofty trees, countless snow fed waterfalls and numerous towering peaks give voice to the power of a Mighty Architect. In Jon's song there is the rush of a mountain stream, the singing of wild birds and the strength of the mountains overlooking everything. Still a great tune.

Shadows of a Distant Future is a musical enigma, what will be, will be. Flashes of musical light are cast upon the wall and stories new to you foretell where your path lies and perhaps, what your future holds. But beware of the paradox, for uncertainty may reign supreme. This tune is intricately woven like a vestment of sound. You can watch the pretty colors or you can pull it close and make it a part of you.

The space music elements are nebulous and light in the track Starwinds. No loud, powerful rocket's engines here, but the almost insubstantial pull of gossamer strands of energy that draw you to an unknown place. Washes of electronic sound entice you to a place of energy and you become animated and alive.

Til'Morrow, the last tune has a terrific title and a wondrous theme. That marvelous accordion sound makes its presence known again and delights the ears. The mix of swelling synth and lowly squeezebox is a bittersweet souvenir of today. This was my favorite track on the album.

For Jon Sebastian this music is "dreamsong". Surely you have experienced it. It comes to you in a dream even if you are awake. Considering where he resides and his facility for creativity, I can fully understand why the music is rich, powerful and spiritual. There are many that never hear a tree crashing down in the forest. Jon can hear it growing.
Rating: Very Good   Very Good
- reviewed by RJ Lannan on 6/5/2008
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