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The Sounding Board by R J Lannan
RJ Lannan is the reviewer for The Sounding Board.
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By Marko Lukac
Label: Marko Lukac
Released 1/1/2006
Sunrise tracks
1. Sunrise
2. Fate
3. Sacred II
4. Water Reflection
5. Come Out
6. On The Road
7. Peace Be Upon You
8. Levitation
9. The Children Of Tomorrow
10. One More Hour
11. Deep Forest
12. Welcome Home
From the East, Enter the Light
Using electronic elements and the human voice Marko Lukac offers SUNRISE, an out of the ordinary album of chill-out and New Age music that is contemporary, yet traditional with its European flavor. Some of the vocals are very good and feature the voices of a talented group that includes Patricia Nadine Curry, Josephine Biundo, Stephanie Monte and Ray Lyell. The results sounds similar to Fallen You or Verdun, but with a more earthy tone and looser structure. Toronto poet Sharon Singer's lyrics were mostly strong and well suited to the music, but one song Fate, was entirely puerile.

Put a check mark in the chill out box with the title song Sunrise. Upbeat and electronically strong, this one is a great eye-opener for the rest of the tracks. It is so bouncy you can actually dance to it and it is the type of song heard in many a dance club. There is an Enigma-like tempo and a touch of Shakuhachi flute that powers the song and it makes it quite agreeable.

Sacred II has the best vocal with Patricia Curry's soaring voice that hits lofty heights. Starting out like an old radio show or a scratchy record, the song quickly returns to the present to call upon the magic of water for strength and direction.

"Between the knowing and forgetting,
between the soft and cool,
between the breath and tears,
between silver and gold."

Tinkling bells and enchanted piano opens the cut Levitation. The music is light and uplifting and the tone is a little less than serious. It is obvious that the spirit is on a journey where clouds disappear and the sun guides the way to a new and glorious place. I would not be surprised if a fairy creature is perched on your shoulder as you travel on.

Deep Forest intrigued me as it is the name of a group of some repute. The song however holds its own as the interplay of sun and shadow become dance partners in the light of day. It is a first rate instrumental with a solid piano lead and echoing theme. There is a touch of mystery added with an Oriental feel.

The final cut Welcome Home has a strong flute lead and synth accompaniment that is quite dramatic. You can hear the arrival of the travelers and their underlying weariness, but with a distinct feel of triumph as they return to the starting point, more than victorious. The song starts out slow and drained. As the facts become known it becomes quite bustling and a fitting end.

Marko Lukac is a Canadian composer and musician. He released the album Milestone in 2004 and SUNRISE is his second album of collaborative efforts. He has a proficient style that blends New Age with contemporary genres that makes for a relaxing experience.
Rating: Good   Good
- reviewed by RJ Lannan on 4/12/2008
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