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The Sounding Board by R J Lannan
RJ Lannan is the reviewer for The Sounding Board.
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1 Voice
By Seay
Label: Tuscan Sun Music
1 Voice tracks
1. 1 Voice
2. Love Is The Ocean
3. Angelica
4. Still
5. Canon In B
6. Kyrie The Calling
7. Orion's Gate
8. Gothica
9. Winter
10. Siren Song
11. Ohm A Yehu
12. Love Is The Ocean Reprise
A Voice to Reckon With
As rare and unique as an identical snowflake and more haunting than a scream in space, the voice of Seay brandishes a new talent perhaps heretofore unheard of on this side of the pond. There is finally a voice to give Enya a run for her money. My bets are on the American.

Incorporating Tibetan chant, classical and organic elements, Celtic and inspirational essentials, her new album 1 Voice is truly noteworthy. Seay composed all of the pieces and performs on the twelve tracks along with the help of Jerry Watts on bass, Jules Delgado on various guitars, Jonathan Smith on didgeridoo, and Scott Hallgren on strings. Seay has studied the “power of sound” with noted author Don Campbell (The Mozart Effect) and utilized the theories on this recording. Some of the tracks feature the polysyllabic intonations and breathtaking music combinations made famous by Karl Jenkins and Miriam Stockley. The music almost mesmerizes you with its reverberation. Unwittingly, but not unexpectedly, you become the cobra.

The title track, 1 Voice, is a study in reflective sound. Echoing voice and droning synthesizer combine to make a haunting intro to Seay's compositions. Moreover, the theme that it takes only one voice to make a difference is a timely, positive message. Seay's dulcetly warm voice comes at you from every direction blanketing your spirit with her significant message and creating the rasa effect.

Angelica is an upbeat song that challenges all you know about New Age Music that originates in North America. An incredible piano score and dazzling vocals produce a song of celebration and power. You can easily get caught up in this one and hope that it never ends. It is one of my favorites on the album.

Resonating like a human calliope, Seay breathes life into the powerful song Still. It is a major production of voice, music and sound producing a sweet and sad song. It sounds as if she is confronting the gods of storms and shadows and defying them with her jubilation. Quite the spiritual pick me up.

The artist rest her voice on the beautiful piano piece appropriately called Winter. Gentle orchestration reposes in the background like a white cloak of new fallen snow while the main score whirls about like a wisp of the wind. Red cedar trees genuflect with their fluffy white burdens as the clouds thicken with the promise of more snow to come. I don't know if there is a term in music for onomatopoeia, but this tune sounds like my concept of winter. This is another favorite.

Love is the Ocean appears twice on 1 Voice. On track 2 and as a reprise at the end of the album. Using her distinctive vocals that sound as if they are far way, but right in the back of your mind, Seay sings a sultry ballad of love. A love that is oceans deep. A love that envelopes like an immersion in a warm ocean of love. Other noteworthy cuts are Canon in B, Kyrie The Calling and Siren Song.

Seay has been an international globetrotter as a child and as an adult performer. Recording in Europe as well as the U. S, she has added her talents to both the worlds of music and art. Seay has seemed to capture in her performances the best of all the megacosms of the New Age genres. She originates evocative vocals, lush orchestration, complex themes and intricate compositions. Your spirit will soar with this album. This CD is going on my Top Ten for 2005.

Rating: Excellent   Excellent
- reviewed by RJ Lannan on 2/28/2005
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