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The Sounding Board by R J Lannan
RJ Lannan is the reviewer for The Sounding Board.
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Patterns of Reflection
By Peter Sterling
Label: Harp Magic Music
Released 1/6/2012
Patterns of Reflection tracks
1. Terra Nova
2. Onward and Upward
3. Little One
4. Honey Dew Drop
5. Child of Light
6. The Emerald Forest
7. Tantra of Love
8. Enchantments Awakening
9. Modern Times
10. Transmission
11. For Love and Honor
12. The Grail Quest
13. The Morning After
14. Waterfall Cascade
15. Parting of the Way
16. Tulipe Time
Harp Zephyrs
If ever music had a serene sparkle to it then Peter Sterling's celestial harp compositions fill the bill. His latest sixteen track album Patterns of Reflection is luminous with New Age harp splendor. Defused about the recording is flute, bass, guitar, percussion and voice, making the sound ethereal and light. If you decide one day to float away on a dandelion seed on a light breeze, then this is your anthem. Master harpist Peter Sterling, who I remember fondly for his previous albums, Harp Dreams and The Sands of Time, offers some of his best relaxation music with his latest release. It features the talents of Ani Williams and Crystal Bliss on vocals, flute by Richard Hardy, guitar by Bruce BecVar, Dov on violin, light percussion by Michael Reidinger, and bass by William Aura. Sterling is best known for his strong connection with angels and all their miraculous manifestations. I join him in that belief. Patterns of Reflection is about connecting sound with movement, specifically the transportation of the spirit with the use of sound and light, an idea not without merit.

The sound of Terra Nova has some fanciful Latin roots that make it seem like it all started on a tropical paradise, not a bad theory. For meditation music the tune is a bit upbeat, but the psyche has to start somewhere.

Imagine the morning light cascading down into the pine trees making a luminous green curtain. Welcome to The Emerald Forest. The air is just a little cooler, as the dusty motes dance in the sunlight. The pine needles under foot hush every step and the silence is breath taking. There is just a hint of life going on in the background, but the harp and flute blend in the melody so well, it comes together in the most lovely scenario.

There are a couple tracks on the album that give more than a New Age impression. Modern Times and Transmission 333 both have contemporary elements to them to compliment the recording. Modern Times felt like an unusual tune with jazz blended in there to get my attention and I liked it for that. There’s a saxophone in there somewhere. Transmission 333 is very upbeat and atmospheric as if the broadcast came from somewhere other than Mother Earth.

The Grail Quest became a favorite for its complexity and melody. It sounded perfect as the story unfolded to reveal the calamity that needs a noble solution. The hero begins her or his quest. The prize must be obtained at any cost to save the kingdom. The journey begins.

They was an air of finality in the Parting of the Way. It was sadly sweet in the most gentle manner. This is the song of two spirits who look at each other longingly and know that tomorrow will be very different. They know they must take divergent paths, but hope remains that they chance upon each other again.

I liked all sixteen tracks for their masterful sound and their deeply personal intricacies. There is no droning sound on this recording, only melodies that soothe the psyche and, once given into, allow the spirit to surrender to a higher state. Perhaps Sterling has found the key to another door that many have sought after, but few have had the courage to open.
Rating: Very Good +   Very Good +
- reviewed by RJ Lannan on 11/16/2012
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