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New Age CD Reviews By Diane Garris
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Deeper Imaginings
By Paul Adams and Elizabeth Geyer w/ Various Artists
Label: Lakefront
Released 11/15/2019
Deeper Imaginings tracks
1. Endless Horizon
2. The Unfolding
3. Acceptance
4. New Morning
5. Essence & Flow
6. Allowing
7. Still Meadows
8. Awakening
9. All That I Am
10. Evening
11. Hope for the Game
Deeper Imaginings by Paul Adams & Elizabeth Geyer
“Deeper Imaginings” by Paul Adams and Elizabeth Geyer
Album Review by Dyan Garris for New Age CD and Zone Music Reporter

“Deeper Imaginings” is a place where all resistance and stress melts effortlessly away, like a golden, flowing river of soft, liquescent butter.” – Dyan Garris

“Deeper Imaginings” by Paul Adams and Elizabeth Geyer is a follow-up to the 2015 album, “Imaginings,” which debuted #1 on the iTunes New Age chart and was Zone Music Reporter’s best Contemporary Instrumental Album of the year.

Paul and Elizabeth are joined on “Deeper Imaginings” by guest artists from around the world: David Hoffman on trumpet (David is a former arranger and trumpet player for Ray Charles), Gary Green on guitar, Pravin Godkhindi on bansuri flute, and Alp Akmaz on Balaban. Elizabeth is featured on flugelhorn, piano, and vocals. Paul Adams performs on guitar, electric sitar, oud, percussion, flutes, halusi, synth, and vocalized poetry.

“Deeper Imaginings” is 11 tracks and almost one hour of pure bliss. The music is perfect for deep relaxation, meditation, and just plain stress relief. Now, let’s go deeper. . .

“Endless Horizon,” features the instrumentation of flute, piano, wordless vocals, guitar, sitar, and gentle percussion, which together expand the vista beautifully. This is incredibly relaxing. Following is “The Unfolding,” which is gentle, and again, ultra-relaxing. It’s a 5-minute slice of heaven that ends with some super light vocals, leading us even more deeply into the ambient peace.

With “Acceptance” we can imagine ourselves as a peaceful microcosm inside a peaceful macrocosm. Hypnotic flute, very light percussive elements, subtle flowing water sounds, twinkling piano, and perfectly mixed wordless vocals, add to the tranquility factor.
The peaceful feeling of a soft, pastel dawn is conveyed in “New Morning.” So gentle, so promising as a new day, so beautiful this is. I found this very trance-inducing. Excellent. “Essence and Flow” is just that. Gorgeous, truly. And again, a superb mix. Love this.

Just like the concept of allowing should be, the song “Allowing” is a place where all resistance melts away like a golden, flowing river of soft, liquescent butter. (The entire album is that way). Yes, this will certainly do it. Great song. “Still Meadows” is a wonderful continuation of the serenity we find throughout this album. We can feel the calming quietude entering and filling every pore of our mind, body, and soul.

“Awakening” has that effortless, magical element. The flute is soulful and heart-opening here, the piano perfect, as well. Just beautiful on every level. Elizabeth’s flugelhorn, along with the softly spoken word, and a kind of a jazzy, world vibe, yet all very gentle, make “All That I Am” an instant favorite. This is really good, amazing even, and super cool. Yes, this is one to listen to a bazillion times and never tire of it.

You can feel literally yourself float “out” in “Evening.” This is ambient paradise. It’s wonderful. “Hope for the Game” winds this album down beautifully. Here we can get re-grounded and nicely back in our bodies if that’s what we desire or float out even more into an untroubled slumber.

Softly spoken word along with the silky vibe, makes this as interesting as “All That I Am” too. Again, here, Elizabeth’s flugelhorn and the whole jazzy flavor wraps this all up smoothly and wonderfully with a fine satin bow.

Surrender to the peace. The album is gorgeous. “Deeper
Imaginings” is destined to be another winner. No doubt.

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Rating: Excellent   Excellent
- reviewed by Dyan Garris on 12/19/2019
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