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New Age CD Reviews By Diane Garris
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Songs Without Words
By Gerhard Daum
Label: Tone Works
Released 5/1/2019
Songs Without Words tracks
1. Berlin Song
2. Talking Softly
3. Gentleman's Way
4. All That Matters
5. Gold Rush
6. Timeless
7. Holding The Dream
8. Going My Way
9. Told You So
10. Walking On Clouds
11. The Early Passion
12. My Foolish Heart
Songs Without Words by Gerhard Daum
“Songs without Words” by Gerhard Daum | Jazz & New Classical Guitar Music | Album Review by Dyan Garris for Zone Music Reporter

Balm to the weary soul, “Songs Without Words” by Gerhard Daum, is a completely beautiful, memorable conversation, and one that you will not want to end. – Dyan Garris
There are, of course, many forms of communication, and sometimes we don’t need words to effectively communicate. And sometimes things are just better spoken without words. Music is indeed a universal language that crosses all bridges.

“Songs Without Words” by Gerhard Daum features contemporary instrumental electric guitar music showcased in a variety of ways. This crossover album combines elements of jazz, classical, and electronic compositing and performing styles. The 12 tracks on “Songs Without Words” are multi-layered, melodic, mellow, and relaxing. All music on the album is composed and orchestrated by Gerhard. He also mixed and mastered the album. Hailing originally from Germany, award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist, Daum, has worked extensively on music for film, television series, commercials, and video games in Germany and the United States.

The album opens with the smooth and seamless, “Berlin Song.” The arrangement is like a lustrous gem; the mix superb. “Talking Softly” has a gentle, jazzy, sinuous, romantic feel to it. Expertly combined and layered here are guitar, bass, percussion, and keyboards. Again, the mix is outstanding. Perfection.

Passionate, emotional, intriguing, and cinematic, “Gentleman’s Way,” is outstanding. The guitar speaks supremely here. Love it. “All That Matters” takes us to a quieter place. The guitar is masterful, speaking clearly and directly to the heart. The strings, percussive elements, and, in fact, all the subtleties and nuances, make this a true favorite. This is sophisticated and elegant, as is the entire album.

Both hypnotic and mesmerizing, “Gold Rush” is one to take in again and again. This is effortless and engaging on every level. “Timeless” feels just like that. Extremely tranquil and flowing. Deep, dreamy, and passionate, “Holding The Dream” is also exquisite in every way.
Piano and guitar pair beautifully along with soft percussion in “Going My Way.” Very enjoyable. “Told You So” is excellent, with a flowing, jazzy kind of feel. There is something quite soul-soothing here.

Everything on this album is so impeccable, so enjoyably flawless and flowing, making it hard to pick an ultimate favorite. But if I had to, “Walking On Clouds,” is right up there in the stratosphere. This is awesomely beautiful. I found myself transported immediately to a space of heavenly contentment. And ditto for “The Early Passion,” which has everything you need for ultimate bliss. Love the guitar here, love the smooth piano, the strings underneath, the percussion. Love it all.

The album closes out with “My Foolish Heart.” This is gorgeous, alluring, and winsome, leaving us with an uplifted feeling that we will want to return to again and again.

Balm to the weary soul, “Songs Without Words” by Gerhard Daum, is a completely beautiful, memorable conversation, and one that you will not want to end.

Get “Songs Without Words” here: as well as available on every streaming platform.

Broadcast & Media Promotion:
LAZZ Promotions, Ed & Stacey Bonk
(905) 470-1230
Rating: Excellent   Excellent
- reviewed by Dyan Garris on 9/9/2019
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