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Dancing on Water: Solo Piano Improvisations in A432
By Peter Kater
Label: Point of Light Records
Released 7/15/2017
Dancing on Water: Solo Piano Improvisations in A432 tracks
1. Dancing on Water
2. Waterfall
3. Rainfall To Rivers
4. Reaching For You
5. Rivers of Sunlight
6. Deliverence
7. Incandescent Voyage
8. Secret Ocean
9. Timeless Sojourn
10. Vastitude
Expressively melodic yet fluidly freeform!
Peter Kater is a remarkably talented and versatile pianist-composer who has released over sixty albums, earned multiple Grammy Award nominations and recorded with other notable musicians such as Native American flutist, R. Carlos Nakai. Coming off the heels of his impeccably gorgeous piano soundscape album, Resonance, Kater’s latest offering, titled Dancing on Water, showcases ten solo piano compositions dedicated to the water element, which are expressively melodic yet fluidly freeform.

Opening with the title track, “Dancing on Water”, this gently bright and flowing piece it seemingly evokes images of a morning sunrise upon the sea as a ship begins to sail away. The ensuing “Waterfall” is easily one of my favorites, with the serenely rejuvenating piece mimicking a flowing undercurrent with glistening bursts of water splashing upon its surface. Cascading up-and-down the piano keys, the artist is seemingly completely immersed in this composition, as he simultaneously captures the peaceful yet powerful nature of a waterfall. Following next is “Rainfall to Rivers”, a beautifully mysterious piece with notably classical underpinnings. Smoothly rolling along with an uninterrupted fluidity, it’s easy to envision the artist playing by the moonlight of an open window. “Rivers of Sunlight” is another mentionable highlight that boasts an encircling arrangement of golden radiance and warmth – brimming with fullness in the lower registers as Kater’s right-hand moves in an effortless glide among the keys. Also notable is the more delicately simplistic, “Incandescent Voyage”, which exudes pure peacefulness imbued with a touch of heavenliness and homesickness. “Secret Ocean” is especially prepossessing – effectively conveying nocturnal waves rolling unto the seashore, as it moves along with an undulating force like deep ocean currents beneath a surface calm. The album’s most tranquil passage is the lulling closure, “Vastitude”, which subtly drifts along with lingering pauses between the notes.

Perfectly demonstrating why Peter Kater is arguably one of the most prolific and influential new age pianists around, Dancing on Water exemplifies solo piano music at its absolute finest. True to the album’s theme, these flowing compositions variably impart images of distant oceanic voyages, sailing leisurely along rivers, or waiting by a shipping dock for a lover’s return. A must-have album especially for Kater fans, New Age solo piano music simply doesn’t get any better than this!
Rating: Excellent   Excellent
- reviewed by Candice Michelle on 9/6/2017
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