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Sign of Us
By Dlaivison
Released 12/5/2016
Sign of Us tracks
1. Dreams
2. The Wind's valse
3. Belle
4. Calyx
5. Horizons
6. Heroes
7. Angels
8. Amazon
9. Sirius
10. The Journey
Refreshingly engaging and innovative!
Sign of Us is the debut album from Brazilian-based electronic music composer Dlaivison Ribarmares Silva. Introduced to the world of music at a young age, Dlaivison took piano lessons as a child while acquiring a refined taste for classical, new age, progressive rock and electro-pop over the years. Inspired by a theme of “signatures” or “signs” which are said to be universally present among everything, each song title includes a glyph-like symbol next to them, while the album’s liner notes detail brief explanations for each composition and the universal concepts for their inspiration. Comprised of ten tracks spanning just under an hour, Sign of Us was recorded on an array of electronic music equipment and features guest drummer, Arthur Rezende, on one composition. Throughout the album, I’m frequently and pleasantly reminded of both Jean-Michel Jarre and the early 1990’s German “ambient-techno” artist Cosmic Baby, while additionally, the music’s often whimsically classical nuances recall a bit of Danny Elfman.

The opening piece, “Dreams”, is a highly energetic space-trance number characterized by bubbly synths and digital effects, which immediately bring-to-mind that of a retro-futuristic cosmic disco-hall full of bouncing laser lights. Slowing things down a notch is “The Wind’s Valse”, an enchantingly surreal and chimerical piece that makes me think of a carnival procession – its breezy, waltzing motion deftly mimicking the capricious nature of the wind. Following next in a similar mode is “Belle”, a bewitching piece with a renascence flair that weaves flute, strings and harpsichord among a lush electronica soundscape. “Calyx” revs up the energy again with more Jarre-esque chord progressions and a dance-techno rhythm, as its dreamy piano riff recalls a bit of Robert Miles. Also notable is “Angels” – the album’s euphoric peak, which boasts a colorfully cheerful dance arrangement that incorporates more vintage aspects of HI-NRG and Eurobeat.

Refreshingly engaging and innovative, Sign of Us draws its stylistic influences from many decades and divisions of electronic music, resulting in an album that will likely appeal to numerous listeners ranging from fans of melodic trance, to electronic space, to fantasy/sci-fi soundtrack music. An enjoyably welcome debut, I can’t wait to see what’s hopefully next on the horizon for this emerging artist!
Rating: Very Good +   Very Good +
- reviewed by Candice Michelle on 10/14/2017
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