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The Fall of a Sparrow
By Timothy Crane
Label: Self Released
Released 5/1/2017
The Fall of a Sparrow tracks
1. Albion
2. Come Holy Spirit
3. The Sound of Snow
4. To Rise and Go
5. Father and Son
6. Alone
7. Star Cross Moon (From the Album Dragonfly)
8. The First Day
9. Festival De Musique
10. Slowly Awaken the Dawn (From the Album Pianoforte)
11. The Fall of a Sparrow
12. Promise
13. Daniel's Dream
14. Chansonnette (From the Album the Other Life I Dream)
15. At Home in the Garden
The Thing To Musical Perfection!
This is my first exposure to Timothy Crane’s music. The Fall of a Sparrow is as prolific as it may sound. It can be a cross reference to many instances in life if you think about it for a moment. Leonard Cohen came to mind when I looked at the title. I am fond of his poetic music and was saddened by his passing. In this case that was a fallen sparrow for me.

Timothy is an expert with the ivory keys and the additional instruments added to the mix play an important role as well. The viola for instance is like the violin. It provides a certain melancholy and atmosphere that accentuates the pace of the piano and the mood that is being projected onto the listener.

The orchestration of the tracks is a good mix and the opening track “Albion” is an electrifying way to get a listener’s attention. I felt uplifted by the richness and images of the track. It truly was an epic beginning to a very strong recording.

I look for the flow and consistency in an album and The Fall of a Sparrow certainly provided me with what I was looking for. The music swept away any possible mood I was in and put me in a different space. I simply fell naturally into it without a thought. The flow of rain, snow, or a river is a natural occurrence and my belief is that instrumental music such as this should be the same. I believe it fits that description.

In the 15 tracks on The Fall of a Sparrow Timothy proves to be a virtuoso leader. While his piano takes charge it also allows the other aspects of the music to blend in nicely. Like a musical blender each ingredient is added to formulate the final product.

This is a beautiful soundtrack to relax and take your personal inventory to. It allows an individual to focus entirely on the sounds being absorbed and yet it leads you to introspection and reflection through your soul. As dreams are the window to the soul, so is music if you can let happen, it is as right as rain.

The Fall of a Sparrow is the closest thing to musical perfection one could hope for.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
May 8, 2017

Founder of:
MuzikMan Productions
MuzikMan Reviews
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Rating: Excellent   Excellent
- reviewed by Keith MuzikMan Hannaleck on 5/8/2017
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