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Ascension Niguma, Vol. 2: The Mantra Project
By Sangeeta Kaur
Label: Sangeeta Kaur Music
Released 8/12/2017
Ascension Niguma, Vol. 2: The Mantra Project tracks
1. All Space and Time (intro)
2. Niguma, I Bow to You
3. Dream Tunnel
4. This Beautiful World (feat. Kasse Mady Diabate')
5. Summer's Dance
6. Lascia Ch'io Pianga (Full orchestral version)
7. Samsara's Tango
8. Ascension (Feat. Tahir Qawwal)
9. Deum de Deo (Feat. the Hungarian Studio Orch.)
10. Ardas Bhaee (Full Orchestral Version)
Beauty In Motion...
Sangeeta Kaur’s recent album has a lot to say and the complexity of the title certainly makes sense. It is only the beginning if you choose to do some exploring.

Ascension - Niguma Vol. 2 The Mantra Project is one of the more interesting and compelling music projects I have had the opportunity to hear this year.

An excerpt from the artist website reads:
Who is Lady Niguma and in these modern times, why should we care? With grace and powered by an awe-inspiring production, Sangeeta and her company of yogi & yogini artists extraordinarily provide an answer of inspiration.

This will give the potential listeners some insight into what this music is about. If you want to learn all the details I highly recommend visiting the artist website. Based on what I garnered from the CD booklet there is quite a musical production that accompanies this music and it looks fantastic.

In most cases I do not favor music in any other language than English because I really want to understand what the artist is singing about. I did my due diligence and got a better idea while listening and after the music stopped. This was a different perspective I fell into and instantly while taking in this recording. I was pleasantly surprised with how it made me feel.

Sangeeta has a gorgeous angelic voice that melts into your soul and hangs on tight. This album was so different and refreshing that I sincerely enjoyed every track. Some of the music is prolific and larger than life. The resounding drum beats and layers of instruments intertwine into an audible journey of divinity. This women’s voice ranges from silky smooth to operatic dependent on the pace and movements in each track. There is never a time where I felt disinterested, it was quite the opposite actually. I was wondering what was coming next.

If focus brought on by the light of the human spirit is what you seek you shall find it on this recording. If you happen to enjoy it as much as I did, it will be over before you know. This is comparable to doing a task you love and time becomes irrelevant. And it should be in this case because what you receive from Ascension - Niguma Vol. 2 The Mantra Project, is a new focal point filled with positive vibrations. This music will soothe your soul and clear your mind. I say that with conviction. I can see now how this music was set to the stage with all the dance, yoga movements and the colors brought to life. An audience would simply be mesmerized. This is beauty in motion with words and music ...

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

November 3, 2017
Rating: Excellent   Excellent
- reviewed by Keith MuzikMan Hannaleck on 11/3/2017
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