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By Stephen Wallack
Released 10/14/2022
Wondering tracks
1. Beyond
2. Castles
3. Deep
4. Remember
5. Sorry
6. Bridges
7. Games
8. Royals
9. Wolves
10. Goodbye
The Gift Of Music Delivered Personally
I covered Stephen Wallack’s Chapters and the Colors albums which gave me that feeling of familiarity. Although that does not necessarily mean the music will be what I would expect to hear. Wondering is an all-instrumental solo piano recording, which I would have anticipated. It does not always work out that way; in this case, I am glad it did. I was ready to hear this music in its entirety and knew that I would enjoy it.

The ten tracks on Wondering are contemporary instrumentals that will definitively brighten your outlook and spirit, which other types of music cannot.

“Beyond” starts things off with a very positive vibe with solid rhythms and a pace that immediately gets your attention and appreciation. “Castles” follows with a different style that prompts introspection. “Deep” has the same vibe with hints of seriousness, reminiscing, and sadness. As you progress through the recording, you discover different moods and pathways to seek answers to questions that may have been troubling you. Our solutions are within; music is a tool that will assist us in getting on the right path. There are no distractions, just the purity and undeniable honesty of the music.

The guiding force behind this music is for you to listen and find the answers you seek. We are living in very uncertain times now with many problems worldwide. When you stop and think about everything, it can be overwhelming and scary, leaving you with a sense of uncomfortableness and helplessness. Music is the ultimate universal healer and communicator for anyone from wherever you are on the planet. You can realize fulfillment through the sounds, colors, and vibrations provided through one instrument. Music without words needs no translating; it speaks to you regardless of your language. That is the beauty and the poignancy of instrumental music.

I found “Remember” to be so beautiful, healing, and filled with hope. If we could connect all over the earth one day at the same time, play just one song and pray for a positive change, think of how powerful that would be. I think a piece like this would be ideal. There are many tracks on this album that could serve that purpose. The continuity and consistency are so strong that you will find appreciation in every composition.

The singularity of one artist playing one instrument with grace and purpose sends a message and one that Stephen felt compelled to complete. The piano is universal in sound and presentation. With the gift of learning music by ear and the ability to create compositions readily, Stephen Wallack now presents his fifth studio album, Wondering, with a message we can all understand.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder

September 27, 2022
Rating: Excellent   Excellent
- reviewed by Keith MuzikMan Hannaleck on 10/1/2022
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