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The Shimmering Land by Meg Bowles
- posted by Michael Diamond on 8/23/2013
The Shimmering Land by Meg Bowles
For the past two decades, electronic music composer Meg Bowles has been crafting what she calls “ambient orchestral soundscapes.” Drawing from her training in classical music as well has her work as a licensed psychoanalyst with a particular interest in dreams, shamanism, and Jungian psychology, the music is created to take the listener out of this world to another place, a deeper space. The album opens with “Undulant Sea,” which embodies an oceanic ambiance with its ebb and flow motion, emulating the tides and currents. On a track called “The Sweetness of Mist,” there is a drifting-in-a-dream feel that envelops the listener and evokes mental images of mythical lands and storybook settings. In addition to the ethereal synthesizer textures, a soft arpeggiated keyboard sequence adds movement. The description of this song and the one before provide a good idea of what the listener can expect to hear in the serene soundscapes found on the album. Track 5, entitled “Beneath The Radiant Stars,” adds subtle percussion at points in the piece. But the aqueous quality of these electronic rhythmic elements is quite unique and was a highlight for me, as someone always interested in hearing new sounds. The album draws to a peaceful conclusion with “Nightwalk Across The Isle Of Dreams.” The title itself goes a long way in describing the sonic essence of the music.

I appreciate that while there is subtle diversity in Meg’s musical landscapes, there is also a sense of continuity that that allows the listener to be drawn along in its current without any major course changes or stylistic shifts. Meg Bowles is a master of audio alchemy with a refined sense of blending electronic sounds and textures to create musical compositions of great depth and beauty. While she is a classically trained musician who has become a maestro of the synthesizer, it is also her psycho-spiritual leanings that add dimension to her creative process. Fans of Meg Bowles earlier works, listeners who enjoy classic electronic space music, as well anyone who wants soothing sounds to relax to will find a lot to like in Meg’s exquisite new release. This is music to drift away with on clouds of sound.

Rating: Excellent
The Shimmering Land by Meg Bowles
- posted by anonymous on 8/7/2013

With the new Meg Bowles ambient/space-music CD, THE SHIMMERING LAND, the beauty is in the textures, mood shifts and subtle emotionalism that you feel as much as you hear. It is important to meet this music on its own terms bringing with you as few preconceived ideas as possible.

Her music works in all the ways that great new age music does, and serves as the ideal backdrop for relaxation, meditation, healing, massage therapy, light workouts, loving encounters and small group socialization. Bowles has been making this type of synthesizer music for the past 20 years and THE SHIMMERING LAND is her fifth album.

Whether it is the wave-like “Undulant Sea” or the quiet wistfulness of “The Sweetness of Mist,” this music goes specific places and takes you with it. Go with the flow, as they say, and you will journey to inner depths that can always use gentle caressing and healing.

If you enjoy ambient, new age, contemporary instrumental, space or electronic music, this album should fit right into your personal playlist.
Rating: Excellent
Bliss of Being by The Pure Heart Ensemble
- posted by anonymous on 8/7/2013
Bliss is a special feeling, an important state to seek, and The Pure Heart Ensemble has created an album, BLISS OF BEING, to assist listeners in attaining that place of calmness, peace, happiness, relaxation, healing/health and spirituality.

The Pure Heart Ensemble -- acoustic piano, cello, flutes, wordless vocals and crystal bowls -- takes the listener on a trip to find bliss, and, upon arriving there, celebrates blissfulness (the song titles describe the journey, healing, transitions, making a divine connection, and loving others and the world around us). The group is led by pianist and longtime new age musician Richard Shulman (who has more than two-dozen previous recordings).

This all-acoustic album is warm, heartfelt, moving and deeply resonant. There are pieces from a minute long to more than 11-minutes in length. There are highly-melodic passages along with free-floating soulful and spiritual sections. Listen and find the bliss.
Rating: Excellent
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