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The Truth of Being by Madhavi Devi
- posted by Astral Jim on 8/8/2019
Intentional Creativity
A burst of colors, plus different kinds of harps, with an easy to love tempo and weaving of melodies, plus abundant spirit. This artist’s work is new to me, but familiar too. An instrumentalist that paints, and is fully engaged in life from writing to cooking, and all things visual and musical that might fit in between, and a practice of Intentional Creativity. Madhavi Devi (Cheryl Gallagher) composed and played this music, gathering synthesizers, harps, flutes, percussion, and many colors; she is joined by Howard Givens on guitar and synthesizers, and Stephanie Britten Phillips, playing viola. The sound is a melodic multi-tinted vista supported by light percussion and plentiful positive thinking, which you can hear. Doppler beams twisting as they glide past, wind chimes adding accents and extra details in a lush floral landscape. Favorites: the percussive “Jade Breeze,” because of the colors and the constant melodic transformation while the beat keeps the caravan on time. “Breakthrough” has a spooky dramatic sound, including monks chanting and hand drums.
Rating: Excellent
Healing Music Volume 2 by Valerie Romanoff
- posted by Astral Jim on 8/8/2019
Double Discs of the power to heal and transform
You will find ever-expanding peace and healing on top of your musical moments, during your days and nights and all the times in between. This is authentic music for your inner journey, for relaxation, yoga, meditation, massage, and for love. Each of these fantastic tracks stands alone as a masterwork of new consciousness and transformative thinking. Learn to use your mind as the most powerful tool you have for visualizing and actualizing the best possible future for your life. Resolve your dilemmas and take a positive role in creating your own personal best destiny as you listen to Valerie's fingers dance on strings. This music provides encouragement and satisfaction in a gentle and pleasing series of constructive. Valerie's guitar fingers are extraordinarily skilled and do all the lifting in these powerful sonic constructions. She plays all kinds of guitars from the awesome electric instrument of boogie, to the unplugged gentle classical style, the expressive steel stringed dobro slide, the dancing notes of finger picking, and the rich chords of strumming, she plays it all.
Wind Journey by Erik Wøllo
- posted by Astral Jim on 8/8/2019
The sonic view from so far up
Up and away, into a bright blue sky, cold and clear! From up here you can see forever, with a full depth and lots of small components. This is perfect electronic air conditioning, the music provides a frost you can enjoy while wearing a t shirt with sunglasses. This is all about the sounds of wind and altitude that a guitar can bring to life. This kind of music is not about fast and furious guitar dazzle, this is all about great soaring music dazzle, simple amazement and fine compositional design, working with the sounds of the wind interpreted by the electric guitar. Windchimes, percussive harmonics, soaring freefall guitar treatments, you can hear how cold it is.
Rating: Excellent
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