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LALITA The Eternal Feminine by Al Gromer Khan
- posted by Steve Sheppard on 3/25/2015
Lalita is the latest work from the master musician Al Gromer Khan, here he takes us back to his memories of Paisley, clothing and otherwise, the energies of the hippie movement and a blissful state of trance through music, that opens up pathways to altered states of musical reality, all can be found here and more. The quality production on the album is amazing, as always.
I have always been moved by the sheer creative ambience that Gromer Khan creates with his music and the musician is at it again, gifting us a track of mystic proportions on a piece called Tears of Paisley, with its smooth and sensual beat.
On Golden Boat the added hand claps add that a spark of musical cleverness; there is great depth with a deep percussive beat that creates a heartbeat to the composition.
Flower Child in the Clearing, brings us a song so descriptive and trance like, it’s a joy to listen to, his lyrics and the sensitive female replies here, create a real golden summer day revisited in the haze of the 60’s.
Ahira brings us a moment of true peace in music, listen to the delicacy of this pretty composition, feel the very sense of gentleness as the electronic waves of sound calmly pull you back and forth.
All of this and More is up next, this is a composition so very well performed and composed, I would call it sublime genius.
Lalita – The Eternal Feminine, brings us a track that is an almost dark ambient composition, it creates a real sense of mystery and imagination for us, that it creates with ease some of Gromer Khan’s finest work to date.
Elvis went to Durgapur brings us a deceptive composition that doesn’t rock, but rolls with ecstasy, the soft but mesmerising tones are complemented by the vocalisations that create an added ethereal dimension to the composition, this in a word is, supreme.
We now come across an arrangement called the Pilgrim and the Crow, the moving build and progression on this piece is undeniably deep and abstract, the electronic effects here are quite spell binding, making this track a must listen again too piece.
Less gives you that short moment on the beach of nowhere, to compose ourselves, or just float on the waves of intent for a few short moments, before moving on again.
Lancron is a short form arrangement that will lift the spirits and allow you to enjoy a moment of reverie.
The last but one piece is called Bhim Strats, this is a brilliantly composed piece, which has been created with reverence and love.
We finish with Wanting Nothing, 10 minutes of utter ambience to delve into and submerge your physical state into a place of atmospheric heaven. The music is filled with peace and harmony, leaving you in an oasis of calmness and tranquillity.
Lalita is inspirational, through this piece you are seeing the work of a true musical muse in operation and as such I recommend this album whole heartedly to anyone who likes real music created with heart, peace and love.

Rating: Excellent
Bloom Road by Dan Kennedy
- posted by Michael Diamond on 3/19/2015
Bloom Road by Dan Kennedy
It’s been a long and winding road that has led Dan to this present stage in his music career, so the title of his new release is quite appropriate. The album opens with an interesting surprise. While Dan is known primarily as a pianist, on this track, entitled “Moonrise,” he begins with a lush soundtrack of synthesizer orchestration that serves as background for the earthy yet airy sounds of Native American flute. His collaborator here is award-winning flutist David Rose, whose sensitive and soulful sounds give wings to the song.

From there, he transits into the solo piano style he is best known for on a haunting and hope-filled tune entitled “Prayer For Janet,” written for a friend who was in distress. Following up on his promise to deliver an album of diverse musical styles, a track called “Sweet Rain” is a lively romp that once again features the Native flute of David Rose in a context that includes drums, bass, and sounds of rain and thunder. Elements of smooth jazz, contemporary instrumental, and pop combine to create a foot-tapping tune that would make a perfect cruising-down-the-highway song. The album’s title track is a real stand out composition that features a very special guest, saxophonist Charles Neville of the world-renowned Neville Brothers. Additionally, the track also features David Rose on Native flute, as well as the sounds of strings, bass, and cymbals. I especially enjoy the jazzy side of Dan’s musical spectrum, which makes an interesting yin/yang contrast to his more reflective solo piano work.

Dan Kennedy is a highly talented musician with a well-tuned ear for melody and composition. While his solo piano songs reflect this clearly, his ensemble pieces also highlight Dan’s finely honed skills as an arranger. I appreciate his 30 years of experience in the new age music genre, as much as his willingness to push the boundaries and integrate other influences as well. Bloom Road provides a lovely stroll through an exquisite garden of musical delights that should appeal to a wide audience.

To read a full length review of this album, as well as others, please visit:
Rating: Very Good +
Heart Song by Elise Lebec
- posted by Steve Sheppard on 3/17/2015
Elise Lebec Heart Song
I am constantly amazed by the sheer talent of musicians out there these days and their ability to simply create something wonderful in a world of chaos, this is pretty much what Elise Lebec has done on Heart Song.
I always like a good opening and Lebec provides that, with the peace filled tranquil oasis of piano called, quite aptly, Silence.
There is something so very confident and assured with her playing and the creation of tracks like Lullaby emphasises the point entirely. The inclusion of Elizabeth Vandervennet is nothing more than sheer genius, as were gifted beauty from keys and strings combined.
The title track Heart Song, is packed with overflowing emotion and a melody that is a true musical reflection of our feelings. Jeff Oster joins Lebec and Vandervennet, for the delightfully mysterious and dark at the edges track, Pirates and Poets, a real light and shade composition, but this is just another fine example of Lebec’s expertise and talent, as she plays out a musical narrative that captures the imagination of us, the listener.
Heart Songs truly has something for everyone, at every turn and at every corner, the ambience of, It Was Always You, is stunningly spacious and both honest and reflective in its tale. While Afternoon Kisses, is a little light reverie, through the bedroom window, watching the day drift past in bliss and in love, a real lazy Sunday afternoon song.
The chimes of the Ghost Ship returns our musical tale to the nautical and I must say this is an extremely well performed piece that I personally liked a lot, it had such a beautiful slow movement to it, that allows us to drift along with the track, but creates a sonic backdrop of utter magnificence along the way.
Lebec creates something special on Moonlit Waters with some quite incredible misty, spirit driven vocals on a track that is as brilliant as it is packed with an underpinned sense of emotion. While A Break in the Clouds takes us on a gentle hill side moment of happiness, then the performance inspires a fresh start, as the clouds clear at last.
On Sacred Land we have a respectful reflective tip of the hat to the indigenous peoples of the land and the music reflects the care and love we must have for our mother, there are some amazing natural sounds and effects in this piece as well. On Following the Rain, she calmly plays a piece that is so gentle, but with a sense of purpose built deep within, the energy of new life is strong, in this delicate track.
Lebec has proved her ability to change course and power at will, the deep and more powerful resonance of, Away into the Horizon, will acknowledge that. We even have time to sample a sublime moment of genius once again, as David Darling, joins Lebec on a reprise of the title track Heart Song (Avec Cello). Its time therefore to round up, what has been a total breath of fresh air in the genre known as, solo piano with instrumentation, with a nod in the direction of a the traditional, with a final ballad called Greensleeves.
Heart Song represents to me an album that is not only performed with extremely talented playing and style, but a well-crafted and well though out release, that really deserves to chart and receive future awards, a good album with a great narrative, is always a winner and Heart Song is just that.
Rating: Excellent
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