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Heart Song by Elise Lebec
- posted by Gena on 3/31/2015

Elise Lebec is a pianist, composer, synthesist, occasional vocalist, arranger and producer who has a new album out, Heart Song, and the music is most definitely heartfelt. She touches on affairs of the heart with the instrumental tunes “It Was Always You” (a piano-cello duet), “Afternoon Kisses” (her piano joined with flugelhorn champ Jeff Oster and drummer-percussionist Michael Urbano) and “Heart Song” (a solo piano piece). Elise also was inspired by the sailing ships of yore and yesteryear -- “Pirates and Poets” (piano, synth drone, flugelhorn and cello), “Ghost Ships” (piano, synth strings, singing bowls and bells, and Elise on wordless background vocals) and “Away Into the Horizon” (forceful solo playing on the piano). Other highlights include “Lullaby” (an expressive piano and cello duet), “Moonlit Waters” (with Elise on piano and lead vocals singing “Where have you been?”), and “Heart Song Avec Cello” (a revisiting of the title tune but with well-known new age cellist David Darling sitting in).

This is a classic-sounding new age album with beautiful melodies, strong playing, and a sense of intimate performance as if you were sitting in a parlor sometime in the past being entertained.

This is simply enchanting music. It probably falls into the new age music category as well as anywhere. But an argument could be made that it is more neo-classical since the bulk of it is either solo piano or piano-cello pieces. Lebec mostly has a light touch, but she can bear-down on occasion. The important thing is that she plays with deep feeling. While there are definite melodies here, it sounds as if she also leaves room for some improvisational soloing (for herself and others) within the framework. This is an outstanding new album worth checking out.
Rating: Excellent
Reiki Hands of Love by CG Deuter
- posted by Michael Diamond on 3/27/2015
Reiki Hands Of Love by Deuter
Way back at the dawning of the new age music genre in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s a few seminal musicians planted the seeds of a new kind of music that was in tune with the awakening consciousness and emerging spirituality of the time. One of them was German-born Deuter (pronounced Doy-ter) who released his first album in 1971. Since that time, Deuter has recorded over 60 albums, with much of it focused on spiritual practices and the healing arts. His recent release, is based on Reiki (pronounced ray-key), a hands-on energy balancing technique developed in Japan.

“Morning Light Silhouettes,” opens the album with soft synthesizer textures that ebb and flow around a graceful piano melody, joined by Deuter’s airy flute in the second half. On “Love’s Winged Messenger,” the warm earthy sound of acoustic guitar is heard for the first time on the recording. Interesting contrasts abound as the nylon string guitar blends with what sounds like two different flutes – a silver flute and a Japanese wooden shakuhachi flute, as well as ethereal synthesizers and a woody marimba-like sound. Deuter’s flute playing is quite lovely and I appreciated how tastefully he uses vibrato in his tone. One of my favorite tracks was the final cut, entitled “Free Forever.” I particularly liked the sweet tinkling bell sounds that evoked an image of stardust falling to earth, as the song begins.

While the serene music on this recording certainly makes a perfect background for Reiki or any kind of healing work and meditation, it is also a high quality listening experience in itself for anyone who enjoys relaxing instrumental new age music. . The album is beautifully recorded and mixed, revealing Deuter’s skills as an arranger as well as an instrumentalist. But beyond the physical aspects of the music, the energy and vibration of it is perceptible on a whole other level, and resonates deeply in the body, mind, and spirit of the listener. Deuter is truly a master of his craft, and a pioneer in the field of healing music

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Rating: Excellent
Reiki Hands of Love by CG Deuter
- posted by Steve Sheppard on 3/25/2015
Reiki Hands of Love
This is a moment to savour and a moment to remember forever, as I sit here in total peace and bliss, listening to Reiki Hands of Love by an artist I have long admired as a listener and as a Reiki Teacher and healer myself.
Reiki Hands of Love is a respectful album of great passion and healing and with its opening track, nods the musical hat, to the last release with great reverence, those who liked the Light album will be over joyed with the Love release.
The opening piece Morning Silhouettes, lends itself energetically to relaxation and healing with great ease, ideal for relaxing to or for helping a client relax.
Morning Silhouettes 2, has a slightly higher vibration, but the essence of the keyboards and synths are so well layered you would hardly notice. The strings in this composition are so delightfully arranged, that they create a warm feeling all around you as you listen.
Track three take us on an upward spiral towards the sky, in fact if you close your eyes and focus on the music, you will easily be able to go Cloud Surfing, it is so gently played that it creates a state of spacious ambience around the listener.
Love’s Winged Messenger is next, Deuter has created something deeper here, you will feel an abundant state of oneness about you, this is an amazing peace with some supreme harmonic flute from the master, Deuter.
I never want this moment to end, Hands of Love is now playing. Deuters flute here reminds me so much of the track Buddha Nature, that I am in rapture, the sun streams in through my window and all is right with my world, the floating synths and calming piano create a marvellous interplay with the stringed effects, this is beyond excellent.
I listen to Unknown Doors with some very angelic vocals, these are filled with such emotion, that it will place you in a world of sonic ecstasy by its universal tones.
To say I am in awe of the music would probably be doing this outstanding album a total injustice; my words can only paint you a picture of its brilliance and of its pleasure. Deeper than Sky is next, the performance starts to resonate with a determined focus, the keyboards and the flute are so deeply harmonious, its moving to the very deepest level and the vocals only go to emphasise what an outstanding piece this is.
Still Stones of Silence is one of those dramatic compositions that will take you back in time, that will hold you in its memory and manifest a world of imaginary around you with such perfect clarity. The stillness and powerful nature of this piece is outstanding, it’s steeped in years of experience, but still has an element of freshness about its energy.
Deuter ends the album with a piece called Free Forever, it’s time to lie back in the arms of joy and soak your senses in the music, for a final time. To say this man is a genius is understating the obvious, the composition here is lighter in its nature, it has the perfect increase in energy, just enough to lift the listener from a meditative state into the everyday world, and to leave them with a feeling of elation.
Reiki Hands of Love in my opinion, is a benchmark album, in the new age music industry of the 21st century, Deuter has created here a second masterpiece for you to fall head over heels in love with, with Deuter it really is a case of love and light, sublimely created by a musicians hands who are not only bathed in the loving energies of Reiki, but by a musician who really knows what his listening audience wants. As a writer and listener, I can only suggest you buy this album, but I warn you, you will never stop playing it, as a Reiki Master/Teacher, you will do no better than Deuters music and Reiki Hands of Love is the perfect example of true healing music, created by someone who actually cares.
Rating: Excellent
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