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Canyon Shadows by Joanne Lazzaro
- posted by Steve Sheppard on 11/14/2018
A stunning release
It’s good to see a new Joanne Lazzaro album appear on my desktop, I was only thinking about her release Under the Stars from 2015 the other day, amazing to think that three years have since past, but here she is with a band called Dreamcatcher and producing a wonderfully natural release for us all to enjoy more of her ever so fluent flute once again. The album score was originally written by Katherine Hoover and this is the first album Joanne has produced.
Canyon Shadows is an eight piece album that starts with the opener Searching, an inventive and calming offering that draws a peace filled narrative for to carry us along to a more vibrant offering entitled Moving In, here we almost dance to the rhythm’s she creates; this is a special offering as well, a nice layered composition can be found here with flutes that seems to hover, twist and turn with each other.
Lazzaro became a bit of a fan favourite with her last album, and I can see the same happening with this one too, her long notes pull us in on the piece Echo, one which has a delightful haunting energy that transforms with the percussion and allows us to drift easily into the next track called Celebration with great ease. This is a real fun offering, a lively tempo can be found here, but the organic feel of this arrangement was incredibly appealing to me and I would think also for many of the listeners who adore this genre.
With pieces like the sultry and mysterious Dusk, a track that I actually had to play several times; the attention to detail here is amazing, there is also an almost touching of the hem, of the classical minimalistic style, that does indeed graphically portray this time of day here.
Quite appropriately Searching (Desert Dawn Mix) is next and natural sounds lead us into a track that has a slow and warm nature about its construction, within this piece one could feel like they are walking towards an oasis on the edge of some vast desert in the early hours of the day.
Two further remixes end the album as we take an alternative look at the track Echo with the Canyon Mix and finish with re-envisioned musical musing of the track Dusk with the Desert Night Fall Mix, both very inventive and well-crafted mixes indeed.
Canyon Shadows by Joanne Lazzaro has that real organic feel about it; one that I am sure will appeal to lovers of naturally manifested music. Lazzaro’s flute performances are profoundly inventive and well played, she has really become the story teller of her genre and I am sure that the listeners will be enraptured by this fresh and spontaneous release.
Rating: Excellent
Deva by Deva Premal
- posted by Gena on 11/13/2018

Deva Premal (pronounced day-vuh prim-all) is considered one of the top chant singers in the world and one of the most popular at taking traditional mantras and putting them in a context accessible to international audiences. Her recording titled DEVA not only features world music backing by her regular band -- Miten, Manose and Joby Baker -- but also features special guest Anoushka Shankar playing sitar on two songs (including the prayerful “Prabhujee” written by her father Ravi Shankar). Each mantra features Deva’s lovely voice (sometimes with backing vocals) creating a spiritual, meditative and inviting atmosphere for personal connection and growth. Her audience -- whether listening along to a recording or attending one of her concerts around the globe -- usually join in the singing of these classic mantras. Whether listening or singing-along, it is a cosmic experience and Deva Premal is one of the leaders in this field. The music of Deva Premal has been endorsed by celebrities as varied as Cher, Tony Robbins, and H H the Dalai Lama. Highly recommended.
Rating: Excellent
A New Awareness: Music of the Twelve Rays by Richard Shulman
- posted by Donna on 11/13/2018

Renowned new age pianist and synthesist Richard Shulman has created an instrumental 12-song recording of meditative music, A NEW AWARENESS: MUSIC OF THE TWELVE RAYS, through a close spiritual collaboration with Michael G. Love, author of the recent book THE REALITY OF YOUR GREATNESS: A PERSONAL JOURNEY THROUGH THE TWELVE RAYS. The music is meant to help connect listeners to the power, energy and awareness levels of the Twelve Rays. As a pure listening experience, the music moves from ambient to lightly-melodic, from mostly synthesizer-sounding to including the occasional sounds of various instrumentation such as strings, horns, flute, plucked strings, drones and chimes. This is lovely, healing, spiritual, blissful music that fosters self-growth.
Rating: Excellent
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