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Fearless by Cecilie
- posted by Lillian on 7/24/2018
Cecilie Is A New Singer With A Beautiful Voice

Cecilie is a singer and songwriter from Norway who has a gentle, vulnerable, new age style that includes elements of pop, folk and Celtic music. Her debut album is called FEARLESS, and many of her lyrics offer encouragement for the listener to be brave and go find their own rewarding personal direction in life. Her lyrics are in English and are extremely poetic. She sings with an angelic voice and heart-breaking honesty about love, relationships, inner feelings and personal tales of the trials and tribulations of life. Cecilie (it is pronounced sih-seal-yeh) is backed by excellent musicians on piano, guitars, key harp, flute, violin, viola, mandolin, bass and drums. Her background includes a lifetime of singing in choirs plus many roles onstage performing in musical plays. Now she is taking her lovely voice and deep thoughts and presenting them to the world.
Rating: Excellent
Voyage Through the Chakras by Yuval Ron
- posted by Steve Sheppard on 7/23/2018
Divine in every aspect of the word
For me this latest release by Yuval Ron is as essential to as fresh air, this is divine in every aspect of the word. A double disc that features the talents of a multitude of artists and on disc one via the guided meditation of Lucinda Claire, is a release that should become part of everyone’s daily meditational routines.
The answer to your next question is yes, as soon as we received the album we played the disc and followed the guided meditation to great effect, while on disc 2, you will be able to literally sound bathe in a deep but utterly blissful seventy minutes plus of ambience.
Yuval Ron has produced something so very powerful and healing with this offering and for me a panacea of musical delights that I could float with and immerse myself into the tones of the Gongs of Kenneth Goff, or the Sitar of Pandit Nayan Ghosh, all day and night long. The Cello of Dennis Karmazyn gives me an opportunity to embrace and balance my ego, while the amazing Bansuri Flute of Shye Ben Tzur allows me to connect with my heart chakra and release.
Voyage Through the Chakras isn’t just any new age album, it is a beautifully created and crafted work of art that contains such a wide depth and wonderful flow of tranquil but purposeful music. I personally would recommend this album to anyone who seeks to find their borderlands of inner peace. Yuval Ron and his team on this album have probably produced the ultimate meditative album of the century thus far and, as such it is totally recommended.
Rating: Excellent
Fellowship of Solitude by Lynn Tredeau
- posted by Steve Sheppard on 7/16/2018
An album of stunning quality
Lynn Tredeau is without doubt one of the break out solo piano stars of the last few years, but the artist from the pacific northwest hasn’t rested on her laurels and with this new album, she has gone to a place on inner reflection and deep thought and has probably created the best album in doing so. Fellowship of Solitude, apart from having a superb title header for a release, is a place we must all go at some stage, a place to re-energize after a period of change, a sojourn of rest and rejuvenation and then the dawning of a new era comes from that fresh sense of reality.
Fellowship of Solitude the track, is the perfect musical accompaniment of that energy, one could sit by a lake on an autumn afternoon and ponder on life and how things may have been different, then as the day slowly ends, we come to realise that we have only one option, to move onward and upward. This deeply reflective track moves me and helps me move on too.
Tredeau has been honing and sharpening her skills for years now and with each release you can sense and feel the constant positive changes all falling into place. You only have to listen to Traces of Daylight to sample that for yourself, this is one amazingly cultured opus of brilliance and probably the closest that the artist has gone to a film score composition so far. Her melody and energy on this piece creates a sense of hope as night fades and the sounds of her imploring performance ushers in a brand new sparkling day of hope.
I have been having some very bizarre dreams lately, it is as if I am travelling through my whole life all at the same time and one wakes with a sense of confusion as the day starts to crawl past the curtains of the night. Land of Forgotten Dreams is probably the piece of music I could easily choose as my soundtrack of that moment. There is a deep sadness and melancholy nature about this offering that is amazingly musically appealing to me as a writer, I adore the creation of the minor keys and the reflective nature of the story it tells.
We now move to a very effective and most charming arrangement indeed called Call of the Owyhees. Now I am a lover of mountain ranges and as far as I can tell this beautiful fluent track is a testament of musical magic, to the mountain range and all it contains in Owyhee County, Idaho and Malheur County, Oregon. If this is so, Tredeau has created something truly graphic and picturesque that one could actually be there.
On Love Leaves a Memory, we can literally watch and listen to the artist playing with her heart on her sleeve, if one ever doubted Tredeau’s ability to manifest truly moving music, then you need to listen to this one on repeat 10 times at least. Tredeau’s skills as a composer and performer here are simply stunning; this is pure emotion and truth, pouring from the piano and done with such style and charm.
As we crawl over the top of the ridge we can note that we have reached the half way marker, we must do so with care now, as what lays just the other side is something deep, something that may not wish the light of day to be poured upon its wings. This is the truly brilliant What Hides in the Dark. While the doorways to the realms of hidden truths creak open, this performance is and seems to be saying, perhaps it’s better to leave those skeletons where they lay. In my opinion, this is one of the finest compositions that Tredeau has created thus far, one that almost borders on the edge of the classical, a true moment of mystical genius can be found here.
There is always a moment to stop and just admire the view and on Afternoon Reflection we have that very segment of tranquillity. This extremely smooth and peaceful reverie will blissfully ease your afternoon, and Tredeau’s performance here is as sun kissed as the energy that it exudes.
There can be no doubt that this musical voyage has thus far been a splendid one indeed, and that divinity of creation continues with this next offering entitled The Time Machine. Now I adored the movie featuring the acting talents of Rod Taylor back in the 60’s, but I sense that this track is a wish that in some ways we could all have access to a machine, one that could take us back in time, so that we may actually say the things we wanted to say and do the things we wanted to really do, and make our luxury of hindsight today, a reality in the past as well. Having said that artist has to be commended for producing a really addictive piece here, perhaps one that could be used in any new movie about the subject anyway.
I was so very happy to float within the peaceful realms of this next composition, Peace in the Midst. Touching the hem of David Lanz here perhaps, Tredeau brings to the table one of her best arrangements to date and without doubt one of her most technically brilliant performances as well. This has a sense of ambience and a tempo that is set in a dimension of musical majesty that is utterly supreme in every way, and one that I will be revisiting frequently.
There is a delightful reflective nature about Left Behind that is so moving and emotive. The artist has worked hard on bringing this side of her into her compositions and she has manifested so many moments of memorable honesty here. This piece has a sensitive narrative and as the piano is played, one can almost travel along with her on her journey of reflection and aloneness.
The penultimate piece off the release is called Life is in the Journey. The truth in the title is of course correct at every turn and twist of the path it has taken us to get where we are in our lives. Here Lynn Tredeau is masterful in painting the picture musically of her songs title, at times gentle, at times powerful and moving, and with a little intensity and reflection into the mix as well.
We finish now with a curious offering called Purple Fog. However if you listen intently here, as I am sure you will, you will hear a depth and an intensity that is quite clever and very attractive to listen to. The slowness of the tempo draws a lush sense of colour within the offering, one that has been crafted so well.
Fellowship of Solitude is Lynn Tredeau’s best work so far, she has achieved a wonderful sense of balance and fluency among the reflective and inspiring pieces, her performances on the release paint a picture of confidence that only an artist of her growing eminence, and ability can do. Fellowship of Solitude is an album that contains pieces of stunning quality, all performed by a pianist who has clearly not only found her musical soul, but is embracing it with such a wonderful sense of fellowship and class.
Rating: Excellent
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