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Evensong: Canticles for the Earth by Meg Bowles
- posted by Steve Sheppard on 7/31/2018
A remarkable album
Five years ago I walked upon a Shimmering Earth created by the artist and my life changed, the beauty of that Meg Bowles album filled my soul with much hope, something that I needed at the time, the gentle waves of luscious synths eased my psyche and here, five years later, she is back with an album so tranquil and calming to behold called Evensong: Canticles For The Earth.
We begin our journey of galactic proportions with the opening piece Hymnus. This mixture of textures and progression, then a smooth but vast realm of electronic genius is on offer for us all on this opening composition. One could easily become part of the music here and simply float into a dimension of sound with this quite stunning start.
Bowles follows that powerful beginning with an equally amazing composition called Migration at Dusk. You will note the complete change in energy here as Bowles uses her keyboards and synths to create a vast horizon of musical brilliance, then brings in a sense of sequenced movement, that seems to take us by the hand and swirl us along with the sounds of an otherworldly dimension, in a similar style to fellow electronic composer Jonn Serrie.
The Ridgewalker is a fascinating composition, the slow and deliberate artistic endeavour to create a visual that is almost film score in intention is achieved here with ease. I could for example imagine the story I am reading (The Dark Tower, Stephen King) and follow the path of the man in black as he is spotted crossing the great desert and for a moment appears as a shadow figure on the ridge of the far western mountain range. This opus would be perfect for that specific soundtrack. The floating synths create a level of mysticism here that is the chief narrator of this most sublime of ethereal pieces, one that I think I will be revisiting many times over.
The shortest track off the album is up next at just shy of six minutes and entitled Chalice of Shadows. For some reason I felt quite emotional whilst listening to this; there is a deepness that takes you inward, but also a vastness that can not only be felt, but seen too. The energy of this track is incredibly moving, it is as if we are standing literally on the edge of infinity and gazing out across the divide of time and space. This piece is filled with an unfound mystery, a tapestry of electronic music that seems to float back and forth like some huge galactic wave, and where we may float to, is another entirely unknown dimension; the performance here is simply stunning.
We now drift into the heavenly arms of the next piece Berceuse For A Star Child. This delicate, but soothing lullaby takes us in its embrace and calms the soul; the steady progression on keyboards and synths is simply blissful. In a way, this is our anthem, are we not all part of everything and thus all part of this wonderful universal experience called, life?
The penultimate offering is called Evensong and being the title track, we now have ten magical minutes to walk musically along with the artist. This is an incredibly poignant offering and the narrative of tone and timbre allow is to also be grateful for being able to experience the one thing we all share, life. The deepness of the synths here is a constant reminder of however this life has gone for us; we must share and remind ourselves of the need to be grateful for it. For me the intensity of performance here states that, and what a better time to give thanks and gratitude but at the end of another day.
We can now safely float into the last composition of the album and this final moment of electronic bliss is called Time And Light. This is also the longest track off the album at exactly fifteen minutes. This long form opus of power and grace is the perfect way to end the album. We can also revel in the drifting and swirling nature of the piece, as we go back and forth from major to minor in arrangement, in a similar style to the UK’s leading synth performer Kevin Kendle. Time itself here seem to be forming, capitulating to universal oneness and then dissipating into a realm of no time at all, perhaps just one of pure light, this is one quite breath taking offering.
Evensong: Canticles For The Earth by Meg Bowles has to be one of the stand out electronic albums of the year so far, and manifests vast reaching and almost eternal levels of ambience whilst doing so. This is a remarkable album, one that I absolutely enjoyed. Her style and professionalism and artistic intelligence has thus brought into this world a release, that will truly make us gaze once again upwards to the stars with the same wide eyed wonder of a child, a thoroughly recommended album indeed.
Rating: Excellent
Music That Tells A Story by Symphonex Orchestra
- posted by Steve Sheppard on 7/24/2018
A beautiful tapestry of sound
The level of uniqueness on this latest release by Peter Xifaras is miles ahead of anything seen thus far this century, not only has the composer created something deeply special and incredibly meaningful, he has also manifested something that pulls the attention of the project towards the listener, and never lets it go until the end.
Music that has inspired stories throughout the ages and writing words to the images that the music raises, this is so familiar to me as not only a writer, but as a poet as well, as this is something I have done and felt through most of my life and at last the artist with his team have brought something into this world that is musical symphonic, and will allow the mind to manifest its own imagery to wander within.
Two amazing discs give the listener a chance to either bathe in the pool of warming music, and may I add with regard to the Violin segments here, they were stunning and reminded me in energy and tone of a Vaughn Williams composition, or we can listen to the narration of Joan Jacobs whose mesmeric voice will lead us hand in hand along this path of bliss, while the vocals of Felicia Farerre, will lift our spirits along the way.
Music That Tells a Story by Symphonex Orchestra is one those albums that you will find eats into your very psyche and never lets you go; there is so much here to enjoy. The inspirational works of Erik Satie and the Gymnopédie Variations being one that I adored completely, but there is much to explore and dream within on this release. Peter Xifaras must be applauded for creating a certain uniqueness in music that has it all, perfect compositions recorded with such quality it is a delight to sample, soft, but extremely memorable melodies that literally rain with emotive pleasure, and all wrapped up in such a beautiful tapestry of sound, tone and narration, this must be a potential future award winning album, if there is any justice in this musical world.
Rating: Excellent
Fearless by Cecilie
- posted by Lillian on 7/24/2018
Cecilie Is A New Singer With A Beautiful Voice

Cecilie is a singer and songwriter from Norway who has a gentle, vulnerable, new age style that includes elements of pop, folk and Celtic music. Her debut album is called FEARLESS, and many of her lyrics offer encouragement for the listener to be brave and go find their own rewarding personal direction in life. Her lyrics are in English and are extremely poetic. She sings with an angelic voice and heart-breaking honesty about love, relationships, inner feelings and personal tales of the trials and tribulations of life. Cecilie (it is pronounced sih-seal-yeh) is backed by excellent musicians on piano, guitars, key harp, flute, violin, viola, mandolin, bass and drums. Her background includes a lifetime of singing in choirs plus many roles onstage performing in musical plays. Now she is taking her lovely voice and deep thoughts and presenting them to the world.
Rating: Excellent
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