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Dare To Dream by Unleashed Dreams
- posted by Steve Sheppard on 10/15/2017
A musical panacea to cure all ills!
The Celtic, World and New Age genres are on the up, of that there can be no doubt, and albums like Dare to Dream can at last be brought to the ever eager ears of our listeners, by our support of debut artists like Unleashed Dreams in their quest of bringing you a multi-genre release that touches just about every musical base you can think of.
Lindsey Gaye Walker and Sean Michael Paddision have indeed dared to dream. This extremely talented duo have a wonderful tone and harmony about their overall performance, one that draws you in with a friendly smile and entertains you with its warm embrace.
The opening track Deep is one that reminds me in parts of the illustrious 2002. Walker’s vocals are so deeply touching and the calming orchestral nature of this piece is sublime.
The entire album flows like a proud autumn river, it takes us on a never ending journey through a myriad of emotive, but quite beautiful compositions, like the inspirational title track Dare to Dream, the gratitude and honesty of You Give Me Strength, or the ever elevating and radiating A New Day.
Everyone will find something within this brilliant release, for me I resonated with Resonance, the positive and truthful energy of this piece was addictive and extremely creative; it even contained a little light rock ethic within the weave as well.
Dare to Dream is a debut album of an exceptional nature and class. The portal has been opened and now confidence is high that this quite breath-taking album is going to soar in the world 100 charts.
Dare to Dream is an album that you will really want to embrace, it is a musical panacea to cure all ills!
Rating: Excellent
Prelude to a Dream by Shoshana Michel
- posted by Dyan Garris on 10/15/2017
Prelude to a Dream
Shoshana Michel is an accomplished pianist and composer, evidenced quite nicely on her third solo piano album, Prelude to a Dream. Skillfully recorded, mixed, and mastered by Joe Bongiorno at Piano Haven Studios in Sedona, AZ, the music throughout Prelude to a Dream is fluid, light, and reminiscent of a gentle lullaby that calms the soul at a very deep level. Eloquently composed and executed, the compositions are sweet and gentle. There’s an innocence and yet a deeper wisdom that shines through at the same time.

Track 1, “Wonders” is a perfectly delightful opening to the album. Whimsical and nicely structured, Shoshana’s classical training comes to the forefront. The title track, “Prelude to a Dream,” has a dreamy quality about it as expected, again beautifully showcasing her classical background. It’s melodic, well played, and very well composed.
“A Walk in the Rain,” track 3 is a particular favorite. Soft and gentle as a summer rain, we are successfully transported to exactly where we need to be. Another favorite is track 5, “Tender Words.” It’s beautiful, romantic, and expansive with the warm emotion bubbling up through to the top like a finely baked cherry pie.
Track 10, “Silent Farewell,” is a little melancholy, introspective, and moody, giving even more depth to the album. “Ethereal,” the last track on Prelude to a Dream, has an otherworldly quality and feels haunting and familiar, making a very effective ending to the entire album, which sticks with you long after it’s done.
For lovers of solo piano, this one is a must have. Simply charming through and through.
Shoshana’s music can be heard on Sirus XM radio, Calm Radio, Sleep Radio, The River of Calm, Pandora, Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, Enlightened Piano Radio, and
Buy Prelude to a Dream at
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Rating: Excellent
Ardor by Matthew Mayer
- posted by Dyan Garris on 10/15/2017
Review of Ardor
Matthew Mayer, a notable and award winning pianist and composer, is the founder and owner of the website and radio station Ardor, the 11th album release by Mayer, is eloquent, sophisticated solo piano at its best. It’s everything solo piano ought to be.

As to be expected, the compositions on Ardor are masterfully composed without being pretentious on any level. Performance-wise, Matthew has perfect pacing and exquisite movement of expression. Ardor is grace, elegance, and refinement. The superbly composed melodies lift the spirit immediately and lead us into a world of peace and serenity where we can leave our cares to waft in the wind.

The opening track, “Stars on 123,” enticingly draws us into a world rife with inherent beauty and offers us a vast, otherworldly, and refreshing viewpoint. “Disappear It May,” track 5 on Ardor, is wistful, evocatively poignant, and emotionally stirring. It’s one to listen to over and over again.

My favorite track, the soulful, hypnotic, “Moonlight Walk,” track 8, carries us effortlessly to another place. We are on that walk, deeply contemplating not just the moon and the stars, but the universe and our place in it.

Another favorite is the warm and zesty “Escape” on track 10. Here our spirit is free of all burdens and yet oh, so alive.

Winding down the album, track 11, is the most lovely and deeply relaxing “Dreams VI.” Here we are immersed in sublime pleasantries like day-dreaming and cloud watching.

“We Met Once,” is the last track on Ardor, and also a favorite. The catchy, memorable melody lingers deliciously in your heart and soul long, long after the album ends. It’s exactly as if “we met once and we shall indeed meet again.” Eternally.

Matthew Mayer is an extraordinarily gifted pianist and composer. Without a doubt, there is so much to like here in Ardor, and nothing at all not to completely love.


Visit Matthew Mayer’s artist website.

Matthew’s music can be purchased on his website, Amazon, CD Baby, and iTunes, and streamed on Spotify and Pandora.

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Rating: Excellent
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