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Silent Whispers by Kaveh Karandish
- posted by Steve Sheppard on 4/6/2018
A quality album full of impressive music
The contemporary instrumental genre is as strong as I have ever known it, but the quality seems to have exploded into a cacophony of utter brilliance lately and with Silent Whispers by Kaveh Karandish, that explosion has revealed a brand new dimension of class and quality within. This is one of the most fascinating albums I have listened to for a long while, it crosses boundaries and creates new realms with ease, so let’s take a voyage of splendour with the artist as we ride the sultry waves of tone with Silent Whispers.
The opening pathway is manifested by the title track itself and is simply one of the most divine pieces I have listened to for ages, cinematic, passionate and powerful. Silent Whispers is one of those classic compositions that will live for eons in the annals of musical genius.
Southern Sunrise has that delightful gentle refrain that all good pianists can provide when on top of their game. A light finger snap, a soothing bass line and an increasing percussive beat adding itself to a magical piano vibe that manifests one of the best tracks off the album.
Passion Dance is a completely different style of composition, it has a certain Middle Eastern ethic to its overall feel, but also a little latent rock energy as well; the guitar and bass both added a whole new level of movement to the piece. Karandish on piano was exceptional and created the narrative for us to all dance to, with such a sublime skill and with great ease.
We now move to one of the most creative offerings on the album entitled My Dream. The light percussion here was so delicate and rhythmic, while the symphonic splendour of the piece really shone through. The Oud here was simply spectacular and played superbly by Maz Karandish. The air of mystery on this track and the smooth performance by all concerned made this a total winner in my book.
The brass construction and silky nature about Kaveh and Sherif was a treat to bathe in, the slight Jazz motif was so very pleasing to behold, and this has to be one of the easiest and laid back pieces off the release, simply enchanting to dream within.
The bright and light offering of Moments is up next, the piano and percussion and multi instrumentation go to create a truly addictive slice of a global world vibe that is supreme in its musical textures. It has to be said that the piano of Karandish is simply outstanding here, and as the waves role up to the shoreline we can sit in awe of an utterly classic composition.
We have now reached the half way juncture and come across a composition of true emotive meaning called Sunset Sparrows. One is always utterly moved when thinking about the passing of one’s father; I am to this day with the passing of mine, and here Karandish composes this piece to remember the inspiration and love that was shared by this incredible bond, a reflective piece, but one that contains an everlasting beauty deep within the weave.
So now we begin our decline towards the outer rim of this realm of musical greatness called Silent Whispers by Kaveh Karandish and we now arrive at a musical doorway marked Zaagros Zephyr. Interestingly enough I have come across this several time now and I believe that it (Zephyr) can mean the wind, or west wind. The charming nature of this piece is so redolent to the subject matter and one can feel the energy and the winds of change on our faces with this empowering composition and with Zaagros being a mountain in Iran, the vista is manifested and suggested with sublime brilliance.
Delicate Dreams has softness about its energy that is so very appealing and makes the offering extremely easy to listen to, pay close attention to how the piano of Karandish and the multi instrumentational nature of this piece all marry so well into a symbiotic relationship of a musical quality of cleverness.
After a little research I found that Shiraz Nights would have a poignant meaning for the artist, after all it is his home town in Iran. Here his brother Maz also joins him on Sitar and Oud this time, to manifest a real family affair of a composition. This is a really lively Middle Eastern piece that has a wonderful combination of fun and dance built perfectly into the weave of the piece.
We now move into the depths of the album and we find an interesting, but incredibly fluent opus entitled Traveler. Natural sounds, a distant storm and an emotive piano, all go to making up one of the most memorable and emotional pieces of the release. I have listened to this track a few times now, and I find such a well of expressive sensitivity here, one that I just know you will appreciate.
Desert Dance is exactly what it says on the can, and is not to dissimilar in style to some of the village music you will hear, here in Cyprus. Lively, exciting and thoroughly fun all the way, a perfectly placed light-hearted reverie just when it was needed.
Now for the only piece off the album that contains vocals and the composer tasks his brother (Maz) with this occasion, for those of you who are aware of the 13th century mystic and poet Rumi, then you may recollect that the lyrics come curtsey of his works. Jaan E Jaanaan is a truly respectful and gentle composition that we can collectively enjoy in peace and harmony together.
We now move and stand in front of the last portal of this musical oasis created by Kaveh Karandish, it is called Golden Dreams. I must say that this is a beautiful piece with which to end the project, the gentle sea rolling up to the shore as a golden sunset drifts slowly below the horizon, tracks like this you could listen to on repeat for hours.
Silent Whispers by Kaveh Karandish is an album of great natural beauty and skill, the work ethic and time that must have gone into this collection of songs is vast and impressive. Karandish has to be applauded for bringing into the world an album of such quality and style and I have no doubt that the listeners and fans alike will love every second of it.
Rating: Excellent
She by Peter Kater
- posted by Steve Sheppard on 4/4/2018
Classy music with acres of quality performances
There is a powerful resurgence going on within the field of what can loosely be called the New Age music industry, and its artists like Grammy award Winner Peter Kater who are leading the way, and if this album is anything to go by, he could well be heading for further accolades along the way.
Kater utilises the vocal talents of Peia Luzzi, to emphasise just what it is to be top of the tree in this modern era of contemporary music, starting with the perfect building composition in She Awaken in the Garden, with lush natural sounds and layered with supreme musical textures in a pastiche of tender musical beauty.
The artistry and splendour of truly amazing tone, continues with the deeply moving and quite beautiful, Her Flames Burns Within Him, this is utterly evocative and wonderfully haunting; Katers performance on Piano is nothing short of sublime, while the vocal talents of Luzzi are beyond anything I have ever heard before.
Tracks like Rain Speaks his Name, which will resonate with every single cell of your spirit, feature alongside the ethereal and all empowering She Whispers in Tall Grasses; they partner a simply divine composition entitled He Searches for Her in the Sea, a track that will move to the very borderlands of your deepest emotions.
Contained within this illustrious package of genius are three remixes of the first three tracks off the album, all brilliantly arranged and produced. We now finish this journey, with the track She, the deep bass sound in the distance, the mesmeric piano, one that sweetly creates a narrative that swims within the sounds of the ocean with ease, the pertinent rhythmic percussion, and the full flowing strings, ends the album in a triumphant composition of departure, one that rounds of the release with great style and panache.
She by Peter Kater is an album that is not one that will just take this genre up to the next level, it’s a release that will invent an entirely new realm of totally classy music, it is abundant with acres of quality performances and oozes a stylish character through its simply sublime arrangements. Simply put, Kater has another winner here, without a shadow of a doubt.
Rating: Excellent
Terra Incognito: The Space Between by Richard Dillon
- posted by Steve Sheppard on 4/4/2018
A veritable rainbow of musical genius
There is a pleasing movement within the New Age music genre to once more reconnection with mother Earth. Richard Dillon adds to that movement by creating a masterpiece called Terra Incognito and this 24 piece collection of tracks, are as differing in arrangement and composition, as the planet is diverse.
For me the highlight of this offering would be the voyage of musical bliss entitled Green Flash Redux, the use of ocean sounds here were perfectly placed and Dillon’s piano created a truly ambient seascape to float upon, this was also the longest piece off the release at well over seven minutes long.
While Whalesong Redux was a very clever way to begin our journey, the ingenious construction of various short form compositions throughout were as equally as clever and gave us the listener a really varied vista of musical interpretation and colour to enjoy on tracks like The Space Between, Dust Devil, the lively Ice Dancer Redux and the cheerful refrains of Color Me.
Lead Me Kindly was one of my favourite pieces and beautifully sung with such a gentle intent, and after being lulled into a peaceful refrain, we can then drift on the mysterious energies on Voyager, even by now you will see what an amazingly diverse and refreshing release this is.
Thankfully Into the Mines from Irish Mist is also included, one of my all-time favourite tracks from the artist, and as ever the excited seekers of interesting musical opportunities, you will indeed find so much within this release to both entertain you, and allow you to take a blissful journey through this vast but harmonious creation of songs. Terra Incognito by Richard Dillon is a veritable rainbow of musical genius for all to enjoy.
Rating: Excellent
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