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Time Not Forgotten by Rhonda Mackert
- posted by Dyan Garris on 5/21/2018
Time Not Forgoten
Rhonda Mackert’s fifth album release, “Time Not Forgotten,” is an absolutely exquisite collection of twelve original solo piano pieces inspired by some of her various lifetime memories.
Feeling yourself completely relax from the very first notes, this is solo piano to immerse yourself in, for sure, whether we are “Chasing Fireflies,” “Dreaming of Sedona,” or watching the “White Cliffs”[of Dover] disappear in the distance.
Rhonda, seemingly one with her piano, is a master of quintessential elegance in both timing and touch – a wonderful artist to see in concert – and “Time Not Forgotten” is forty-eight minutes of pure bliss. Uncontrived, and with a completely effortless feel to it, every song on the album is wholly memorable.
“Dancing Through My Memories,” aptly opens the album. This has a such a nice light flavor to it, yet with an artful richness and depth at the same time. Beautifully performed with ease and grace, “Walking Among Giants” expresses, perhaps, a reverence for life and the gifts of life. Track 3, is the title track, “Time not Forgotten.” Like good memories, the song sticks in our head long after it has ended. Pure, graceful elegance.
To say Rhonda paints pictures with her music is truly an understatement. We are there. It is almost impossible to choose one track as a favorite, as they are all so beautiful. I am enamored of “White Cliffs,” which is both flowing and lovely and one to return to again and again. As well, “Healing Places,” on track 9, is exceptionally beautiful and calming as one would expect special healing places to be. “Dreaming of Sedona” perfectly evokes the soulful essence of that majestic place. Track 11, “Skipping Stones,” is fine and delicate, with a melody that skips across crystal clear water to settle deeply and indelibly into our heart space. The album winds down with the perfectly gorgeous and timeless, “Free Floating,” which feels dreamy, yet grounded, and well-suited, it seems, for peaceful sleep.
Superlatively calming, the album, “Time Not Forgotten,” by Rhonda Mackert is a must have and recommended for any solo-piano lover, and anyone who wants and needs an unparalleled experience of utter serenity. You won’t forget it.

Melodic Voyage by Mark Dunn
- posted by Liliian on 5/16/2018
Voyages Around The World Inspired New Mark Dunn CD

The music is exquisite on the new album, MELODIC VOYAGE, by American pianist Mark Dunn. This is his first solo piano album following a jazz album, a world-fusion CD and Brazilian band recording. Musically and physically Dunn is not one to stay in the same place for long. His music is inspired by traveling. He has been around the world three times and has lived in Costa Rica, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), always playing music along the way. As you will hear, Dunn writes extremely melodic instrumental tunes and performs them with a flair. Two tunes were inspired by time spent in Honduras, another is named after a Brazilian dancehall, one tune is based on an old Mandarin melody, and another piece is a tribute to Dunn’s father and Irish heritage. This a trip worth taking.
Rating: Excellent
Melodic Voyage by Mark Dunn
- posted by Steve Sheppard on 5/15/2018
Travel with the artist through his music
Mark Dunn is a world traveller; he makes my sojourns into other parts of this planet miniscule by comparison, but it is this worldliness that makes this album standout from the overcrowded ranks of the solo piano genre.
So let’s take a veritable journey through sight and sound right now with the artist, we start with the capital of Honduras and called Tegucigalpa. This composition has just the perfect sense of rhythm and energy to get us firmly on our way, the music flows with a liveliness that is performed with such style and colour.
The Truth is up next and I can see why Dunn has been referenced fpr creating great melodies, here is a perfect example of an arrangement that has a sweet melody that will never leave your mind. The warmth with which Dunn plays the piano is really beautiful to listen to.
On Dunn’s Dream, one can detect a certain sense of pride and determination written in between the weave of the composition. This is quite an intricate offering and holds the essences of a Celtic background, with a reflective posture at all times.
Return To Peace is now before us, one can feel a powerful sense of loss and sadness here, but also the energy required to pull oneself from the malaise of despondency. This was one of my favourites from the album, the imploring nature of this piece and the energy to carry on, fitted my world perfectly at this moment, you just have to kick the dirt off you shoes and carry on.
We approach the half way juncture of the release and come across an arrangement that constantly grows and develops called Children’s Waltz. This is a sun kissed opus and flows with the light and freshness of a new energy so beautifully. This is also the longest composition off the album at just short of seven minutes, the narrative is fascinating here, one can literally feel and see the piece grow and expand, almost like the child in question is gaining in confidence with each second that passes.
As we balance on the fulcrum of the album, just before we descend into the latter half of the project, we come across a light hearted piece called Fool’s Dance, at barely over two minutes long Dunn creates something almost cheeky in construction, this is one of those tracks that will bring a grin to your face, for no apparent reason, other than it can.
Freedom’s Debt is a reflective opus of deep thought, we may ponder on what exactly is freedom, we may think on about what we have and others do not, we might even be grateful for those who have given their lives so we may live ours with such freedom; this is the energy of this arrangement for me, a powerful reminder, a musical moment of contemplation.
However, when you arrive at track eight, you will find the composition that holds my heart, it is one of the best slices of solo piano I have heard for years and is called Sitting. This is so powerfully emotional, but played in such a meditative and artistic style; the major and minor nature of this offering creates a piece for me that is true genius, and one that I could personally listen to on repeat for days.
There is a sunny refrain on Gafieira, one that has a soft melodic rhythm and a warming jazzy motif as well. This is another one of those tracks that will make you smile, the sort of tune you can enjoy from the table of a coffee shop whilst people watching on a warm summers afternoon.
As we now move forever deeper into the release, that sense of Celtic energy drifts across the moorlands of this next piece called The Moon Represents My Heart. This is a very heart warming and lyrical opus that will fill one with a sense of abundant love, through the adoring tones of Dunn’s piano.
Our penultimate offering is called Don’t Cry Paola, this reassuring composition will bring comfort to ease those worries and tears away. Dunn performs this piece with such a level of sincerity and sensitivity, which you cannot help but be impressed by.
We find ourselves now at the final doorway of the composition, and this parting gift is entitled It’s You. The funny thing is when I read the title, I amused myself with the thought of two people who have not met for many years, bumping into each other in the street and saying, It’s You! However I guess it is a phrase that could be used in a few ways, but this calming last offering is a nice gentle testament, to time that passes and the world that spins and who knows, we may all meet again one day, somewhere, some time.
I found Melodic Voyage by Mark Dunn a really enjoyable collection of compositions to bathe in; Dunn’s performance style is almost unique too and thoroughly agreeable to listen to. Melodic Voyage is well named, one feels like we have indeed travelled with the artist, whether it be in location or within the heart and mind. Mark Dunn is an artist in more than one sense of the word and has created an album that is so very listenable; I firmly believe that this release will appeal to all who have excellent taste in music, and not solely lovers of the solo piano genre.
Rating: Excellent
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