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A Journey for Mankind by Tom Moore
- posted by Steve Sheppard on 8/21/2019
A masterpiece to enjoy forever
You can pretty much guarantee that something special is going to be on the horizon when the team of Moore and Finzer join forces; there last few releases have been truly exceptional. It’s not often I get the opportunity to write about their music, so I am going to enjoy the moment, especially as the theme is about celebrating the moon landings of no less than 50 years ago, on a release called A Journey For Mankind.
Our first musical sojourn is entitled Dawn At The Coast, a more scenic and scene setting piece you will never find, you can be right there in the moment as the sun rises over the cape, and a crackle of expectancy hangs in the air like a ripe orange waiting to fall to the ground, a perfect hovering flute and keyboards depicting this most tranquil, yet expectant time of day.
The energy of this moment continues to increase in intensity and as we knock on the portal described as Trans-Lunar, we have another shift in energy, a percussive beat kicks in and Finzer’s flute narrates the upbeat sense of the day and the excitement of the moment. This composition would be perfect for any documentary on the subject matter, and flows with a sublime sense of exhilaration.
I was just a mere 12 years old when man took his first steps on another world, I hope to see it happen again on Mars, but think it may be unlikely. On A Song for Distant Earth, the duo gives us a musical perspective of what it’s like to look down on your own world from a perspective of being external to it. The keyboards of Moore truly create an outer worldly ethic, while Finzer’s flute is deep and moving in its manifestation of this graphic composition.
The longest offering on the album at just over seven minutes in duration is Shadow of the Moon. I remember the start of Pink Floyds “Shine on Crazy Diamond” and the beginning of this piece reminded me of that greatly, minus the guitar of course. However unlike that track, here is an offering that continues its lush sense of ambience, and actually creates an arrangement that is so powerful, as it indeed would be to actually see the moon close up. There is a wonderful sense of awe and respect that is beautifully built into this piece that I loved, and it made this composition my favourite offering off the album.
The skill of any artist is to be able to paint what they see and bring that artistic endeavour into your reality, so that you feel it, hear it and can touch it, with this next piece that is indeed possible. Blue Pearl in a Black Sky is one of those heavenly tracks, that perfectly draws a juxtaposition of the Earth and the bed of blackness it sleeps within, this offering from Moore and Finzer is a real heart felt opus of gratitude for our world, and the fragility of the life that lives upon it.
Tranquillity Base has to be one of the most ambient offerings I have ever heard from the partnership. The Sea of Tranquillity was always a place of mystery and imagination for me and for other artists who have constructed songs about this region of Luna too. Moore and Finzer on flute and keyboards somehow manage to manifest something close to perfection with this offering and once more, you could actually be right there, witnessing the glory of the moment.
Magnificent Solitude may only be just over two minutes long, but this short form arrangement has a sense of majesty about its construction, the keyboards and flute combination have a sense of perfect symbiosis here, the symphonic effect is also incredibly moving as well.
Amazing but true, it’s time to wend our wend our weary way home from the surface of the moon, we now lift off and drift back on a path home within the track Trans–Earth. There is a real sense of apprehension built in here that is riveting, are things going to go well on the take off, then a feeling of movement drops into illustrate that all is going as planned, the flute of Finzer then narrates a smooth glide path back home.
This is our last track Night Sky in Wonder, one that I can really relate to, each night during the summer I go into our pool for a swim, then lay on my back in the dark looking up at the night sky in wonder. With a style reminiscent of Deuter, Moore and Finzer manifest the perfect ending track, one that leaves us with a sense of appreciation for what we have and what we have just experienced, and one would hope a sense of gratitude for our planet too. This is simply beautiful at all levels, and a thoroughly blissful way to leave what has been a truly emotive, but awe and jaw dropping voyage of musical mastery.
A Journey for Mankind is like our time tunnel to an age when the Earths inhabitants thought outward with an open heart, rather than inwardly with a closed mind. This album rekindles that sense of awe and wonder, that freedom, excitement, and resonates sublimely with the expectations we have buried inside us all. The performances by Moore and Finzer are akin to two of the best artists in the world, painting a masterpiece for the ages, something for us to look back on, listen to and appreciate forever.
Rating: Excellent
Dawn of Love by Christopher Boscole
- posted by Steve Sheppard on 8/20/2019
Bringing the music to life!
There is always time in ones schedule to take in a menu of delightful solo piano compositions; this is exactly what we get when we press play on the new album by Christopher Boscole called Dawn of Love, a release packed with no less than 15 solo piano pieces guaranteed to add a little inspiration into your day and lighten your mood.
When I first started to listen to this new offering I was totally entranced by the opening piece, which also happens to be the title track Dawn of Love, so much so that I have now played it about 5 times. I rate this personally as being some of the finest original work created by the artist as of yet, the energy is perfect, it’s exciting and exhilarating, but also incredibly smooth and beautifully played, what a fantastic start indeed.
Within this creative manifestation of piano you will find many memories, many classics and tunes you may well remember but cannot recall why, some examples are Boscole’s rendition of Ode To Joy (Beethoven) and Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring, both my parents in their early lives were big church goers, and as a child, I remember them both from those days.
Then a shift occurs as we move to a more moody set of compositions, again ones that you will more than likely be pretty familiar with. A Time for Us (From "Romeo and Juliet") and the always adored Walking in the Air (From "The Snowman"), both classics in their own right, but here is the thing, Boscole plays them so emotionally, the song construction on both tracks are naturally set like that, but the artist adds that little extra heart and you truly feel it.
However before the preceding offering there is a composition that needs to be enjoyed and the second and final original composition by the artist is now upon us and called Simply You. I can only express this as well over six minutes of ambience personified. This piece shows Boscole at his best, and added to that, shows us what a creative composer he actually is, a track so fluent and charming, one packed with the energy of love and honesty and so beautifully played.
So back to this pathway through the woods of classics we go, and you will find nestled in a sun kissed meadow of musical magic, tracks like the very clever Amazing Daisy, which is a combination of a Hymn and Bicycle Made for Two, believe me, you really need to listen to this one a few times over to really appreciate all the little nuances within.
Just around the corner, was one of my favourites in Consolation No. 3 originally performed by Liszt. My love of classical music was based on my relationship with my father, he would have loved this and more than likely the next composition also, the full flowing and quite moving You Are Everything, which you may remember from the days of Bell and Creed, or as I do from Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye, a song I still love to this day, this is one heck of a great version.
Further into this quite breath-taking oasis of solo piano we go, and I come across one that I actually don’t recognise called To a Wild Rose; however the gentle narrative of this piece soon had me hooked into to its soothing refrain.
Now if you have never heard this piece before, just what planet have you been on? This is a total classic originally from the French composer Camille Saint-Saëns and called The Swan, I believe it is the 13th movement of the famous Carnival of Animals by the composer. Christopher Boscole, oh how you’re absolutely splendid performance has brought back a whole host of fond memories for me with this performance.
We have an extended version of Ava Maria on the album as well, this is played with such passion and intent, that is followed by one very well-known hymn indeed, entitled Angels We Have Heard on High, now what you need to do at this point is listen intently to the absolutely superb performance on piano by the artist, inventive, creative and exciting, all three apply.
The short form version of Ava Maria is played sublimely as our penultimate offering, and then we finish this marvellous voyage of musical plenty, with the last piece of the album entitled, Time To Say Goodbye, yes that’s the one, the music that makes every hair on your body stand to attention when you hear it. I would love to sing this song, I have the voice, but my grasp of the pronunciation of Italian is pretty weak, so I will just sit and listen once more to this beautiful and passionate version by Christopher Boscole.
Christopher Boscole has brought into the world 15 tracks that are incredibly uplifting and inspiring on Dawn of Love, but he has done more than that in my opinion, he has shown to me a side we all needed to see more of, his passion, his ability to manifest magic from the keys and his stylish performances that at times left me simply breathless. If you get a chance to purchase this album don’t hesitate thinking you have many of these tracks on other releases, you may have, but not like this, Boscole has not just played these compositions, he has literally brought them to life.
Rating: Excellent
Let Go by Christoph Berghorn
- posted by Lillian on 8/20/2019

Christoph Berghorn is a bright new talent out of Germany, who has created a stunning debut new age recording (Let Go) that has 22-tunes and 71-minutes of amazingly-wonderful music featuring piano and lots of saxophone plus occasional synth, cello, flute, acoustic guitar, flugelhorn, harp, percussion and drums. While a great composer and keyboardist, his most amazing talent is as an arranger. His co-producer Clemens Paskert has produced other top new age acts (Uwe Gronau, Luna Blanca). Between them they have created a well-produced, excellently-arranged and highly-melodic album that has wonderful combinations of instrumentation such as piano with sax, or piano with cello, or piano and oboe. This is lovely instrumental music with a depth of feeling that reaches into the listener’s soul.
Rating: Excellent
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