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Vision Quest by Bearheart Kokopelli
- posted by Dyan Garris on 9/5/2019
Vision Quest Album Review
"Flute and guitar are braided beautifully together here to form a heartfelt heaven on Earth."
A vision quest is a “hero’s journey” of sorts; a rite-of-passage in Native American/indigenous cultures. Essentially, it is a contemplative spiritual seeking of an alignment or re-alignment of one’s mind, body, and soul, as well as a reconnection with nature, the ancients, and Creator.

“Vision Quest,” the album, is the second studio album by Native American Music Award-winning flutist Bearheart Kokopelli. Guest artist on the album, contributing his stellar guitar performances, is Harald Peterstorfer, an accomplished musician and guitarist. Flute and guitar are braided beautifully together here to form a heartfelt heaven on Earth throughout the entire album.

The quest begins with the outstanding “Can You Tell Me.” A poignant, haunting flute melody calls us provocatively to the journey. An interwoven drumbeat underneath sets us steadily on the course forward. The beautiful guitar, somewhat reminiscent of “Stairway to Heaven,” adds to the wonderful and dreamy feel. The song builds passionately, and at just over six minutes, it’s a perfect genesis to the journey.

Following is “Talking to the Ancestors.” We feel like we are high on a bluff, overlooking eternity, and connecting with all that is, all that was, and all that will ever be. Our vision is that much clearer as we move along.

“Follow The Sun” has a distinct sacred feel to it. This is amazingly beautiful, bringing deep peace to the soul. As well, this feels extremely healing, not just on a personal level, but on a global level as well. I so love this one.

On any journey, we always arrive at some type of crossroads. In “Crossing The River” we are standing at that junction. There is a duality here that is beautifully and effectively expressed by both flute and guitar. Should I stay or should I go? Stay awhile and then know that it is safe to go. Just go forth.

After this, we encounter the awesome “Mojave Sundown.” This is gorgeous, sumptuous, sweet, and so peaceful. It’s hard to describe. It’s something you feel deep in your soul.

Have you ever walked a labyrinth? Ever embarked on a real vision quest? The tranquil “Walking the Sacred Path” speaks to everything you feel on that walk. Overtone singing blends in nicely here and the tones allow for chakra opening and alignment in bigger ways.

Love the guitar and flute together on “Canyon Sunset.” This is a call to a deeper knowing and we are one with the soft sunset colors. Love this. It’s exquisite.

Showcasing versatility and immense talent, “Desert Blues” is wonderful and bluesy with flute and guitar doing their thing and doing it well. This is great.

Title track, “Vision Quest,” is ultra-relaxing and soothing to the soul. A haunting flute melody intertwines well with Harald’s guitar performance. The vibe here feels like a person receiving answers to their quest.

The gorgeous “Medicine Song” is an easy favorite. Flowing and very melodic, this is truly medicine for the soul. Very nice.

The album culminates with the very enjoyable “Can You Tell Me Now.” Intertwined drumbeat, enchanting flute, and splendid guitar make this song quite engaging. We return from the vision quest with wisdom and knowledge that will stand us in good stead for the next part of our journey.

“Vision Quest” by Bearheart Kokopelli is his finest work yet, and we look forward to hearing more.

“Vision Quest” is available everywhere music is streamed and downloaded.
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Rating: Excellent
Vision Quest by Bearheart Kokopelli
- posted by Steve Sheppard on 9/4/2019
One of the best Native American styled albums
Much can be said about Bearheart Kokopelli’s subtle mastery of the flute and on this brand new offering “Vision Quest” we have probably the artists best work to date. Using the guitar talents of the very classy Harald Peterstorfer, the musician has manifested a work of art that is utterly beautiful with every note played.
Our musical sojourn takes place within the comforting arms of an outstanding opening piece called Can You Tell Me, at times emotive, at times moving, but always passionate and colourful. You can usually get a feel for an album after hearing the basis of composition from the first track, and if this is the case, then this is an album that is going to be breath taking, and it is.
Talking to the Ancestors is up next a piece that embodies everything that I would like to do one day with my guitar and my wife’s flute. The performance is rich in texture and incredibly fluent as well, the mournful reflective guitar is matched with such perfection and charming narrative on flute. The slight energy increase in the latter half of this arrangement was noticeable, but beautifully done and strangely enough reminded me of some of the more acoustic work of Led Zeppelin, on a Stairway to Heaven perhaps.
On Follow the Sun we have a slightly different offering, one that has a little mystical sense about its construction. This magical composition sparkled with the brightness of a warm summer’s day, and at times the flute of the artist reminded me of the imploring nature of the UK’s leading flute performer Nigel Shaw. Peterstorfer eloquent performance added such a layer of smoothness and quality to the piece, and Kokopelli’s delicate nature brought us a true stand out composition indeed.
I adore compositions about rivers and here we are, about to walk over the musical bridge and sit on the banks of one as we listen to Crossing the River. The song has a built in sense of slow movement, as if we are there, watching the life giving water flow under our bridge of tone and timbre. This is a clever piece, beautifully played and arranged with some quite complex moments of musical mastery on both flute and guitar to enjoy.
It wasn’t until I played Mojave Sundown, that I realised just how crafting an artist Kokopelli actually is, his tenderness on this track is to be honest, stunning. One can picture in the mind’s eye a sunset with ease, we’re literally there to watch the artist paint a lush and colourful canvas of calmness and tranquillity, this is one of the warmest offerings on the album, and one that will no doubt be played many times over, as we watch yet another loving sunset.
We are at the half way juncture now and I have realised just what a wonderfully beautiful experience I am having; that would continue with the longest offering of the album called Walking the Sacred Path, something I think I have done for a few years now, as we walk, we create our own energetic footprint. The harmony with which the artist and Peterstorfer manifest this piece is truly a halcyon moment of musical genius. A slight native chant can be heard in the distance and the deft and delicate heartbeat of a drum can be heard on the musical horizon, this is a legendary offering indeed.
The cry of the flute can now be heard echoing through and over the mountains as we watch a Canyon Sunset, something I would love to do one day. Peterstorfer and his guitar now join Kokopelli as the piece seems to create its own reality. For me this track felt like a celebration of life, the happiness when one realises just how wealthy and rich they are, when their gifts are as simple as a new sunrise and a glorious sunset, a wonderful example of symbiosis in musical partnership can be found here also.
There is a powerful eastern element in this next piece that is balanced by a clever western styled performance on guitar that manifests another really clever opus of music. We seemed to cross a few genres here as well; one could feel the blues and a hint of Jazz too. Desert Blues is one of those pieces that you just fall in love with and find yourself whistling around the home randomly, a fun offering, but also one that is quite ambient in its own way as well.
I’m rubbing my hands with glee as the title tracks start to play, this is always a special moment for me, this is the ultimate canvas on which the artist has created the overall narrative of the album on. Vision Quest, a delightful eight minute plus opus, a musical vision so grand and complex, but a composition incredibly well performed by two artists who clearly are in touch with their muses. This arrangement offers up a meditative creation of bliss, one that leaves such a positive footprint of skilful mastery, within the minds eye of us always ever eager listeners.
The penultimate track off the album is the light and heartfelt piece Medicine Song. Bearheart Kokopelli is at his best in creating one of the sweetest melodies off the album. The soothing guitar creates the backdrop for Kokopelli’s sublime moment of stylish manifestation and leaves us with such a wonderful emotional energy of happiness at its conclusion, I could see with ease this composition being released as a single, I am sure it would be a big hit.
We finish now with a return to the opening title, almost, in Can You Tell Me Now. This is almost like summing up the feelings and all the emotions that have gone into making this release possible, a sense of fulfilment and accomplishment can be heard in this last truly beautiful offering.
Vision Quest by Bearheart Kokopelli is in my view his best work by far, the artist has really created something so good here that I hope it will go down as a land mark album for all time to come. I never wanted this journey to end and I hope you won’t either. Vision Quest by Bearheart Kokopelli has to be one of the best Native American styled flute and guitar based albums I have ever heard, and I urge you to make this part of your collection as well, your soul will love you for it.
Rating: Excellent
Compassion by Sangeeta Kaur
- posted by Steve Sheppard on 9/3/2019
A masterpiece created with love
There is a time when an album comes into your life just when you need it most, music will fall from the sky like summer rain, covering you with warmth and a calmness of Compassion, and this is exactly what we are about to experience, with one of the most amazing albums I have heard within the vocal based realms of our new age industry.
Sangeeta Kaur’s album Compassion starts at the best place possible with a wonderfully exciting and thoroughly exhilarating rendition of Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha, the mantra from Green Tara, to help us overcome physical, mental and emotional blockages. I am now on my 5th consecutive listen and each time I do so I become even more emotional, the back drop of the enthral choir and Kaur’s consistent heart felt vocals of this mantra, have brought me as close as to what I would personally call, a spiritual moment of significance.
I have decided to really take my time with this album, as I recommend you do, it’s far too good to hurry, it’s far better to align yourself with it, and just be at one with the love that exudes from it. I would like to offer up a quote from this next song called Rise Up.
“Look deep within your heart,
Let’s make a brand new start,
Keep your head high,
It will be alright”

This is an anthem for the world, symphonically majestic, sublime with its emotional touch, and a message to every single person on this so fearful planet!
Transcendence is a really nice place to be at this moment on the album, it’s a soft and soothing musical narrative with a beautiful backdrop of vocalisations and one heck of a moving violin segment. This song itself is transcendent and it shines in its excellence with a radiating and illuminating light of love, like a beacon across a frozen lake, brings hope and harmony as it comes and goes.
The very opening of May the Long Time Sun took me back in time to the early 70’s and the ever repeating mantra of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells. The string section and vocals that would follow are some of the most empowering you’re likely to hear. The song was originally released by Mike Heron of the Incredible String Band back in 1968 and Kaur has taken that, brought it into the modern arena and manifested something truly special indeed.
I was delighted to see the name Danae Vlasse come into my view on this next offering called Song of Compassion, I have a lot of respect for her as a musician and her music, and here with Sangeeta Kaur we are gifted one of the most pristine and most moving songs you’re likely to hear. At times the tones within this piece are utterly unequalled to anything you may have heard before, in part choral, a touch of opera, but vocally transcendent and heavenly to listen to. Listening to an arrangement of work like this makes you feel truly glad that you have been given this human journey to be able to experience a moment of musical magic that is never likely to be repeated.
Om Vajra Sattva Hum and again, right time, right piece of music; I needed this one right now, the mantra of the Bodhisattva, Vajrasattva in Tibetan Buddhism as it purifies body, speech and mind. This also happens to be the longest offering on the album, the intensity and percussion work, partnered with the choir, are in perfect alignment with Kaur’s vocals, bringing us something truly healing and fluent, the male voices within this track I must also add, gave the composition great balance as well.
A statement that is a mantra of mine for years now is up next and called We Are One. This anthem should be the rising call of all who wish for peace on our world. Here Kaur’s vocals are sublime, smooth, yet incredibly powerful as well. The percussion is incredibly inventive and the eventual explosion at just over the half way juncture brought us a moment of magical musical empowerment in a Lord of the Rings film score style.
Se Re Sa Sa is up now, this reminds me of our experience with Kundalini Yoga a few months back in Limassol. That experience was utterly life changing, as is this piece; the mantra, which I may add is beautifully performed by the artist, allows better connections to be made with communications and will also raise a better understanding of peace within oneself as well. The chimes were perfectly placed and the back drop of the choir gave the whole track a truly ethereal feel, while Sangeeta Kaur weaved her magic vocals through this mantra, strings paved the way for the emotions to flow in a blissful river of harmony.
Now I happen to know this is my wife’s favourite piece off the album and called Voices and Crystals, something she is both excellent herself at combining and working with. This is the penultimate track off the album and one that instantly wants me to reach for my singing bowls as well. Here Kaur teams up with Hila Plitmann and in doing so brings us an amazingly breath taking spiritual moment of musical ecstasy. The two simply allow their vocals to work with each other’s energy, and the resulting track is the most ambient piece off the album without doubt, it is certainly the most inventive and probably the most addictive as well.
The last dimension of our musical reality has been reached and the album concludes with the offering Voices of Compassion (Chorus Medley). Here we have a really clever idea, a piece that offers all the highlights from the talents of the Hungarian Studio Choir, the choral melodies run free in this final piece, and what a shining way to end the album indeed.
As the last few notes drifted away in my ears, I sat and pondered, had I just listened to the best album in this genre I have ever heard, something tells me this may well be true. Compassion by Sangeeta Kaur is a masterpiece of a work, given all the fine treatment of a production, with string ensembles, choral work, Buddhist mantras and songs of peace and unconditional love, it really doesn’t get any better than this, and the question therefore is, would I recommend this release? Well I don’t think there is an album I would recommend more, everyone should feel, hear and enjoy the utter beauty of this release as soon as possiible, so why not do it now.
Rating: Excellent
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