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Songs of Hope by David Wells
- posted by Steve Sheppard on 6/30/2017
Sparkles and flows with an ecstatic energy
The smooth tones of a David Wells piano album is calming my mind this beautiful sunny morning and Songs of Hope is a bright and light filled collection of compositions that would lift anyone’s day.
Selah starts us off on yet another beautiful journey through music and a real shining star of a composition can be found on this opener. The flow of this powerful and firm composition is quite breath-taking to listen to.
On Summers End we have a wonderfully crafted arrangement that has a real early September feel to it, that moment when the sun no longer feels so warm and a sense of autumn drifts in the air. The performance here was one of my favourites from the album. Wells paints musically with great colour and clarity, but there is a stunning sense of warmth here that is also carefully underpinned with an essence of change as well.
The perfect track to follow the preceding one is up next and called Falling Leaves. The gentle but very fluent start gives us a really clear image of a mid-October day and leaves being blown to and fro in the wind. This track has an amazing sense of energy and movement about it, and the alternation between light and dark creates a wonderful musical narrative for us to all enjoy.
From summer, to autumn we now find ourselves firmly in the land of winter, the ice cold tendrils of a January day are all around us. Wells plays with a passion warm enough to melt the ice on any winter’s afternoon, but the stream and intent here is almost magical. Again this composition is another that I would class as a personal favourite, the performance here by the artist is simply stunning and at times emotional, but also inspiring. Winter’s Chill is one of those pieces that you would love to hear and see played live.
Now at the mid-way point our sun has slowly departed from its day’s work and as each star brightens the darkening sky and we can listen to Nocturne. At well over 5 minutes, this is also the longest track off the release, one that gives us all time to reflect on the day, whilst enjoying the night wrap its comforting cloak around us. The composition itself is also quite fascinating and changes tempo and energy as it explores the movements and memories of the day just lived, it is almost like you are reviewing that moment through the tones of this extremely classy song.
We can all count our many Blessings and David Wells has created a track to recognise that, there is something very familiar about the melody, but the lightness of style and free flowing nature of the artist’s performance on this piece makes it blissful to bathe within.
As we move deeper into this musical reality created by David Wells we have a really clever track called Hands of Time. Like time, there is a relentless sense about this arrangement, but this is one of those pieces that you will really need to listen to very carefully, as you may well miss a few familiar nuances if you don’t. Hands of Time also has a little cinematic quality about its creation as well; it’s definitely one that you will go back to time and time again!
Interestingly enough we still have a few more moments on the clock to explore within the next offering called Time Away. Although through this composition we seem to have found a little sanctuary away from the tick and tock of the clock, Well’s confident and creative arrangement brings a little crack of warm light into the dusty room of father times aged residence.
The empowering Hymn of Peace and Joy is up next, however Well’s has and uses an amazing and refreshing methodology of performance here, the song almost seems to create itself within its own inspiring patterns and uplifting tones. If you were expecting to be bathed in solemnity, you may have forgotten the joy part, a very unique and restorative track indeed.
We now arrive at the last gateway of the release, but before we leave this journey with David Wells and Songs of Hope, the musician would like to gift us one more piece to go on our way with and it is entitled Travelling Light. Wells performs another barnstorming offering here, but also balances the piece out with some delightful calming segments in the track, the perfect climax to our musical sojourn.
Songs of Hope by David Wells sparkles and flows with an ecstatic energy that is hard to deny, the passion in performance is unrivaled with its stunning confidence and professionalism and I am totally convinced that fans of the solo piano genre will find this album pretty hard to put down.
Rating: Excellent
Stardust by Kerani
- posted by Gena on 6/28/2017

With her fifth album, European keyboardist, composer and arranger Kerani proves again she is one of the top new age and neo-classical artists in the world. Using her piano and synthesizers in conjunction with an array of orchestral instruments played by accomplished European musicians, Kerani creates musical storytelling. On her new album STARDUST, in addition to string and horn players, a guitarist, a drummer and a percussionist, she occasionally utilizes an orchestra and a vocal ensemble (more than 60 musicians total). Kerani also sings on “Stars (remix).”

“The overall message of my Stardust album is to make people aware about the wonders of
our planet, the mysteries of the universe, and the miracle of earth’s ideal position in the
Milky Way, which enables life,” explains Kerani. This music was inspired by early space exploration, new technologies and the wonders of the cosmos (from the tiniest “Stardust” to broad-concept “Worlds Unknown” and “Infinity”). On a composition such as “Cosmic Sunrise,” Kerani utilizes a wide array of instrumentation including piano, violin, horns, vocals and electric guitar. As usual, Kerani has crafted a superb collection of memorable melodies presented within stunning arrangements.
Rating: Excellent
Nightfall London by Rick Sparks
- posted by Lillian on 6/28/2017
Rick Sparks Specializes In Soft, Gentle Music

New age pianist and ace strings arranger Rick Sparks is back with his fourth album, NIGHTFALL LONDON, following up his ENDLESS album which went Top 10 on the prestigious international Zone Music Reporter Top 100 Chart that specifically monitors new age music. Sparks colors his piano music with the sounds of synth and electronic keyboards, string sections, flutes, chimes, choirs and individual stringed instruments such as violin. This is exquisite, melodic, soft, gentle music. Besides his expertise as a musician, Sparks also is a longtime radio programmer and a college professor. As the album title indicates, the music on this recording was generally inspired and influenced by England (with brief nods also to Scotland and Japan). The music is ideal for relaxing after a hard day of work, or as a backdrop for social adventures with a partner or a small group of friends.
Rating: Excellent
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