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Timeless by Mikuskovics Baum
- posted by Steve Sheppard on 5/23/2019
A fully enjoyable musical experience
Mikuskovics Baum have created a real treat for us with the release of this album right on the winter solstice, and called Timeless. There is another first here as well; this is the first album I have ever heard a Jewish Harp played on and remarkably well too I may add.
So let’s start of on this new journey of peaceful vibes with the longest piece off the release called Timeless Zenith, at just over the 11 minute mark this track gives us the perfect opportunity to get into the mood of the entire album. The Harp is sublime here and a true emotional vibe literally pours from its strings, kudos to Georg Baum, while the flute of Bernhard Mikuskovics has such an imploring tone, one that literally demands to be listened to and enjoyed.
We now move to Intuition Element. The sound bowl here is beautiful, I am lucky enough to have a couple here as well and they always create a nice resonance. There is a delightful progression in this offering that is so pleasing to listen to, the addition of a Celtic harp adds a luscious texture to the overall nature of the piece. This offering would be best listened to frequently, if for no other reason than to pick up all the little nuances inside, like the over tone singing for example, a very fine and incredibly created composition indeed.
The aforementioned Jews Harp is included on this next piece called Mirror Ideal, while Baum performs his usual magic on harp, Mikuskovics brings to the musical table a sublime performance on flutes, namely the Quenacho and Fujara, this is an arrangement that is so very listenable, the melody is one of those that will literally stick in your head all day long.
The pleasure here is that most of the tracks on this album are of a medium form length, over 6 minutes but under 10, this gives us the listener plenty of time to walk among the tones of excellence provided by the duo, one of these moments is this offering which I adored, Emotion Trance. A moody and reflective offering indeed, Baum manifests his classy brilliance on a harp that really tugs at the heart strings, while Mikuskovics pushes that emotive quality to the next level with sublime performances on Native American Flute, Khomus, Horn Pipe and Ocarina, now this is what you call multi instrumental genius at its very best.
The strange thing is I keep thinking I have found my favourite track and when I do so, the very next piece jumps into its place. Life Land is amazing, the tone and mood is set superbly from the off, a sound bowl creates all the energy we need. Baum’s performance on harp here is light and colourful and his fluent and impressive showing here is so very smooth. The enjoyment I obtained from listening to the flute of Mikuskovics reminded me of the early work of UK flute performer Nigel Shaw, in what in my opinion was the lightest offering off the album.
I can gaze out of my window now and look upon the lapis blue of the sea, a winter storm rolls across its horizons, this next offering is absolutely perfect for my midday musings and called Endless Ozean. Here the duo keep it simple and form a symbiotic partnership between the harp and native flute that is so very calming to listen to. I wish I could include the roaring of the thunder that is above me into this piece, it works so well from my reality, but this for me has to be the most attractive sense of musical ambience I have heard for quite some time, simply and delightfully beautiful.
Amazingly we have arrived at the very last portal of this dimension marked as Timeless by Mikuskovics Baum and called Same Source See. After listening to this I couldn’t think of a better way to leave this album than with a track of this quality, one that includes the multi instrumentational armoury of Khomus, Quenacho, Mojave Flute, Sruti Box, and Parmupill. Add to that a timeless performance on harp from Baum and you find a piece that is so very pleasing to the ears, heart and soul.
Timeless by Mikuskovics Baum filled me with a sense of happiness, I realised that with albums of this supreme quality, means the new age music industry is indeed in safe hands. The multi instrumental performances, the smoothness of style and production created for me an extremely enjoyable musical experience, one I know you will have as well, this is new age music at its very best.
Rating: Excellent
The Light Within by Juliet Lyons
- posted by Steve Sheppard on 5/23/2019
A rare panacea of musical delight and bliss
There are occasions when you are working away at something and from the far reaches of the room you hear something quite amazing, so much so that you stop what you’re doing and ask just “what it is that I am listening to?” This is exactly what happened to me the other day, when I heard my wife listening to The Light Within by Juliet Lyons and now here I am reviewing the album, how lucky I am?
This beautiful sojourn within music starts with the first track entitled Lokah Samastah; this piece features the talents of Rupesh Menon and is a beautifully fluent and uplifting offering that is simply the perfect way to start an album of this style and content.
I have heard it said that listening to Lyons is like listening to the angels calling across the great galactic divide, this would appear to be so, especially when you literally bathe in this next piece called Om Shanti. Of course a very well-known song in new age circles, but this is one that stands out, not only for its multi-instrumental nature, but the sublime class of Juliet Lyons amazing vocal range and harmonic sensitivities.
At nearly seven and a half minutes Flow is the longest offering off the album and gives us, an opportunity to just be, to relax totally in a pool of harmonic bliss. Those gentle but rhythmic Tabla’s drive the journey and the Sitar creates such a sublime sense of oneness all around us. The floating nature of the track and the choral brilliance of Lyons, created for me my personal favourite track off the album, so just, flow!
From flow, to Calm, now here we have something fresh, new and exciting, the lyrics are quite emotive and reminds me of my past, when my wife would say to me, just breath, its ok, be calm. I think personally this should be released as a single, I am pretty certain it would be a massive hit. The vocals are so touching and beautifully delivered that it truly moves the soul; the percussive beat is modern and incredibly crisp, again another favourite of mine.
The piano leads us into a really gentle instrumental offering now called Dawning Equilibrium. The delicacy of this piece is pure tranquillity on a bed of freshly grown serenity. The soothing tones of this multi-instrumental composition is indeed perfectly balanced in all ways, and leaves the listener with a sense of emotional bliss, one that raises the energies as it goes but always retaining that much needed equilibrium.
I had been looking forward to this track, it reminds me of that time of day in the very early hours of the morning, just as the sunrises and humanity is still largely sleep, and it’s called Stillness. Juliet Lyons has a voice that seems to caress your senses with the ease of a white dove taking flight. The serene dimension that this piece manifests is well worth spending a lot of time in; I also have to mention the strings within this offering, as they are so very endearing to the musical palette.
As we move forever onward into this new realm of angelic music, we come across a composition called Eternal Now. Note first the foundations created by the dreamy keyboards, and then a subtle acoustic guitar joins the amazing Ron Korb on flute for a simply breath-taking opus of sound. The mantra is the now, something each and every day I align myself with, after all what else is there other than this eternal now? The balance and positivity of this song is an anthem for us all.
One of the most fascinating songs off the album for me personally is called Heal You; it reminds me of a band I use to adore in the early part of this century called Kin Za Za. The production on this track is so addictive and beautifully layered, and another that could possibly be labelled as potential single material. Allow the music to heal you, this is a musical opportunity to simply bliss out and enjoy a moment of tranquil vocals by the artist.
It’s quite incredible to think, but it’s true, we are at the penultimate piece off the release and this final but one offering is a gift called The Light Within. The tone of this song is perfection; I could drift away with ease to it. I also found something quite healing about this piece as well; however that was more than likely due to the incredibly well-crafted build, construction and progression of the composition, one that is a real stand out piece among many, another anthem perhaps?
We reach that final shoreline of musical mastery and as we do so Juliet Lyons presents us with one more song to take along on our way, it is quite simply called Shine. The messages in all you do, with each breath you take are just shine. The performance by Lyons is both meaningful and sung with an honest intent and an open heart. This has to be simply the best way to leave an album of this nature, one that will leave the listener filled with both love and joy.
The Light Within by Juliet Lyons is a revelation and a real shot in the arm for the vocal wing of the new age genre, something that had been needed for quite some time. Lyons floating, but pristine vocals are a treasure to listen to, especially as the artist creates an all-encompassing collection of great compositions that we can all relate to and get something from. The Light Within by Juliet Lyons is one of those rare panaceas of musical delight and bliss.
Rating: Excellent
In the Soft Light of Grace by David Nevue
- posted by R J Lannan, Artisan Music Reviews on 5/22/2019
in the soft light of grace
David Nevue
in the soft light of grace

I have known about solo pianist David Nevue’s music for more than fifteen years. As a matter of fact, he was the first New Age artist I ever saw in a live performance. I have been a fan ever since. As time passed we have both changed, but this is about him. David’s music has artistically metamorphosed from simple, dreamy and hopeful tracks into deep seated and faith based melodies that touch one’s heart on so many levels. And it can only get better from here. In the soft light of grace is David’s sixteenth album. It contains Thirteen tracks of contemporary solo piano musings and faith influenced tracks. The music is soft, calming and compelling. There is a new depth and innate beauty to this music. You can hear emotions and colors, stories and Divine inspiration.
Walking in Trust is a song of confidence. Confidence in the belief that you surrender voluntary and without doubts. And it is that confidence that makes you stronger. That allows you to do what needs to be done because your accomplishments are sanctioned by something greater that yourself. A few notes, as in a few small steps, opens the tune. But in the end we hear the whole journey.
The title tune, in the soft light of grace is the next track and a favorite. It begins tentatively, as if one is trying out the sound to see what will happen. Fortunately the melody comes together into a reverie of reverence and a picture of peaceful contemplation. If one could have a quiet celebration, then this would be perfect. The Christian concept of grace is mysterious and fleeting at times. Perhaps it is the tacit approval of one’s choices by an unseen God that is everywhere.
I liked the track title of the next tune, The Wind Blows Where It Wishes. It quite poetic and yet, there is a broodiness to the song that makes it perfect for this inclement spring day. The gray sky subdues the light. Trees sway and bend. Birds hide from the gusty meanderings. Last autumn’s remaining leaves skitter across the ground. David’s music wanders in our minds like that wind, taking things away, and bringing new things in.
Out of Pain, Comes Beauty has a melancholy air about it. A sweet sadness so to speak. David’s tune is, if anything, pensive from his sparing use of notes. Still the theme resonates deep within one’s soul. Not all pain is physical. There is anguish of the heart that tears and rends like unseen teeth and claws. Sometimes the healing takes what seems like forever. But one day, there is it and it is a thing of beauty. Goodbye to the pain.
Of late, David has been taking long walks in the forest. Perhaps Where the Water Flows is the results of that exploration. In his music you can hear the water coursing. You can imagine the ripple of sunlight on water and the steady movement. What you can’t see is the way water changes everything it touches. Land, rocks, and beach are eroded. And in the end, water makes its own course.
Even on the coldest day, the sun tells us we are alive. And even on the darkest night, the stars tell us we have hope. Luminous is Nevue’s musical poem to the power of light. Oh, and there is one more source, the light that comes from within. It burns brighter that any star and it is fueled by faith. The melody is soft and evocative. If there truly is light in music, then this tune glows.
David Nevue is an award winning pianist and composer who makes his home in Eugene, Oregon. He is also a father, a husband, an author and a producer. He wears many hats, but his most comfortable one is probably true believer. His strong connection with faith and family has generated a lot of wondrous music. in the soft light of grace is the culmination of the gifts he has received over the years. Highly recommended. – R J Lannan, Artisan Music Reviews
Rating: Excellent
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