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Tres: Best of Paz del Castillo by Paz del Castillo
- posted by Gena on 1/8/2019

PAZ DEL CASTILLO is one of the top pianists and modern-classical composers in all of Spain, and her recent albums have spread her exceptional music worldwide. Now she sums up her career so far with her latest album TRES: BEST OF PAZ DEL CASTILLO. But this is more than just a Best Of compilation. Yes, it does have eight of the best tracks from her studio albums over the past few years, but it also has three new tunes never before on an album, plus two pieces from her first album which was primarily heard just in Spain. This means a big chunk of this album is new to the world. Five of the original compositions originally appeared on her NOW album which was a Top 5 recording on the main international chart for gentle contemporary instrumental music (the Zone Music Reporter Top 100 Chart). Whether playing soft or forcefully, del Castillo has an immediate appeal with that certain something that is the mark of a truly original and great pianist. Simply sensational.
Rating: Excellent
Small Treasures by Kerani
- posted by Lillian on 1/8/2019


Kerani -- whose last album, STARDUST, went to #1 on the prestigious international Top 100 Zone Music Reporter Chart for contemporary instrumental music -- returns with her most personal collection of original material, SMALL TREASURES. This new recording features more of her piano performance than ever before, and was inspired by poetry, history, ancestry, dreams and fantasies. This almost-completely-acoustic album has her piano backed with a real string quartet plus a variety of top flutists and the occasional solo violin or acoustic guitar or wordless vocalization. This is her sixth album. Based in The Netherlands, Kerani in recent years has become recognized globally as one of the top composers, arrangers and performers in the genres of new age and neo-classical. This is absolutely gorgeous music, extremely melodic, with stunning arrangements.
Rating: Excellent
SINDHU by Caro Pampillo
- posted by R J Lannan on 1/3/2019
Aqua Pura
Caro Pampillo
Aqua Pura
Water is the life giver, the nourisher, the source of many of our beliefs. The theme for musician Caro Pampillo’s new album is water. Sindhu is the Sanskrit word that can mean ocean, river, and rain. All varieties of water. Pampillo’s eight mantra album offers up humble and loving prayers to Water. From actress to musician Caro Pampillo believes that water plays an essential part not only in her life, but in all life. Caro wrote the music for the album as well as co-producing it. The music is a blend of New Age and World genres with a few others making an appearance. Overall the compositions are smooth and at the same time energetic. Hidden in there are some loves song, but more about that later. Joining Pampillo on Sindhu are Mario Siperman, Lucas Villemur, Christian Tomas, Javier Pomposiello, Gabriel Roca, Diego Gago, Dave Norwood, and Gary “Dov” Gertzweig.
Om Namah Shivaya begins with a deep breath, a single note, and a bell in the background. Pampillo’s sweet voice sings this mantra in a soft and gentle manner, but you can feel her restrained exuberance in the song. It is as if she wants to burst forth with her strong belief at any second. As in most of the songs, there is an overall message of peace.
The greeting of peace and calm are matched with the sound of the known universe in the song Om Shanti. Keyboard, guitar, and quiet percussion join in a warm entreaty. One of my favorites on Sindhu is called I Shin Den Shin. It is completely understandable that we take great ideas from one place and use them in others. The words actually come from an old Chinese proverb, used by Japanese culture, and they are handed to us like a gift. It means “To speak by heart to heart” or “to speak to mind, from mind.” In other words, to speak without actually using words. Pampillo’s song is a tender message of acknowledgment from one soul to another.
Om Mani Padme Om is a love song. I can hear Caro’s love of her Gods and for her world. There is a deep, sensual element in the song that is translated as love for all. With the wind blowing, the voices rise into the heavens in the song Gate Heart Mantra. The gate in this instance is to your heart. All you need do is open it and the world will coming flowing to you. Understanding will come into your heart. This is another gentle song with Caro’s compassionate voice and her dreamy music. OM has purring in it. What I think is the purring of a cat and the toll of a single bell opens the tune OM. The music is quite dramatic. The intro builds, the echoing vocal commences, and with the violin, swirls in and out of the music. This is an ambient tune full of drifting sounds, breathy whispers, and sensual hums.
Signos de Amar or Signs of Love is sung both in English and Spanish, Pampillo’s lingua maternal. It is a dynamic song with a lot of rises in the vocal and Caro does a fine job. Love is definitely all around us according to Caro’s dynamic ballad. And so is water. We are water. We need water. We worship water. But I understand from Caro Pampillo’s album that love flows like water. Caro’s voice is light and sincere in every cut. I liked the album and I look forward to hearing more from this artist and learning more about her ideals.
Rating: Very Good +
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