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Broadcaster:    KTEP
Show:    Audiosyncracy Podcast
Date:    10/18/2010
Host:    Jamey Osborne
Theme:    Happy birthday, Heath!
Notes:    The podcast can be downloaded from iTunes or any other podcast directory. All music played is with the written consent of the artist. Inquiries welcome!
Helen Jane Long - Embers [BLE Music Records ] 2010Luna Blanca - Provence [confido 170510] 2010
Helen Jane Long - Embers - Embers [BLE Music Records ] 2010
Luna Blanca - Crème Brûlée - Provence [confido 170510] 2010 Label 00491712693864 Artist
Heath Vercher - Te Deseo - Whimsy [Self Released ] 2010
Luna Blanca
Amy Lauren - August [A.L. Productions ] 2010David Clavijo - The Landing (Special Edition) [Self Released DC-2010-01]
Amy Lauren - Sunset Serene - August [A.L. Productions ] 2010 Artist
David Clavijo - Sailing in my Dreams - The Landing (Special Edition) [Self Released DC-2010-01]
Jace Vëk - Gaia - Unearthed: The Lost Songs of Jace Vek [Self Released ] 2010 Artist
Jace Vëk
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