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Broadcaster:    KTEP
Show:    Audiosyncracy Podcast
Date:    5/26/2010
Host:    Jamey Osborne
Theme:    Episode 51: Music for a road trip
Notes:    To subscribe to the Audiosyncracy podcast, search the iTunes music store or wherever podcasts are found. More information, and submission details are at All music played with the consent of the artist.
Jamie Bonk - A Perfect Tomorrow [Bonk Prod. ] Jeff Oster - Released [Retso Records RR11002] 2006
Jamie Bonk - Tofino - A Perfect Tomorrow [Bonk Prod. ] Artist
Jeff Oster - Behind The Veil - Released [Retso Records RR11002] 2006 Artist
Jamie BonkJeff Oster
Stephen Peppos - Vertigo [Sonic Bear Music ] 2008Ottmar Liebert - One Guitar [SSRI (Spiral Subwave Records International) SSRI 902008] 2006Chris Nole - Songs of the Wide Horizon [Moulin D'or ]
Stephen Peppos - Vertigo - Vertigo [Sonic Bear Music ] 2008 Label 615-480-5886 Artist
Ottmar Liebert - This Spring Release 10,000 Butterflies - One Guitar [SSRI (Spiral Subwave Records International) SSRI 902008] 2006
Chris Nole - Far And Wide - Songs of the Wide Horizon [Moulin D'or ] Label 800-835-4415 Artist
Stephen PepposOttmar LiebertChris Nole
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