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Broadcaster:    KTEP
Show:    Audiosyncracy Podcast
Date:    11/18/2009
Host:    Jamey Osborne
Theme:    Episode 48
Notes:    The Audiosyncracy podcast features artists who give me permission to play their work in that form. For info, send inquiries to the email address listed in the show profile. To listen, search for the podcast in iTunes or other podcast directories. On mobile phones, use
Soundician - L.S [Soundician SND07] 2009Heath Vercher - Rise [Self Released ] 2009
Jamie Bonk - Summer in the Round - St. Joseph's St. (EP) [Self Released ] 2009 Artist
Soundician - Pennies - L.S [Soundician SND07] 2009 Label Artist
Heath Vercher - The Climb - Rise [Self Released ] 2009
Jamie BonkSoundician
Eddie Konczal - Edification [Self Released ] Eric Roberts - My Brazilian Heart (EP) [Music Magic Productions MP00923] 2009Joseph Akins - Spirit Touch [HeartSong Music ] 2009
Eddie Konczal - Time and Tide - Edification [Self Released ]
Eric Roberts - Flying Free - My Brazilian Heart (EP) [Music Magic Productions MP00923] 2009 Artist
Joseph Akins - Cascades - Spirit Touch [HeartSong Music ] 2009 Label (615) 473-7127 Artist
Eric Roberts
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