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Broadcaster:    WWSP
Show:    Ambient Aether / Space Continuum
Date:    5/22/2022
Host:    Misha
Theme:    New Age Sampler
Notes:    Episode Title: "Expansive Nature". Opening Theme / Voice-over Theme: "Liquid Moon" by, Jim Ottaway from the "Liquid Moon" release.
Phillip Wilkerson and Chris RussellUnopened DoorsDark MeasuresSpotted Peccary Music SPM-9100(2021)
Frore and Shane MorrisOcean of FireHorizonSpotted Peccary Music SPM-9089(2021)
Kevin KellerRiverbendShimmerKevin Keller Productions ZMCD-113(2021)
Frank Schultz / Scott BurlandVestaOumuamua: Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel ()
John Louis KluckJust Before DawnWorlds of Wonder ()
David HelplingStill As StoneINSpotted Peccary Music SPM-0805(2022)
Chronotope ProjectEntelechy, Emergent OrderGnosisSpotted Peccary Music SPM-2807(2021)
Kelly DavidGarden of the ForgottenIllusiveSpotted Peccary Music SPM-4102(2021)
Craig PadillaDiscovery of MeaningDiscovery of MeaningSpotted Peccary Music SPM-1407(2022)
Hollan HolmesChanging CourseEmerald WatersSpotted Peccary Music SPM-4402(2022)
John Louis KluckCassini's ArrivalWaiting For An Answer ()
Jim OttawayAlien StarThreshold of the UniverseSelf Released M-13(2021)
Richard RossInverse UniverseAmbientopiaSolovey Music SM2020(2021)
Sensitive Chaos Sensitive ChaosCosmic OrchestraCloser to HomeSubsequent Records SR-010-02(2021)
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