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Broadcaster:    WWSP
Show:    Ambient Aether / Space Continuum
Date:    1/19/2020
Host:    Misha
Theme:    New Age Sampler
Notes:    Episode Title: "Building Blocks". Opening Theme / Voice-over Theme: "Liquid Moon" by, Jim Ottaway from the "Liquid Moon" release.
Jim OttawayApocalyptic SignsBeautiful DesolationSelf Released RTI-1(2019)
Mathias Grassow1914 The World Wars I & II: A Symphony of Steel ()
Mathias Grassow1915The World Wars I & II: A Symphony of Steel ()
Radiant Mind & Steve RoachSphere 4HelioSphere ()
Kelly DavidPlain of ReedsMeditation in GreenSpotted Peccary Music SPM-4101(2019)
Ben CarrollThe Time Before KemetBecoming LightSelf Released (2019)
Rudy AdrianThree Views of a Japanese Garden, Part 1WoodlandsSpotted Peccary Music SPM-2603(2019)
Stephen PepposAural MistsDeep ListenSonic Bear Music SB-0007(2019)
Forrest SmithsonNebula MistsThe Healer's WaySelf Released (2019)
Piers Adams & Larry LushVivaldi's LargoBach Side of the Moon (Baroque Adagios Reimagined)Red Priest Recordings RP015(2019)
Thomas Park ( Mystified)SixThe Haunted ProcessorTreetrunk ()
Marconi UnionFracturedDead AirJust Music TA0062(2019)
Darshan AmbientShadow LinesA Day Like Any OtherSpotted Peccary Music SPM-2406(2020)
Ken Elkinsonspotlight pavementMusic for Telecommuting, Vols 5 & 6 / early evening, late eveningAugust Son Productions AS-66883-1(2019)
Bart HawkinsDream Meditation (Part 2)21 Pulse EclipseSpotted Peccary Music SPM-4301(2019)
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