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Broadcaster:    WWSP
Show:    Acoustic Resonance / Fantasy Realm
Date:    12/3/2017
Host:    Misha
Theme:    New Age Sampler
Notes:    Episode Title: "Restlessness". Opening Theme / Voice-over Theme: "Liquid Moon" by, Jim Ottaway from the "Liquid Moon" release.
MasakoTender StoriesPiano SanctuarySelf Released (2017)
Arash BehzadiLucid DreamElsewhere (2017)
Camille NelsonBe Still My SoulLead Me HomeStone Angel Music (2017)
Joseph AkinsCosmic MicrowavesInto the FlowHeartSong Music (2017)
Todd BostonBlue PearlOneSelf Released (2017)
Dan ChadburnWere You ThereHeld in the LightSelf Released (2017)
Gerhard DaumTime And RiverRural RenewalGerhard Daum Music Edition (2017)
Timothy CooperGeneva Moonlight RainbowGlobal SkiesNew Piano Age Music (2017)
John BurkeSeaSuperstratumJohn Burke (2017)
Michael Kent SmithThe (W)hole Above MeAfter the HarvestHeart Dance Records HDR201723(2017)
Johannes LinsteadHeaven Meets EarthAzulEarthscape Media ESM 1017(2017)
AnaamalyI Give My TruthUrban Metta, Vol. 2Planet27music 191924393139(2017)
DeuterWhite LightSpaceNew Earth Records (2017)
Tom Moore & Sherry FinzerWaves of LightLet There Be LightHeart Dance Records HDR201725(2017)
Michael StriblingLongingUnion: Music for LoversLeela Music LM17A(2017)
Falling YouLet It GoShineProjekt Projekt 342(2017)
Al Jewer & Andy MitranCrimson ChillChicago Chill 1Laughing Cat Records (2017)
Jim OttawaySouthern Cross (Timeless Motion)Southern CrossSelf-Released M-10(2016)
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