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Artist Sort Discography Bio
Wagner PáPá, Wagner  
Marc-André PépinPépin, Marc-AndréDiscographyBio
Sílvia Pérez CruzPérez Cruz, Sílvia  
Pablo Pérez Fernández de SanmamedPérez Fernández de Sanmamed, Pablo  
Danilo PérezPérez, Danilo  
Miguel PérezPérez, Miguel  
Augustus PabloPablo, Augustus  
Christoph Sebastian PabstPabst, Christoph Sebastian  
Antonija PacekPacek, Antonija   
Nathan PachecoPacheco, Nathan  
Tim PachecoPacheco, Tim   
Pacific Youth ChoirPacific Youth Choir  
Dino PacificiPacifici, DinoDiscographyBio
Adam PacionePacione, Adam   
Sean Michael PaddisonPaddison, Sean  
Chillon PaddockPaddock, Chillon   
Else Marie PadePade, Else Marie  
Bett PadgettPadgett, Bett  
Barbara Padillapadilla, barbara  
Craig PadillaPadilla, Craig  
Duane PadillaPadilla, Duane  
Bernardo Padrón GroupPadrón, BernardoDiscographyBio
LM PaganoPagano, LM  
Aimee PagePage, Aimee  
Jim PagePage, Jim  
Micah PagePage, Micah   
Sid PagePage, SidDiscographyBio
Stephen PagePage, Stephen  
Christoph PagelPagel, Christoph  
Cyril Pahinuipahinui, cyril  
Martin PahinuiPahinui, Martin  
Gabby Pahinuipahinui,gabby  
Pai CuPai Cu  
Painted RavenPainted Raven  
Alexandra Pajak / Sequence EnsemblePajak/Sequence Ensemble, Alexandra   
Anuradha PalPal, Anuradha  
Barun Kumar PalPal, Barun kumar Bio
Andy PalacioPalacio, AndyDiscographyBio
Emilio PalamePalame, Emilio  
Greg PalastPalast, Greg  
Pale HoneyPale Honey  
Ed Palermo Big BandPalermo, Ed Big Band  
Charlemagne PalestinePalestine, Charlemagne   
Mauro PalmasPalmas, MauroDiscographyBio
Alyssa PalmerPalmer, Alyssa  
John PalmerPalmer, John  
Matteo PalmerPalmer, MatteoDiscographyBio
Roger PalmerPalmer, RogerDiscographyBio
Eddie PalmieriPalmieri, Eddie  
Phil PalombiPalombi, Phil   
Palomino DuckPalomino DuckDiscographyBio
Sergio PamiesPamies, Sergio  
Caro PampilloPampillo, Caro Bio
Pan AmericanPan American  
Pan ElectricPan Electric  
Pan SonicPan Sonic  
Philip PanPan, Philip  
Anthony PanacciPanacci, AnthonyDiscographyBio
Parviz Rahman PanahPanah, Parviz Rahman  
Matt PanayidesPanayides, Matt   
Pancho QuintoPancho Quinto  
Andrea PancurPancur, Andrea  
Pandereteiros de O FiadeiroPandereteiros de O Fiadeiro  
Emile PandolfiPandolfi, Emile  
Pangaea ProjektPangaea Projekt Bio
Gregorio PaniaguaPaniagua, Gregorio  
Luis PaniaguaPaniagua, Luis  
Toss PanosPanos, Toss  
Panta RheiPanta Rhei  
Pantha du PrincePantha du Prince  
Papa Don Vappie's New Orleans Jazz BandPapa Don Vappie's New Orleans Jazz Band  
Papa'a Bay BoysPapa'a Bay Boys  
Irene PapasPapas, Irene  
Ivo Papasov & His Orchestrapapasov & his orchestra, ivo  
Ivo PapasovPapasov, Ivo  
Pape & CheikhPape & Cheikh  
Rob PapenPapen, Rob  
The PaperboysPaperboys, The  
Papi & TanniPapi & Tanni  
Steve PappasPappas, SteveDiscographyBio
Melanie PappenheimPappenheim, Melanie  
Réjean PaquinPaquin, RejeanDiscographyBio
Par ExamplePar Example  
Kate ParadiseParadise, Kate  
C. ParadisiParadisi, C  
Drew ParalicParalic, Drew   
Parallel WorldsParallel Worlds  
Paranoid FoundationParanoid Foundation  
Milica ParanosicParanosic, Milica  
Joanne ParatoreParatore, Joanne  
Jorge PardoPardo, Jorge  
Christian ParentiParenti, Christian  
Galina ParfenovaParfenova, Galina  
Paris ComboParis ComboDiscographyBio
Carmen ParísParis, Carmen  
John ParisParis, JohnDiscographyBio
Tito ParisParis, Tito  
Wynne Parisparis,wynne  
Pascal ParisolParisol, Pascal  
Alyssa ParkPark, Alyssa  
Patrick ParkPark, PatrickDiscographyBio
Christopher Parkeningparkening, christopher  
Evan Parker Electro Acoustic EnsembleParker Electro Acoustic Ensemble, Evan   
Alex ParkerParker, Alex  
Charlie ParkerParker, Charlie  
Eddie ParkerParker, Eddie  
Evan ParkerParker, Evan  
Jake ParkerParker, Jake  
Kim Parker & The Kenny Drew TrioParker, Kim & The Kenny Drew Trio  
Mariah ParkerParker, Mariah  
Ray Parker, Jr.Parker, Ray Jr.  
Rupert ParkerParker, Rupert  
Nick ParkinParkin, Nick  
Najwa ParkinsParkins, Najwa   
Aaron ParksParks, Aaron   
Rosa Parksparks, rosa  
Gretchen ParlatoParlato, Gretchen   
Brian ParnhamPArnham, Brian  
Starr ParodiParodi, Starr   
Eliseo ParraParra, Eliseo  
Kat ParraParra, Kat DiscographyBio
Rebecca ParrisParris, Rebecca   
Revecca ParrisParris, Revecca   
Stephen ParsickParsick, Stephen  
Jennifer ParsignaultParsignault, Jennifer  
Alan ParsonsParsons, Alan  
Alan Parsons ProjectParsons, Alan Project  
David ParsonsParsons, David DiscographyBio
Niamh ParsonsParsons, Niamh  
Tom ParsonsParsons, Tom  
Arvo PartPart, ArvoDiscography 
Harry PartchPartch, Harry   
Parthenia XIIParthenia XII  
Partners In TimePartners In Time  
Dolly PartonParton, Dolly  
Abida ParveenParveen, Abida  
Ustad Shahid ParvezParvez, Ustad Shahid  
Pas de la Dame SauvagePas de la Dame Sauvage  
PAS MusiquePAS Musique  
Oscar PascasioPascasio, Oscar   
Pedro PascualPascual, Pedro  
Stevan PaseroPasero, Stevan  
Randall PaskeminPaskemin, Randall   
Igor PaskualPaskual, Igor  
Alan PasquaPasqua, Alan  
Monica PasqualPasqual, Monica  
Joe Passpass, joe  
Kenny PassarelliPassarelli, Kenny  
Rosa PassosPassos, Rosa  
The PastelsPastels, The  
Nicole PasternakPasternak, Nicole   
Nina PastoriPastori, Nina  
Jaco PastoriusPastorius, Jaco  
Pat O'Donnell GroupPat O'Donnell Group  
Pat, John and KenPat, John and Ken  
Levi PatelPatel, Levi  
Beata PaterPater, Beata   
Lakki PateyPatey, Lakki  
Art PatiencePatience, Art Bio
Arthur PatiencePatience, Arthur  
John PatitucciPatitucci, John  
Cristina PatoPato, Cristina  
Patrick StreetPatrick Street  
Lynn PatrickPatrick, LynnDiscographyBio
Patterns Of The SkyPatterns Of The Sky  
Rodney PattersonPatterson, Rodney   
Tim PattersonPatterson, Tim  
Larry PattisPattis, LarryDiscographyBio
Jim PattonPatton, Jim   
Neil PattonPatton, NeilDiscographyBio
Pau Viguer TrioPau Viguer Trio  
Daniel PaulPaul, Daniel  
Ellis PaulPaul, Ellis  
Russill PaulPaul, Russill  
William PaulPaul, William  
Peter Paulsen TrioPaulsen Trio, Peter  
Peter Paulsen SextetPaulsen, Peter SextetDiscographyBio
Bobby Vince Paunetto & The Commit To Memory BandPaunetto & The Commit To Memory Band, Bobby Vince   
Luciano Pavarottipavarotti, luciano  
Pantelis PavlidisPavlidis, Pantelis  
Javier PaxariñoPaxarino, Javier  
Tom PaxtonPaxton, Tom  
Bill PaynePayne, Bill  
Maggi PaynePayne, Maggi   
Nicholas PaytonPayton, Nicholas   
Faramarz PayvarPayvar, Faramarz   
Raúl PazPaz, RaúlDiscographyBio
Manuel Pazos de MerexoPazos de Merexo, Manuel  
Mercedes PeónPeón, Mercedes  
Peace FamilyPeace Family  
The Peace TrainPeace Train, The  
Peacock & NeryPeacock & NeryDiscographyBio
Alice PeacockPeacock, Alice  
Christopher PeacockPeacock, ChristopherDiscographyBio
Gary PeacockPeacock, Gary  
Jeff PearcePearce, Jeff  
Jim PearcePearce, Jim  
Kevin PearcePearce, Kevin  
Pearl DjangoPearl Django   
Itay PearlPearl, Itay  
Natasha PearlPearl, Natasha  
Rafe PearlmanPearlman, Rafe   
Gareth PearsonPearson, Gareth  
Peatbog FaeriesPeatbog Faeries  
Dave PeckPeck, Dave  
M. PeckPeck, M  
Michael PeckPeck, Michael  
Robert PeckynoPeckyno, RobertDiscographyBio
Fred PedemontiPedemonti, Fred   
John PedersenPedersen, JohnDiscographyBio
Ken PedersenPedersen, KenDiscographyBio
Kyle PedersonPederson, Kyle  
Ugia PedreiraPedreira, Ugia  
Sarah PeeblesPeebles, Sarah  
Julie PeelPeel, Julie   
Dean PeerPeer, Dean   
Luís PeixotoPeixoto, Luís  
Ricardo PeixotoPeixoto, Ricardo  
Christo PellaniPellani, Christo  
Pati PelleritoPellerito, Pati  
Claire PelletierPelletier, ClaireDiscography 
Samuel PellmanPellman, SamuelDiscographyBio
The Pels SyndicatePels Syndicate  
Jeremy PeltPelt, Jeremy  
John PemblePemble. John   
Lula PenaPena, Lula  
Nic PendleburyPendlebury, Nic  
Jia Peng-FangPeng-Fang, JiaDiscographyBio
Penguin CafePenguin Cafe  
Penguin Cafe and CorneliusPenguin Cafe and Cornelius  
Penguin Cafe OrchestraPenguin Cafe Orchestra  
Penguins on MarsPenguins on Mars  
Clarence Penn & Penn StationPenn & Penn Station, Clarence   
Michael PennPenn, Michael   
Pennsylvania Guitar QuintetPennsylvania Guitar Quintet  
Nick PennyPenny, NickDiscographyBio
Gavin PennycookPennycook, Gavin  
Mathieu PenotPenot, Mathieu  
Kim PensylPensyl, Kim  
Pepe & The Bottle BlondesPepe & The Bottle Blondes  
Pepe and the Bottle BlondesPepe and the Bottle Blondes  
Pepe Rivero Big BandPepe Rivero Big Band  
Pepe Rivero QuartetPepe Rivero Quartet  
Michel PépéPepe, MichelDiscographyBio
Ken PeplowskiPeplowski, Ken  
Jim PepperPepper, Jim  
Stephen PepposPeppos, Stephen  
Joseph A PeraginePeragine, Joseph  
Murray PerahiaPerahia, Murray  
Aleksi PeralaPerala, Aleksi  
Perceptual DefencePerceptual Defence  
Fernando PerdomoPerdomo, Fernando  
Marco PereiraPereira, Marco  
Nazaré PereiraPereira, Nazare  
Roberto PereraPerera, Roberto  
Lourdes PeresPeres, Lourdes  
Anatoly PeresleginPereslegin, Anatoly  
Alain PérezPerez, Alain  
Dani PérezPerez, Dani  
Luis PerezPerez, Luis  
Peter PerfidoPerfido, Peter  
Linda PerhacsPerhacs, Linda   
Jeffrey PerinoPerino, Jeffrey  
Don PerisPeris, Don  
Malinee PerisPeris, Malinee  
Melinee PerisPeris, Melinee  
Max PerkoffPerkoff, Max  
Max & Si PerkoffPerkoff, Max  
Angela Perley and the Howlin' MoonsPerley and the Howlin' Moons, Angela  
Philip PermuttPermutt, Philip  
Perpetual MotionPerpetual MotionDiscographyBio
Perpetual OceanPerpetual Ocean Bio
Matt PerriPerri, Matt  
Rudy PerronePerrone, Rudy  
Brendan PerryPerry, Brendan  
Elisabeth PerryPerry, Elisabeth  
Frank Perryperry, frank  
Lee PerryPerry, Lee  
Lee "Scratch" PerryPerry, Lee Scratch   
Lee Scratch PerryPerry, Lee Scratch  
Sacha PerryPerry, Sacha  
Bill PerryPerry,Bill  
Kim PerseghinPerseghin, Kim  
Persephone's DreamPersephone's Dream  
Shawn PersingerPersinger, Shawn  
Houston PersonPerson, Houston  
M. PerssonPersson, M  
Xenia PestovaPestova, Xenia   
Pet Shop BoysPet Shop Boys  
Pete Zimmer QuartetPete Zimmer Quartet  
Peter Paulsen QuintetPeter Paulsen Quintet  
Adam PetersPeters, Adam  
Gretchen PetersPeters, Gretchen   
Mark PetersPeters, Mark   
Roy PetersPeters, Roy  
Steve PetersPeters, Steve   
Vanessa PetersPeters, Vanessa  
Eric PetersenPetersen, Eric  
Oscar Peterson & The BassistsPeterson & The Bassists, Oscar   
Jeff Petersonpeterson, jeff  
Oscar PetersonPeterson, Oscar   
Rodney PetersonPeterson, Rodney  
Philippe PetitPetit, Philippe  
Scott PetitoPetito, Scott Bio
Michala PetriPetri, MichalaDiscographyBio
Alexander PetrovPetrov, Alexander  
Jasmina PetrovicPetrovic, Jasmina  
Michel PetruccianiPetrucciani, Michel  
Al PettewayPetteway, AlDiscographyBio
Nance PettitPettit, Nance  
Tom Petty & HeartbreakersPetty & Heartbreakers, Tom   
Tom PettyPetty, Tom   
Don PeyotePeyote, Don   
Madeleine PeyrouxPeyroux, MadeleineDiscographyBio
Caroline PeytonPeyton, CarolineDiscographyBio
Wilhelm PfeifferPfeiffer, Wilhelm  
Aalfang Mit PferdekopfPferdekopf, Aalfang Mit   
Pharaoh's DaughterPharaoh's DaughterDiscographyBio
Onyay PheoriPheori, Onyay  
Philadelphia Orchestra w/Eugene Ormandy, Cond.philadelphia orchestra  
Philharmonia OrchestraPhilharmonia Orchestra Bio
Ea Philippaphilippa, ea  
Anthony PhilipsPhilips, Anthony  
Barry PhilipsPhilips, Barry  
Claudius PhilipsPhilips, Claudius  
Stephen PhilipsPhilips, StephenDiscographyBio
Anne PhillipsPhillips, Anne  
Anthony PhillipsPhillips, Anthony   
Britta PhillipsPhillips, Britta  
Flip PhillipsPhillips, Flip  
Holland PhillipsPhillips, Holland  
Keith PhillipsPhillips, Keith  
Leigh Ann PhillipsPhillips, Leigh AnnDiscographyBio
Martyn PhillipsPhillips, Martyn  
Sam PhillipsPhillips, Sam   
Shawn PhillipsPhillips, Shawn Bio
Shelley PhillipsPhillips, Shelley  
Stephen PhillipsPhillips, StephenDiscographyBio
Peter Phippen & FriendsPhippen & Friends, Peter   
Peter PhippenPhippen, PeterDiscographyBio
Phoenix RisingPhoenix RisingDiscography 
Nick PhotinosPhotinos, Nick  
Jim PhotogloPhotoglo, Jim  
Djilia PhralengoPhralengo, Djilia  
Owain Phyfe & The New World Renaissance BandPhyfe & The New World Renaissance Band, Owen  
Edith Piafpiaf, edithDiscographyBio
The Piano GuysPiano Guys, The  
Astor PiazzollaPiazzolla, AstorDiscography 
Santi PicóPicó, Santi  
Lisa PiccirilloPiccirillo, LisaDiscographyBio
Piccola Accademia Degli SpecchiPiccola Accademia Degli Specchi  
Andy PickfordPickford, AndyDiscographyBio
Picture Palace MusicPicture Palace Music  
Pieces of a DreamPieces of a Dream Bio
Enrico PieranunziPieranunzi, Enrico  
Allison PiercePierce, Allison  
The PiercesPierces  
Pierre Favre EnsemblePierre Favre Ensemble, Pierre   
Heather Piersonpierson, heather  
Sanna PietiäinenPietiäinen, Sanna  
Jim PietkivitchPietkivitch, JimDiscographyBio
Dave PietroPietro, Dave   
Scooter PietschPietsch, ScooterDiscographyBio
Piffaro: The Renaissance BandPiffaro  
Roberta Piket & Altenating CurrentPiket & Altenating Current, Roberta   
Roberta PiketPiket, Roberta   
Sylvia PilarPilar, Sylvia  
Charles PillowPillow, Charles  
Sarah PillowPillow, Sarah  
Jessica PilnäsPilnäs, Jessica  
Craig PiloPilo, Craig  
Greg PiloPilo, Greg   
Pilsen Philharmonic OrchestraPilsen Philharmonic Orchestra  
Pima ExpressPima Express  
The Pimps of JoytimePimps of Joytime  
Paul PimslerPimsler, Paul  
Pine Mountain RailroadPine Mountain Railroad  Bio
The Pineapple ThiefPineapple Thief   
The PinesPines  
Pinetop PerkinsPinetop Perkins  
The Ping AmbiencePing Ambience, The  
Professor Xu Pingxinpingxin, professor xu  
Richard PinhasPinhas, Richard  
Pink FloydPink Floyd  
Pink MartiniPink Martini  
Mark PinkusPinkus, MarkDiscographyBio
Mark Pincuspinkus, mark  
William PintPint, William  
Judith PintarPintar, Judith  
Leslie PintchikPintchik, Leslie  
Anxo PintosPintos, Anxo  
Pipeline BandPipeline Band  
Kataraina PipiPipi, Kataraina  
Daniel PipitonePipitone  
Juanito PiquetePiquete, Juanito  
Anthony PirogPirog, Anthony   
Ulla PirttijarviPirttijarvi, Ulla  
Pisces ProjektPisces ProjektDiscographyBio
PisidiaPisidia Bio
Pistol RiverPistol River  
Pitch BlackPitch Black   
Pitch The PeatPitch The Peat   
Gérard PitiotPitiot, Gérard  
Nancy PitkinPitkin, Nancy  
John PittsPitts, John  
Pixyblink and Disturbed EarthPixyblink Disturbed Earth  
Bucky PizzarelliPizzarelli, Bucky   
Bucky & John PizzarelliPizzarelli, Bucky & John   
John PizzarelliPizzarelli, John  
Adam PlackPlack, Adam  
Chuck PlaisancePlaisance, ChuckDiscographyBio
Alain Planesplanes, alain  
Planet 9Planet 9  
Janet PlanetPlanet, Janet   
Planeta ImaginarioPlaneta Imaginario  
Planeta LemPlaneta Lem  
Sebastian PlanoPlano, Sebastian  
Robert PlantPlant, Robert   
Plastik JoyPlastik Joy   
Playing for ChangePlaying for Change  
Anthony PleethPleeth, Anthony  
Plena LibrePlena Libre  
Anthony PlessasPlessas, Anthony  
Plucky StrumPlucky Strum  
Luke PlumbPlumb, Luke  
Gregg PlummerPlummer, Gregg   
Michael PluznickPluznick, Michael  
Po' GirlPo' Girl  
Rachel PodgerPodger, Rachel  
Poet in ProcessPoet in Process  
Jean-Paul PognonPognon, Jean-Paul  
Abhijit PohankarPohankar, Abhijit  
Ed PolcerPolcer, Ed  
Mario PolettiPoletti, Mario  
The PolicePolice  
Polished ChromePolished Chrome  
John PolitoPolito, John  
Michelle PollacePollace, Michele  
Linsey PollakPollak, Linsey  
Brendan PollardPollard, Brendan  
Joanne PollockPollock, Joanne  
Barb PolomskyPolomsky, Barb  
Karine PolwartPolwart, Karine  
Delbert (Black Fox) PomaniPomani, Delbert Black Fox  
Lauren PomerantzPomerantz, Lauren   
Dana PomfretPomfret, DanaDiscographyBio
Marc PompePompe, Marc   
T. L. PompeyPompey, T  
Stephane PompougnacPompougnac, Stephane   
Lorenza PoncePonce, LorenzaDiscographyBio
Poncho Sanchez & The BandPoncho Sanchez & The BandDiscographyBio
Matt Pond PAPond, Matt  
Jimmy PonderPonder, Jimmy  
Sanford PonderPonder, Sanford  
Lee PonsPons, Lee   
Dulce PontesPontes, DulceDiscographyBio
Clara PontyPonty, ClaraDiscographyBio
Jean-Luc PontyPonty, Jean-LucDiscographyBio
Tim PonzekPonzek, Tim  
Beaux J Poo BooPoo Boo, Beaux  
Jocelyn PookPook, JocelynDiscographyBio
Rod PoolePoole, Rod  
The PooziesPoozies, The  
Popa ChubbyPopa Chubby  
Rober PopaPopa, RobertDiscographyBio
Sam PopatPopat, Sam  
Odean Pope Saxophone ChoirPope Saxophone Choir, Odean  
Mike PopePope, MikeDiscographyBio
Popol VuhPopol VuhDiscography 
Irina PopovaPopova, Irina  
Ana PopovicPopovic, Ana   
Phil PoppaPoppa, Phil  
Poppy AckroydPoppy Ackroyd  
Porcelain RaftPorcelain Raft  
Porcupine SingersPorcupine Singers   
Porcupine TreePorcupine Tree  
Port St. WillowPort St. Willow  
Les PortelliPortelli, Les  
Gregory PorterPorter, Gregory  
Willy PorterPorter, Willy  
Portico QuartetPortico Quartet  
Portland Cello ProjectPortland Cello Project  
Rachel PortmanPortman, Rachel  
Fernanda PortoPorto, Fernanda  
Nikos PortokáloglouPortokaloglou, nikos  
Omara PortuondoPortuondo, Omara   
Martin PosenPosen, Martin  
Positive Black SoulPositive Black Soul  
Positive CatastrophePositive Catastrophe  
Possession & African DubPossession African Dub  
Steve PostellPostell, Steve   
E.S. PosthumusPosthumus, E.S.   
The PostmarksPostmarks  
Yves PotinPotin, Yves  
Potsch PotschkaPotschka, Potsch  
Chris Potter QuartetPotter Quartet, Chris   
Grace Potter & The NocturnalsPotter, Grace & The Nocturnals  
James PotterPotter, James  
John PotterPotter, JohnDiscography 
Sally PotterPotter, Sally  
Dave PottsPotts, Dave  
Mister PottsPotts, Mister  
Paul PottsPotts, Paul  
Steven Pouchie and his Latin Jazz EesemblePouchie and his Latin Jazz Eesemble, Steven  
Dan PoundPound, Dan   
Miguel PovedaPoveda, Miguel  
James PovichPovich, James  
Baden PowellPowell, Baden  
Bud PowellPowell, Bud   
Dirk PowellPowell, Dirk  
Doc PowellPowell, Doc  
Philippe Baden PowellPowell, Philippe Baden   
Roger PowellPowell, Roger  
Ron PowellPowell, Ron  
TJ PowellPowell, TJ Bio
Tom PowellPowell, Tom DiscographyBio
Brendan PowerPower, Brendan  
Joe PowersPowers, Joe  
Raymond PowersPowers, Raymond  
Conrad PraetzelPraetzel, Conrad  
City of Prague PhilharmonicPrague Philharmonic, City of  
Prague Symphony OrchestraPrague Symphony Orchestra  
John PramikPramik, John  
Ek Ong Kar Satgur PrasadPrasad, Ek Ong Kar Satgur  
Tom Prasada-RaoPrasada-Rao, Tom  
Natalie PrassPrass, Natalie  
Ariel PratPrat, Ariel  
Marius PredaPreda, Marius  
Prefuse 73Prefuse 73  
Zbigniew PreisnerPreisner, ZbigniewDiscographyBio
Kalyan & Sambodhi PremPrem, Kalyan & Sambodhi   
Sambodhi PremPrem, Sambodhi  
Ashok PremaPrema, Askok  
Deva PremalPremal, Deva Bio
Noah PremingerPreminger, Noah  
Premonition FactoryPremonition Factory  
Present MusicPresent Music  
Preservation Hall Jazz BandPreservation Hall Jazz Band  
Linda PresgravePresgrave, Linda   
Elvis PresleyPresley, Elvis   
Jeff Presslaff TrioPresslaff Trio, Jeff   
Lisa PressmanPressman, Lisa  
Dave Prestonpreston, daveDiscographyBio
Jerry PrestonPreston, Jerry  
Mark PrestonPreston, Mark   
The PretendersPretenders, The  
Padma PrevePreve, Padma   
Brad PrevedorosPrevedoros, BradDiscographyBio
Padma PreviPrevi, Padma  
Andre PrevinPrevin, Andre Bio
Bobby PrevitePrevite, Bobby  
Kate PricePrice, Kate  
Tim PricePrice, Tim  
William PricePrice, William  
Dorie PridePride, Dorie  
Julian PriesterPriester, Julian  
Primal InstinctPrimal Instinct  
Prime Time Sublime Community OrchestraPrime Time Sublime Community Orchestra  
Primeaux & MikePrimeaux & MikeDiscographyBio
Gerald PrimeauxPrimeaux, Gerald  
Verdell PrimeauxPrimeaux, Verdell   
Suellen PrimostPrimost, Suellen  
Prince Far IPrince Far I  
Bob PrincePrince, Bob   
Paul PrincePrince, Paul  
Principle of SilencePrinciple of Silence  
John PrinePrine, John  
Prior WorldPrior World  
James PriorPrior, James  
Maddy Prior & the GirlsPrior, Maddy  
Andrea PrioraPriora, Andrea  
Prism QuartetPrism Quartet  
David PritchardPritchard, DavidDiscographyBio
Gene PritskerPritsker, Gene  
Andreas PrittwitzPrittwitz, Andreas  
Tara PriyaPriya, Tara   
Deva PriyoPriyo, DevaDiscographyBio
the Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra of Boston (Joel Smirnoff)Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra  
Procol HarumProcol Harum  
Chris ProctorProctor, ChrisDiscographyBio
Procul HarumProcul Harum  
Professor Cunningham and His Old SchoolProfessor Cunningham and His Old School  
Professor LonghairProfessor Longhair  
Project Andrew RoTTenProject Andrew RoTTen  
Project Blue MossProject Blue Moss  
Project CreationProject Creation  
Project SkywardProject Skyward   
Project TrioProject Trio  
Projective ModuleProjective Module  
Nick ProsserProsser, Nick  
Prosti DumiProsti Dumi  
Proton IndustriesProton Industries  
Álkistis ProtopsaltiProtopsalti, Alkistis  
Angel ProvocateurProvocateur, Angel  
Proyecto EntremaresProyecto Entremares  
Proyectos de ConcienciaProyectos de Conciencia  
Jodi ProznickProznick, Jodi  
Brianna Lea PruettPruett, Brianna Lea   
Jack Prybylskiprybylski, jack  
Leo Kane Pryor & FriendsPryor & Friends, Leo Kane   
Olivier Pryslackpryslack, olivier  
Natalia PrzybyszPrzybysz, Natalia  
Pseudo BuddhaPseudo Buddha  
Psychotrone RhonedakkPsychotrone Rhonedakk  
John Puchiele EnsemblePuchiele, John Ensemble  
Pucho & His Latin Soul BrotherPucho and His Latin Soul Brother  
Arianna PuelloPuello, Arianna  
Puerto PlataPuerto Plata  
Puff DragonPuff Dragon  
Lídia PujolPujol, Lídia  
Chris PulestonPuleston, Chris   
Pulsar BleuPulsar BleuDiscographyBio
Jan PulsfordPulsford, Jan  
Jen PumoPumo, Jen   
The Punch BrothersPunch Brothers  
Midival PunditzPunditz, MidivalDiscographyBio
The Puppini SistersPuppini Sisters  
Pure Bathing CulturePure Bathing Culture  
The Pure Heart EnsemblePure Heart Ensemble, The  
Flora PurimPurim, Flora Bio
Purity RingPurity Ring  
Sat PurkhPurkh, Sat  
Purl & SiniusPurl & Sinius  
Mara PurlPurl, Mara  
The Purple HandPurple Hand, the  
Purple PengiunPurple Penguin  
Darryl PurposePurpose, Darryl  
Pusaka SundaPusaka Sunda  
Sacha PuttnamPuttnam, Sacha Bio
Puzzle of LightPuzzle of Light   
Zon Vern PylesPyles, Zon Vern   
Sue PyperPyper, Sue   
Pyramid PeakPyramid Peak  
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