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Artist Sort Discography Bio
M PathM Path  
M. OstermeierM. Ostermeier  
M.A. NumminenM.A. Numminen  
M. DempseyM.Dempsey  
M.J. ProjectM.J. Project  
Ma Ja LeMa Ja LeDiscographyBio
Ma JanaMa Jana  
Ra Ra Ma MaMa Ma, Ra Ra  
Yo-Yo MaMa, Yo-Yo Bio
Jens MüggeMügge, Jens  
Mónica de NutMónica de Nut  
Baaba MaalMaal, Baaba  
Ibrahim Maaloufmaalouf, ibrahim  
Nabyla MaanMaan, Nabyla  
Joel MabusMabus, JoelDiscographyBio
Tim Mac BrianMac Brian, TimDiscography 
Lenny Mac DowellMac Dowell, Lenny  
Mac Dowell & KrellMac Dowelll & Krell  
Mac of BIOnightMac of BIOnight   
Chris Mac Vittiemac vittie, chris  
Kati MacMac, Kati   
Lindsay MacMac, Linsay  
Dani MacacoMacaco, Dani  
Grupo MacarenaMacarena, Grupo   
Ishbel MacaskillMacaskill, Ishbel  
Dina MaccabeeMaccabee, Dina  
Frank MacchiaMacchia, FrankDiscographyBio
Kirsty MacCollMacColl, Kirsty  
Brena MacCrimmonMacCrimmon, Brena  
Galt MacDermot & the New Pulse Jazz BandMacDermot, Galt  
Curtis MacdonaldMacdonald, CurtisDiscographyBio
Doug MacDonaldMacDonald, Doug   
The Earl MacDonald 6MacDonald, Earl 6  
Eleanore MacDonaldMacDonald, EleanoreDiscography 
Laurel MacDonaldMacDonald, Laurel  
Ralph Macdonaldmacdonald, ralphDiscographyBio
Roddy MacDonaldMacDonald, Roddy  
Peter MacDonoughMacDonough, Peter  
Carrington MacDuffiemacduffie, carrington  
Shane MacGowanMacGowan, Shane  
Andrew MacGregorMacGregor, Andrew  
Joanna MacGregorMacGregor, Joanna   
Machines DreamMachines Dream  
Paul MachlisMachlis, Paul  
Robert MachtMacht, Robert  
Adriana MacielMaciel, Adriana  
Kathleen MacInnesMacInnes, Kathleen  
Mairi MacInnesMacInnes, Mairi  
Ashley MacIsaacMacIsaac, Ashley  
Marc Macissomacisso, marc  
Fiona MacKenzieMacKenzie, Fiona   
Gigi MackenzieMackenzie, Gigi  
Laura MacKenzieMacKenzie, LauraDiscographyBio
Rhonda MackertMackert, RhondaDiscographyBio
Steve MackeyMackey, Steve   
James MacKintoshMackintosh, James  
The MackrosoftMackrosoft, The Discography 
Claudie MackulaMackula, Claudie  
Angus MacLaurinMacLaurin, Angus   
Dougie MacLeanMacLean, Dougie  
Catherine MacLellanMacLellan, Catherine  
Donald MacLellanMacLellan, Donald  
Kevin MacLeodMacLeod, Kevin Bio
Buddy MacMasterMacMaster, Buddy  
Natalie MacMasterMacMaster, NatalieDiscographyBio
Miles MacMillanMacMillan, Miles  
Flora MacNeilMacNeil, Flora  
Jocko MacNellyMacNelly, Jocko   
Angus MacRaeMacRae, Angus  
Mad AgnesMad AgnesDiscographyBio
Mad FellazMad Fellaz  
Madagascar SlimMadagascar Slim  
Steve MadaioMadaio, Steve  
Joanie MaddenMadden, Joanie  
Joannie MaddenMadden, Joannie   
Liz MaddenMadden, Liz  
Karl MaddisonMaddison, KarlDiscography 
Lisa MadisonMadison, Lisa  
Vince MadisonMadison, VincentDiscographyBio
Danilo MadoniaMadonia, DaniloDiscographyBio
Madrid de los AustriasMadrid de los Austrias  
Mads TollingMads Tolling  
Gunnar MadsenMadsen, Gunnar  
Audra Mae and the Almighty SoundMae and the Almighty Sound, Audra   
Della MaeMae, Della   
Kelcy MaeMae, Kelcy   
Maelstrom Percussion EnsembleMaelstrom Percussion EnsembleDiscography 
Ukab MaerdMaerd, Ukab   
Mauricio MaestroMaestro, Mauricio  
Kent MaganoMagano, Kent   
The Choir of Magdalen College, OxfordMagdalen College, the choir of, oxford  
Magic BrookMagic Brook  
Magic Sound Fabric (Cameron Akhunaton)Magic Sound FabricDiscographyBio
Magical StringsMagical StringsDiscographyBio
Jack MaglioMaglio, Jack   
Magna CantaMagna CantaDiscographyBio
Magnífico & TurbolentzaMagnífico & Turbolentza  
Janiva MagnessMagness, Janiva   
Javina MagnessMagness. Javina   
Magnetic WindMagnetic Wind   
Magnolia SistersMagnolia Sisters   
Nick MagnusMagnus, Nick  
Mark Magnussonmagnusson, markDiscography 
Rachel MagoolaMagoola, Rachel  
Dean MagrawMagraw, Dean  
Shankar MahadevanMahadevan, Shankar  
MahajanaMahajana Bio
Garaj MahalMahal, Garaj  
Taj MahalMahal, Taj  
The Mahavishnu OrchestraMahavishnu Orchestra  
The Mahavishnu ProjectMahavishnu Project, The   
Ashley MaherMaher  
Vusi MahlaselaMahlasela, Vusi  
Michael Mahlermahler, mahler  
Sean MahnkenMahnken, SeanDiscographyBio
Elaine MahonMahon, Elaine   
Darin Mahoneymahoney, darin  
Ken MahoneyMahoney, Ken  
Mark MahoneyMahoney, Mark  
Elika MahonyMahony, Elika  
Reed MaidenbergMaidenberg, Reed  
Main GazaneMain Gazane  
Glenn MainMain, Glenn  
Pepe MainaMaina, Pepe  
Natalie MainesMaines, Natalie   
Mike MainieriMainieri, Mike   
Mains De GivreMains De Givre  
Louisa MaitaMaita, Louisa   
Luisa MaitaMaita, Luisa   
La Maîtrise des Petits Chanteurs de Québecmaitrise des petits chanteurs de Quebec, la  
Stephen MajewskiMajewski, Stephen DiscographyBio
Balazs MajorMajor, Balazs  
Makaha Sons of Ni'ihaumakaha sons of ni'ihau  
Takla MakanMakan, Takla  
Makaras PenMakaras Pen  
Miriam MakebaMakeba, Miriam  
Walter MakichenMakichen, Walter  
Kani MakouMakou, Kani  
Karen MalMal, Karen  
Malagasy All StarsMalagasy All Stars  
Malaysian PaleMalaysian Pale  
Shiri MalckinMalckin, Shiri  
Bob Maletickmaletick, bob  
Alex MalheirosMalheiros, Alex  
Sabrina MalheirosMalheiros, Sabrina  
Tina MaliaMalia, TinaDiscographyBio
Ara MalikianMalikian, Ara  
Dino MalitoMalito, DinoDiscographyBio
Jean Francois MaljeanMaljean, Jean FrancoisDiscographyBio
Jean-Francois MaljeanMaljean, Jean-FrancoisDiscographyBio
Gary MalkinMalkin, Gary  
Gary Remal MalkinMalkin, Gary RemalDiscographyBio
Coque MallaMalla, Coque  
David MallettMallett, David   
Matt MalleyMalley, Matt   
Allan MallieMallie, Allan  
Gui MallonMallon, Gui  
Lee MalloryMallory, Lee  
Jim MalloyMalloy, Jim  
David Malmbergmalmberg, david  
Kim MalmquistMalmquist, Kim  
Raul MaloMalo, Raul   
Heather MaloneyMaloney, Heather   
James MaloneyMaloney, James  
Moku MaluhiaMaluhia, Moku  
Larry MalumaMaluma, Larry  
Mamadou and VanessaMamadou and Vanessa  
Mambo ZombiesMambo Zombies  
Cheb MamiMami, Cheb  
Jenna MamminaMammina, Jenna  
Man Bites Dog eats Amsterdam Klezmer BandMan Bites Dog eats Amsterdam Klezmer Band  
A Man Called AdamMan Called Adam, A  
Man in FormaldehydeMan in Formaldehyde   
The ManateesManatees Bio
Henry ManciniMancini, Henry  
Monica ManciniMancini, Monica  
Liz Mandeville and the Blue PointsMandeville, Liz   
Mandible ChatterMandible Chatter   
Zhenia Mandi-NauMandi-Nau, Zhenia  
Mandolin OrangeMandolin Orange  
Mandrake ProjectMandrake Project  
Michael MandrellMandrell, MichaelDiscographyBio
Ze ManelManel, Ze  
Kante ManfilaManfila, Kante   
Manfredo FestMANFREDO FEST  
Lata MangeshkarMangeshkar, Lata  
Philippe MangoldMangold, Philippe   
Tony MangraMangra, TonyDiscographyBio
Manhatten School of Music Jazz OrchestraManhatten School of Music Jazz Orchestra  
Pramod MankelMankel, Pramod  
Aimee MannMann, Aimee   
Bret MannMann, Bret  
Brian MannMann, Brian  
David MannMann, David  
Debra MannMann, Debra  
George MannMann, George   
Herbie MannMann, Herbie  
Mannheim SteamrollerMannheim SteamrollerDiscographyBio
Dayna ManningManning, Dayna  
Kate ManningManning, Kate  
Kimber ManningManning, Kimber  
The Mannish BoysMannish Boys  
Michael ManringManring, MichaelDiscographyBio
Clint MansellMansell, Clint   
Colin MansfieldMansfield, Colin  
Michael MansonManson, MichaelDiscographyBio
Tigran MansurianMansurian, Tigran  
The Mantovani Orchestramantovani orchestra, the  
Mantra GirlMantra Girl  
Mantra VegaMantra Vega  
Michael MantraMantra, Michael  
Kostas MantziosMantzios, Kostas  
Manual & SyntksManual & Syntks   
Manufactures VerbalesManufactures Verbales  
Angela ManukjanManukjan, Angela  
Harry ManxManx, Harry  
Phil ManzaneraManzanera, Phil  
Andrew ManzeManze, Andrew  
Maoli MusicMaoli Music   
Música AntiguaMúsica Antigua * Eduardo Paniagua  
Thomas Mapfumo & The Blacks UnlimitedMapfumo, Thomas  
María ManuelaMaría Manuela  
Ali Akbar MoradiMaradi, Ali Akbar  
Matt MarantzMarantz, Matt  
Mara's TormentMara's Torment  
Marc Ribot Y Los Cubanos PostizosMarc Ribot Y Los Cubanos Postizos  
Evan MarcMarc, Evan  
Jean MarcMarc, Jean  
Paul MarcanoMarcano, Paul  
Marcator & MummertMarcator & Mummert   
Marcelo D2Marcelo D2  
March to MayMarch to May  
Christian MarclayMarclay, Christian  
Caito MarcondesMarcondes, Caito  
Marconi UnionMarconi Union DiscographyBio
Frankie MarcosMarcos, Frankie  
Arif MardinMardin, Arif   
Jean MareMare, Jean  
Briana MarelaMarela, Briana  
Cookie MarencoMarenco, Cookie  
Rick MargitzaMargitza, Rick   
Kitty MargolisMargolis, Kitty  
Ronnie MargolisMargolis, Ronnie  
Karen MarguthMarguth, Karen   
Mariachi AztecaMariachi Azteca  
The Mariachi Los CamperosMariachi Los Camperos  
Torcuato MarianoMariano, Torcuato  
Cesar Camargo MarianoMariano,Cesar Camargo  
Marcell MariasMarias, Marcell  
Maribou StateMaribou State  
Michael MaricleMaricle, Michael  
Adrianna Marie and her Roomful of All StarsMarie and her Roomful of All Stars, Adrianna  
Laura MarieMarie, Laura   
Eric MarienthalMarienthal, Eric  
Rita Marija MalikonyteMarija Malikonyte, Rita   
Marina (Ojos de Brujo)Marina (Ojos de Brujo)  
Lou Marini & the Magic City Jazz OrchestraMarini & the Magic City Jazz Orchestra, Lou   
Dave MarinoMarino, Dave  
Diane MarinoMarino, Diane  
Raphael MarionneauMarionneau, Raphael  
Mariposa SolarMariposa Solar  
Jon MarkMark, Jon  
Mark-Almond BandMark-Almond Band  
Barbara MarkayMarkay, BarbaraDiscographyBio
Ian MarkinMarkin, Ian  
Marko LukacMarko LukacDiscographyBio
Gerald Jay MarkoeMarkoe, Gerald Jay  
Phil MarkowitzMarkowitz, Phil   
Kippy MarksMarks, Kippy   
Bob Marley & The WailersMarley, Bob Wailers  
Damian MarleyMarley, Damian  
Rita MarleyMarley, Rita  
Stephen MarleyMarley, Stephen  
Ziggy MarleyMarley, Ziggy  
Marley's GhostMarley's Ghost  
Laura MarlingMarling, Laura   
Eugene MarlowMarlow, Eugene  
Janet MarlowMarlow, JanetDiscography 
Gary MarloweMarlowe, Gary  
Denman MaroneyMaroney, Denman   
Greg MaroneyMaroney, GregDiscographyBio
Maroon 5Maroon 5  
Maroon FiveMaroon Five  
Marquez (Mark Darnell Marquez)MarquezDiscography 
Maggie MarquezMarquez, Maggie   
Maria MarquezMarquez, Maria  
Pablo MarquezMarquez, Pablo   
Marquis EnsembleMarquis Ensemble  
Nass MarrakechMarrakech, Nass  
Delfeayo Marsalis and the Uptown Jazz OrchestraMarsalis and the Uptown Jazz Orchestra, Delfeayo  
Marsalis FamilyMarsalis Family   
Branford MarsalisMarsalis, Branford  
Delfeayo MarsalisMarsalis, Delfeayo   
Ellis MarsalisMarsalis, Ellis  
Wynton MarsalisMarsalis, Wynton   
George MarshMarsh, George  
Henry MarshMarsh, Henry  
Hugh MarshMarsh, HughDiscographyBio
Lola MarshMarsh, Lola   
Nick MarshMarsh, Nick  
Matt Marshakmarshak, matt  
Aaron MarshallMarshall, Aaron   
Brian MarshallMarshall, Brian  
Henry MarshallMarshall, Henry  
Henry Marshall & The Playshop FamilyMarshall, Henry  
Ingram MarshallMarshall, Ingram Bio
Jody MarshallMarshall, Jody  
Katie Marshallmarshall, katie  
Kye Marshall TrioMarshall, Kyle trioDiscographyBio
Larry MarshallMarshall, Larry  
Mike MarshallMarshall, Mike  
Sherie MarshallMarshall, Sherie  
Wayne MarshallMarshall, Wayne  
Matthew MarsolekMarsolek, Matthew  
Miriam MarstonMarston, Miriam  
Eneida MartaMarta, Eneida  
Pablo MartínMartín, Pablo  
Dave MartellMartell, Dave  
Veronica Martellmartell, monica  
Paulo Martellimartelli, paulo  
J. MartensMartens, Johannes  
Jean-Philippe MarthélyMarthély, Jean-Philippe  
The Martin ComposiumMartin  
Martin & ScottMartin and ScottDiscographyBio
Daniel Martin MooreMartin Moore, Daniel  
Aaron MartinMartin, Aaron   
Alex MartinMartin, Alex   
Andy MartinMartin, Andy   
Anne MartinMartin, Anne  
Barrett MartinMartin, Barrett  
Billy MartinMartin, Billy  
Chevy MartinMartin, Chevy  
Chip MartinMartin, Chip   
Daphne Lee Martin & Raise the RentMartin, Daphne Lee   
Dean MartinMartin, Dean  
Deborah MartinMartin, Deborah Bio
Frank MartinMartin, Frank   
JD MartinMartin, JD  
Jeffrey Martinmartin, jeffrey  
Jodi MartinMartin, Jodi  
Ken MartinMartin, KenDiscographyBio
Scott MartinMartin, Scott Bio
Steve MartinMartin, Steve   
Terence MartinMartin, Terence Bio
Will MartinMartin, Will  
Gabriela MartinaMartina, Gabriela  
Tucker MartineMartine, Tucker  
Aurelio MartinezMartinez, Aurelio  
Cliff MartinezMartinez, Cliff  
Michael MartinezMartinez, MichaelDiscographyBio
David MartinkaMartinka david  
Pat MartinoMartino, Pat  
Rob MartinoMartino, Rob  
Maurizio MartinottiMartinotti, Maurizio  
Vasco MartinsMartins, Vasco  
Edvin MartonMarton, EdvinDiscographyBio
Rob MartucciMartucci, RobDiscographyBio
Martyrs of SoundMartyrs of Sound Bio
Ryan MarvelMarvel, Ryan  
Richard MarvinMarvin, Richard   
Jeff MarxMarx, Jeff  
Marcy MarxerMarxer, Marcy   
Cantrell MaryottMaryott, CantrellDiscographyBio
Mary's BrotherMary's Brother  
Keefe MarzellMarzell, Keefe  
Jean-Pierre MasMas, Jean-Pierre  
Takagi MasakatsuMasakatsu, Takagi  
Steve MasakowskiMasakowski, Steve  
Kenya MasalaMasala, Kenya  
Hugh MasekelaMasekela, Hugh  
Bex MarshallMashall, Bex  
Tony MasielloMasiello, Tony  
Michael MasleyMasley, Michael  
Eugene MaslovMaslov, Eugene  
Eugene MaslowMaslow, Eugene  
Aidan MasonMason, AidanDiscographyBio
Luba MasonMason, Luba   
Rachel MasonMason, Rachel  
Terri Liles MasonMason, Terri Liles   
Heather MasseMasse, Heather   
Souad MassiMassi, SouadDiscographyBio
Massive AttackMassive Attack  
Nicolas MassonMasson, Nicolas   
Pat MastelottoMastelotto, Pat  
Master CylinderMaster Cylinder  
Master SaleemMaster Saleem  
Masters at WorkMasters at Work   
Masters of Persian MusicMasters of Persian Music  
Martha MastersMasters, MarthaDiscography 
The MastersonsMastersons  
Franca MasuMasu, Franca  
Kento MasudaMasuda, Kento  
Joe MasulliMasulli, JoeDiscographyBio
Yoshiaki MasuoMasuo, Yoshiaki   
Eduardo MataMata, Eduardo  
Matadero BandMatadero Band  
Matching MoleMatching Mole  
Russ MateMate, Russ  
Michael MateraMatera, MichaelDiscographyBio
Cesar Andres MateusMateus, Cesar Andres   
Peter MathersMathers, Peter  
Karen MathesonMatheson, KarenDiscographyBio
Mathieu MathieuMathieu Mathieu  
Stephan MathieuMathieu, Stephan   
W. A. MathieuMathieu, WA  
Johnny MathisMathis, Johnny  
Emel MathlouthiMathlouthi, Emel  
Jean-Louis MatinierMatinier, Jean-Louis  
Tina MatnotMatnot, Tina   
Mariam MatossianMatossian, Mariam  
Brazuca MatracaMatraca, Brazuca  
Kazu MatsuiMatsui, KazuDiscographyBio
Keiko MatsuiMatsui, KeikoDiscographyBio
Tak MatsumotoMatsumoto, Tak  
Suguru MatsutaniMatsutani, Suguru  
Matt Vashlishan TrioMatt Vashlishan Trio  
The Matt Wates SextetMatt Wates Sextet  
Nilson MattaMatta, Nilson   
Kathy MatteaMattea, KathyDiscography 
Maurice MatteiMattei, MauriceDiscography 
Matthew PMatthew P  
Sherri MatthewMatthew, Sherri   
Alan MatthewsMatthews, Alan  
Carl MatthewsMatthews, Carl  
Dave MatthewsMatthews, Dave  
Iain MatthewsMatthews, Iain  
Sue MatthewsMatthews, Sue  
Wall MatthewsMatthews, Wall  
Wilhelm MatthiesMatthies, Wilhelm   
Dylan MattinglyMattingly, Dylan   
Euclydes MattosMattos, Euclydes  
Jill MattsonMattson, Jill  
Roy MattsonMattson, Roy   
David Michael MatuchMatuch, David Michael  
David MaukMauk, David Bio
Rebeca MauleonMauleon, Rebeca   
Peter MaundMaund, Peter  
Inle Myint MaungMaung, Inle Myint  
Peter MaunuMaunu, Peter  
George MaurerMaurer  
Albrecht MaurerMaurer, Albrecht   
Mac MavisMavis, Mac  
Ben MawhorterMawhorter, Ben  
Max CapoteMax Capote  
Max MillionMax Million  
Shaluza MaxMax, Shaluza  
Maximus & Ensemble EthniqueMaximus & Ensemble Ethnique  
Mark MaxwellMaxwell, Mark  
Michael MaxwellMaxwell, Michael  
Robert Maxwell, His Harp & Orchestramaxwell, robert  
Andrew MayMay, Andrew   
Daniel MayMay, Daniel  
Dorothy May, PhDMay, Dorothy  
Imelda MayMay, Imelda  
The Sonic ApothecaryMay, Peter  
Tom MayMay, Tom  
Maya & Saqe (Knowles)Maya & SageDiscographyBio
Paula MayaMaya, Paula  
John MayallMayall, John   
Mayan City SinfoniettaMayan City Sinfonietta  
John MayerMayer, John  
Martin MayerMayer, Martin Bio
Matthew MayerMayer, MatthewDiscographyBio
Michael MayerMayer, Michael  
Peter MayerMayer, Peter  
Irvin MayfieldMayfield, Irvin  
Jessica Lea MayfieldMayfield, Jessica Lea  
Daisy MayhemMayhem, Daisy  
Lila MayiMayi, Lila  
Richard Maynard (Laughing Crow)Maynard, RichardDiscography 
Arturo MayorgaMayorga, Arturo  
Bill Mays And The Inventions TrioMays And The Inventions Trio, Bill   
Bill MaysMays, Bill  
Lyle MaysMays, Lyle  
The MaytonesMaytones, The  
MayumiMayumi DiscographyBio
John MazMaz, John  
Carlos MazaMaza, Carlos  
Anthony MazellaMazella, Anthony   
Susan MazerMazer, Susan  
Serge Mazeresmazeres, serge  
Marilyn MazurMazur, Marilyn  
Dmitry MazurovMazurov, Dmitry  
Kip MazuyMazuy, KipDiscographyBio
Anthony MazzellaMazzella, AnthonyDiscographyBio
Julio MazziottiMazziotti, Julio  
Charmaine MazzoneMazzone, Charmaine  
MbandiMbandi DiscographyBio
Coco MbassiMbassi, Coco  
Cherif M'BawM'Baw, Cherif  
Mbongwana StarMbongwana Star  
Abdou MboupMboup, Abdou   
Kathy Mc Clatchymc clatchy,cathy  
MC MaguireMC Maguire  
MC YogiMC Yogi  
Michelle McAleeMcAlee, Michelle   
David McAlmontMcAlmont, David  
Graham McArthurMcArthur, Graham  
Chick McAuleyMcAuley, Chick  
Mick McAuleyMcAuley, Mick  
Brian McBrideMcBride, Brian   
Christian McBrideMcBride, ChristianDiscographyBio
Joe McBrideMcBride, Joe  
Michael McCabeMcCabe, Michael   
Patrick McCaffreyMcCaffrey, Patrick  
C.W. McCallMcCall, C.W.  
Martin McCallMcCall, Martin Bio
Ian McCalmanMcCalman, Ian  
Paul McCandlessMcCandless, Paul  
Anni McCannMcCann, Anni  
Les McCannMcCann, Les  
Pete McCannMcCann, Pete   
Sean McCannMcCann, Sean   
Eric McCarlMcCarl, EricDiscography 
Mike McCarthyMcCarthy, Mike  
Marie-Therese McCartinMcCartin, Marie-Therese   
Paul McCartneyMcCartney, Paul   
Lydia McCauleyMcCauley, LydiaDiscographyBio
The Bob McChesney QuartetMcChesney, Bob Quartet  
Jeff McClellanMcClellan, Jeff  
Randall McClellanMcClellan, Randall  
Ron McClure SextetMcClure Sextet, Ron  
Barney McClureMcClure, Barney  
Rob McConnell & The Boss BrassMcConnell & The Boss Brass, Rob   
Tommy McCookMcCook, Tommy  
Alyth McCormackMcCormack, Alyth  
Quintus McCormick BandMcCormick Band, Quintus   
Kraig McCrearyMcCreary, Kraig  
Nathan McCreeMcCree, Nathan  
Ron McCrobyMcCroby, Ron   
Zoe McCullochMcCulloch, Zoe  
John McCuskerMcCusker, John  
John McCutcheonMcCutcheon, John  
Eugene McDanielsMcDaniels, Eugene  
Joe McdermottMcdermott, JoeDiscographyBio
John McDermottmcdermott, john  
Beth McDonaldMcDonald, Beth   
Pat McDonaldMcDonald, Pat  
Steve McDonaldMcDonald, Steve  
Steven McDonaldMcDonald, Steve  
Michael McDonaldmcdonald,michael  
Mississippi Fred McDowellMcDowell, Fred Mississippi  
John McDowellMcDowell, JohnDiscographyBio
McDuff & DeFranciscoMcDuff & DeFrancisco  
John McEuenMcEuen, John  
Peter (Peas) McEvilleyMcEvilley, Peter  
Andy McEwenMcEwen, Andy  
The Gary McFarland Legacy EnsembleMcFarland Legacy Ensemble, The Gary   
Colleen McFarlandMcFarland, Colleen   
Ronn McFarlaneMcFarlane Ronn  
Bobby McFerrinMcFerrin, Bobby  
Bernie McGannMcGann, Bernie   
Kate & Anna McGarrigleMcGarrigle, Kate & Anna   
Kate McGarry, Keith Ganz & Gary VersaceMcGarry, Kate, Ganz, Versace  
Bill McGeemcgee, bill Bio
Gordon McGilveryMcGilvery, Gordon  
Matt McGinnMcGinn, Matt  
Pete McGinnessMcGinness, Pete  
Michael McGoldrickMcGoldrick, Michael  
Tim McGowanMcGowan, TimDiscographyBio
Chris McGregor & Brotherhood of BreathMcGregor, Chris & Brotherhood of Breath, Chris  
The Pete McGuinness Jazz OrchestraMcGuinness, Pete Jazz Orchestra  
Jason McGuireMcGuire, JasonDiscographyBio
Mark McGuireMcGuire, Mark  
Marshall McGuiremcguire, marshall  
Charlotte McHattonMcHatton, Charlotte  
Cliff McInnesMcInnes, Cliff  
Tom McIntoshMcIntosh, Tom  
Sumner McKaneMcKane, McKaneDiscographyBio
Catriona McKayMcKay, Catriona  
Harrison McKayMcKay, Harrison  
Nellie McKayMcKay, Nellie   
Andy McKeeMcKee, Andy   
Douglas McKeehanMcKeehan, Douglas  
Robin McKelleMcKelle, Robin DiscographyBio
The Paul McKenna BandMcKenna Band, The Paul   
Dave McKenna QuartetMcKenna Quartet, Dave   
Larry McKennaMcKenna, Larry  
Lori McKennaMcKenna, Lori  
Mae McKennaMcKenna, MaeDiscographyBio
Loreena McKennittMcKennitt, LoreenaDiscographyBio
Jason McKenzieMcKenzie, Jason   
Erin McKeownMcKeown, Erin  
Susan McKeownMcKeown, Susan  
Chris McKhoolMcKhool, Chris  
Cassandre McKinleyMckinley, Cassandre  
Darron McKinneyMcKinney, Darron  
Brian McKnightMcKnight, Brian  
Corey McKnightMcKnight, Corey  
John McKoneMcKone, JohnDiscographyBio
Rod McKuenmckuen, rodDiscographyBio
Sarah McLachlanMcLachlan, Sarah  
Billy McLaughlinMcLaughlin, Billy  
Jeff McLaughlin QuartetMcLaughlin, Jeff   
John McLaughlinMcLaughlin, John  
John McLaughlin and The Fourth DimensionMcLaughlin, John and The Fourth Dimension  
Mary McLaughlinMcLaughlin, Mary  
Michele McLaughlinMcLaughlin, MicheleDiscographyBio
Barton McLeanMcLean, Barton  
Jackie McLeanMclean, Jackie  
John McLeanMcLean, JohnDiscographyBio
Kate McLeodMcLeod, Kate   
Kirk McLeodMcLeod, Kirk  
Raice McLeodMcLeod, Raice  
Noel McLoughlinMcLoughlin, Noel   
Sharon McMahanMcMahan, Sharon  
Charlie McMahonMcMahon, Charlie  
Joe McMahonMcMahon, Joe   
Tony McManusMcManus, TonyDiscographyBio
El McMeenMcMeen, El  
Gussy McMelamudMcMelamud, Gussy  
Laura McMillanMcMillan, Laura Bio
Laura McMillianMcMillian, Laura  
James McMurtryMcMurtry, James  
Loretta McNairMcNair, Loretta   
James McNallyMcNally, James  
Shannon McNallyMcnally, Shannon  
Stevin McNamaramcnamara  
Jim McNeelyMcNeely, Jim   
Wendy McNeillMcNeill, Wendy  
Oona McOuatMcOuat, Oona   
Marian McPartlandMcPartland, Marian  
Steve McPetersMcPeters, Steve  
Dean McPheeMcPhee, Dean  
Andrew McPhersonMcPherson, Andrew  
Sarah McQuaidMcQuaid, Sarah   
Carmen McRaeMcRae, Carmen  
John McSherryMcSherry, John  
Mary Ann McSweeneyMcSweeney, Mary Ann   
John McVeyMcVey, John   
Randy MeadMead, Randy  
Laura MeadeMeade, Laura  
Marion MeadowsMeadows, Marion  
Mean Tooth GrinMean Tooth Grin  
Michael MearaMeara, Michael   
Mecca BodegaMecca Bodega  
Mecha Fixes ClocksMecha Fixes Clocks  
Bix MedardMedard, Bix  
Dorian MeddMedd, Dorian  
Medeski Martin & WoodMedeski Martin & Wood  
Medeski Scofield Martin and WoodMedeski Scofield Martin and Wood  
John MedeskiMedeski, John  
Medeski, Martin And WoodMedeski, Martin And Wood  
Mediaeval BaebesMediaevel Baebes  
Medicine DreamMedicine Dream  
Medicine DrumMedicine DrumDiscographyBio
Brooke Medicine EagleMedicine Eagle, BrookeDiscographyBio
The Medicine of SoundMedicine of Sound  
Medina AzaharaMedina Azahara  
Michael MedinaMedina, Michael   
Nicolás MedinaMedina, Nicolás  
Keith MedleyMedley, Keith   
Eelco van de MeebergMeeberg, Eelco van de   
Megaphone ManMegaphone ManDiscographyBio
M. MehdiMehdi, M.  
Brad MehldauMehldau, BradDiscographyBio
Brad Mehldau TrioMehldau, Brad TrioDiscographyBio
Andre MehmariMehmari, Andre  
Markus MehrMehr, Markus   
Bina & Pranav MehtaMehta, Bina & Pranav   
Lavinia MeijerMeijer, Lavinia DiscographyBio
Mike MeililloMeilillo, Mike   
Mike Meilillo`Meilillo, Mike   
Susie MeissnerMeissner, Susie  
MekoMeko Bio
Getatchew MekuryaMekurya, Getatchew  
Angel MeléndezMeléndez, Angel  
Joe MelandMeland, Joe   
Bjorn MelanderMelander, BjornDiscographyBio
Jacob MelchiorMelchior, Jacob  
Michele MeleMele, Michele  
Myra Melford TrioMelford Trio, Myra   
Daniel MelingoMelingo, Daniel  
John MellencampMellencamp, John   
Mellonta TautaMellonta Tauta  
Peter MelnickMelnick, Peter  
Mario MeloMelo, Mario  
Elivia Melodey's Crystal VibrationsMelodey's Crystal Vibrations Bio
Melon GaliaMelon Galia  
Ian MelroseMelrose, Ian  
The Melting TransistorMelting Transistor  
Katie Meluamelua, katieDiscographyBio
Max MelvinMelvin, Max  
Memory GeistMemory Geist  
Memphis DawlsMemphis Dawls  
Men of SteelMen of Steel  
Jonathan MenardMenard, Jonathan   
Sarah MendelsohnMendelsohn, Sarah  
Mendes BrothersMendes Brothers  
Sergio MendesMendes, Sergio  
Eduardo MendoncaMendonca, Eduardo  Bio
Lydia MendozaMendoza, Lydia  
Massimi MenottiMenotti, Massimi   
Radboud MensMens, Radboud   
Yehudi MenuhinMenuhin, Yehudi  
Don Menza Big BandMenza Big Band, Don   
Laki MeraMera, Laki  
Marcelo Mercadantemercadante, Marcelo  
David MercedMerced, David   
Sasha MercedesMercedes, Sasha   
Jeff MercelMercel, Jeff  
Natalie MerchantMerchant, Natalie  
Mercury's AntennaeMercury's Antennae  
Mercy MachineMercy Machine  
Mergener et AmiciMergener et Amici  
Peter MergenerMergener, PeterDiscographyBio
Meridian DreamMeridian Dream  
Sandra MerkiMerki, Sandra  
Claudio MerliniMerlini, Claudio   
Merlin's MagicMerlin's Magic  
Ciccio MerollaMerolla, Ciccio  
Buddy MerriamMerriam, Buddy   
Neal MerrickMerrick, Neal  
Helen MerrillMerrill, Helen  
Merrily and the Poison OrchardMerrily and the Poison Orchard  
Greg Merritt Jazz QuartetMerritt, Greg Jazz Quartet  
Justin MerrittMerritt, Justin   
Tift MerrittMerritt, Tift  
Wim MertensMertens, WimDiscographyBio
Mesa RioMesa Rio  
Joshua MessickMessick, Joshua   
Byron MetcalfMetcalf, ByronDiscographyBio
Heidi Osgood Metcalfmetcalf, heidi osgood  
John MetcalfeMetcalfe, John  
Pat MethenyMetheny, PatDiscographyBio
Pat Metheny GroupMetheny, Pat GroupDiscographyBio
Metropolitan Jazz AffairMetropolitan Jazz Affair  
Metta QuintetMetta Quintet  
Hendrik MeurkensMeurkens, Hendrik  
Hendricks MeurkinsMeurkins, Hendricks   
Hendrik MeurkinsMeurkins, Hendrik   
Aaron MeyerMeyer, Aaron  
Bjorn MeyerMeyer, Bjorn  
Edgar MeyerMeyer, EdgarDiscographyBio
Guido MeyerMeyer, Guido  
Marcia MeyerMeyer, Marcia  
Patrick Meyermeyer, patrick  
Patsy Meyermeyer, patsy  
Yael MeyerMeyer, Yael   
Amy MeyersMeyers, Amy   
Anne Akiko MeyersMeyers, Anne AkikoDiscographyBio
Kenneth MeyersMeyers, Kenneth  
Paul MeyersMeyers, Paul  
Busi MhlongoMhlongo, Busi  
Carlitos MiñarroMiñarro, Carlitos  
Kai MianoMiano, Kai   
Lucia MicarelliMicarelli, Lucia  
Tony MiceliMiceli, Tony  
Michael BMichael B  
Michael BreckerMichael Brecker  
Michael Collins and His OrchestraMichael Collins and His Orchestra  
Michael eMichael e  
The Michael Nyman OrchestraMichael Nyman Orchestra  
David MichaelMichael, David  
Dorian MichaelMichael, Dorian  
Jeffrey MichaelMichael, JeffreyDiscographyBio
Stuart MichaelMichael, Stuart  
Ian MichaelsMichaels  
Cody MichaelsMichaels, CodyDiscographyBio
Kurt MichaelsMichaels, KurtDiscographyBio
Robert MichaelsMichaels, Robert  
Dan MichaelsonMichaelson, Dan  
Ingrid MichaelsonMichaelson, Ingrid   
Tomas MichaudMichaud, Tomas  
Emeline MichelMichel, Emeline  
Shoshana MichelMichel, ShoshanaDiscographyBio
Chrisette Michelemichele, chrisette  
Reneé MicheleMichele, Reneé  
Lorenzo MicheliMicheli, Lorenzo  
Chris MichellMichell, Chris  
Michelle ShockedMichelle Shocked  
Lucy Michelle & the Velvet LapellesMichelle, Lucy & the Velvet Lapelles  
Suzanne MichelleMichelle, SuzanneDiscographyBio
Richard MichosMichos, Richard  
Les Freres MichotMichot, Freres, Les  
Alma MicicMicic, Alma  
Rale MicicMicic, Rale  
Paul MicichMicich, Paul  
Mico NonetMico Nonet  
The Microscopic SeptetMicroscopic Septet, The   
Stephan MicusMicus, Stephan  
Midair CondoMidair Condo  
Midday VeilMidday Veil  
The Middle Earth OrchestraMiddle Earth Orchestra, The  
Steve MiddletonMiddleton, SteveDiscographyBio
Tom MiddletonMiddleton, Tom   
Midnight SkyeMidnight SkyeDiscographyBio
Midnight SyndicateMidnight Syndicate  
Midnite ExpressMidnite Express  
Raul MidonMidon, Raul   
Midori (violinist)Midori (violinist)  
Mighty DiamondsMighty Diamonds  
Mighty MysticMighty Mystic  
The Mighty OaksMighty Oaks  
Miguel (Elbicho)Miguel (Elbicho)  
Luis Miguelmiguel, luis  
Valerie MihMih, Valerie  
I. MihanaMihana, I  
Miho & Diego DuoMiho & Diego Duo  
Johnny MikeMike, Johnny  
Stefan MikelMikel, Stefan  
Irina MikhailovaMikhailova, Irina  
Palle MikkelborgMikkelborg, Palle  
Michael MiksisMiksis, Michael   
Milagro AcusticoMilagro AcusticoDiscographyBio
Emma MilanMilan, Emma  
Pablo MilanésMilanés, Pablo  
Judzas MilasiusMilasius, Judzas   
Anthony MilesMiles, Anthony  
Jason MilesMiles, Jason  
Lynn MilesMiles, Lynn   
Robert MilesMiles, Robert  
The Milk Carton KidsMilk Carton Kids  
Milk Carton KidsMilk Carton Kids  
Olan MillMill, Olin  
Will MillarMillar, WillDiscographyBio
Stephen MillardMillard, Stephen  
Daniel MilleMille, Daniel  
Matt MillecchiaMillecchia, Matt  
Ben MillerMiller, Ben  
Bill MillerMiller, BillDiscographyBio
Brooke MillerMiller, Brooke  
Buddy MillerMiller, Buddy  
Buddy & Judy MillerMiller, Buddy Judy  
Dale MillerMiller, Dale   
David MillerMiller, David  
Derek MillerMiller, Derek  
Dominic MillerMiller, DominicDiscographyBio
Eric MillerMiller, Eric  
Frances MillerMiller, Frances   
Gene MillerMiller, Gene  
Harry Miller's IsipingoMiller, Harry Isipingo  
Jacob MillerMiller, Jacob  
Kristen MillerMiller, KristenDiscographyBio
Kristin MillerMiller, Kristin  
Marcus MillerMiller, Marcus  
Mark MillerMiller, Mark  
Mulgrew MillerMiller, Mulgrew   
Peter MillerMiller, Peter   
Phil MillerMiller, Phil  
Radhika MillerMiller, RadhikaDiscographyBio
Randy MillerMiller, Randy  
Robin MillerMiller, Robin  
Robyn MillerMiller, Robyn  
Rodney MillerMiller, Rodney  
Shelly MillerMiller, Shelly   
Tim MillerMiller, Tim   
Tom MillerMiller, Tom  
Kate Miller-HeidkeMiller-Heidke, Kate   
Ann MillikanMillikan, Ann  
John MillsMills, John  
Keith MillsMills, Keith  
Kenneth G. MillsMills, Kenneth G.DiscographyBio
Kristine MillsMills, Kristine   
Leslie MillsMills, Leslie  
Sophie Milmanmilman, sophie  
Manos MilonakisMilonakis, Manos  
Valerie MilotMilot, Valerie   
Ronnie MilsapMilsap, Ronnie  
Sam Miltich and The Clearwater Hot ClubMiltich, Sam and The Clearwater Hot Club  
Mim Twm LlaiMim Twm Llai   
Chen MinMin, Chen  
Ken MinardiMinardi, Ken  
Dom MinasiMinasi, DomDiscographyBio
Leo MinaxMinax, LeoDiscographyBio
Mind Body & SoulMind Body & Soul  
Mind Over MatterMind Over MatterDiscographyBio
Mind SoupMind Soup  
Mind Transport ToolsMind Transport Tools  
Minds on HoldMinds on Hold  
Marc MinelliMinelli, Marc  
Mark MinelliMinelli, Mark  
Gregg MinerMiner, Gregg  
Lee Pui MingMing, Lee Pui   
Charles Mingus Sextetmingus sextet, charles  
Charlie MingusMingus, Charlie   
Ministry of Inside ThingsMinistry of Inside Things  
Mark MinklerMinkler, Mark  
Kev MinneyMinney, Kev   
Pedro Ricardo MiñoMino, Pedro Ricardo  
Áine MinogueMinogue, ÁineDiscography 
Minor AlpsMinor Alps   
Minor VictoriesMinor Victories  
Minstrel StreamsMinstrel StreamsDiscographyBio
MaloumaMint Moktar Ould Meidah, MaloumaDiscographyBio
Billy MintzMintz, Billy  
Bob Mintzer Big BandMintzer Big Band, Bob   
Bob MintzerMintzer, Bob  
Chieli MinucciMinucci, ChieliDiscographyBio
Manuel Guajiro MirabalMirabal, Manuel Guajiro  
Robert MirabalMirabal, RobertDiscographyBio
Federico MirandaMiranda, Federico  
Nina MirandaMiranda, Nina  
Signe MirandaMiranda, Signe  
Miras & VossMiras&Voss  
Miraz & ParadisoMiraz & Paradiso  
Gary MirazMiraz, Gary  
Sheldon MirowitzMirowitz, Sheldon  
Mirror SystemMirror System  
Gani MirzoMirzo, Gani  
Kevin MisevisMisevis, Kevin  
Misha MishenkoMishenko, Misha   
Deobrat MishraMishra, Deobrat  
Pandit Shivnath MishraMishra, Pandit ShivnathDiscographyBio
Sanjay MishraMishra, Sanjay   
Alexandr MiskoMisko, Alexandr  
Miss JustineMiss Justine  
Miss KristinMiss Kristin  
Miss MaybellMiss Maybell  
Miss QuincyMiss Quincy   
Mission Street ProjectMission Street Project   
Mississippi HeatMississippi Heat  
Mister VaporMister Vapor  
Misty in RootsMisty in Roots  
Misty RosesMisty Roses  
Anais MitchellMitchell, Anais   
Bruce MitchellMitchell, Bruce  
Davis MitchellMitchell, Davis  
Elisabeth MitchellMitchell, Elisabeth  
Joni MitchellMitchell, Joni  
Karen MitchellMitchell, KarenDiscographyBio
Nicole Mitchell / Black Earth EnsembleMitchell, Nicole Black Earth EnsembleDiscographyBio
Roscoe MitchellMitchell, Roscoe   
Stuart MitchellMitchell, Stewart  
Arnold MitchemMitchem, Arnold  
Andy MitranMitran, Andy  
Fabio MittinoMittino, Fabio  
Jackie MittooMittoo, Jackie  
Nozomi MiyanishiMiyanishi, Nozomi  
Kõhachiro MiyataMiyata, Kõhachiro  
Mieko MiyazakiMiyazaki, MiekoDiscographyBio
Jen MizeMize, Jen   
Anton MizerakMizerak, Anton Bio
Lazou MizikMizik,Lazou  
Bachir MizmarMizmar, Bachir  
Hajime MizoguchiMizoguchi. Hajime  
Alberto MizrahiMizrahi, Alberto  
MJ GuiderMJ Guider  
MK EmreMK Emre  
Mo BomaMo Boma   
Mobius StripMobius Strip  
Mobius TrioMobius Trio  
Bill MobleyMobley, Bill  
Moby GrapeMoby Grape  
Stephan MoccioMoccio, Stephan   
Mocean WorkerMocean Worker   
Andreas MockMock, Andreas  
Kelvin MockingbirdMockingbird, Kelvin  
Rod ModellModell, Rod  
Modena City RamblersModena City Ramblers  
Sarah ModeneModene, Sarah   
Modern Mandolin QuartetModern Mandolin Quartet  
Modern Traditions EnsembleModern Traditions Ensemble  
Modern World BandModern World BandDiscographyBio
Garota ModernaModerna, Garota  
Askia ModiboModibo, Askia  
Hazmat ModineModine, Hazmat   
Modulator ESPModulator ESP  
Moebius/Story/LeideckerMoebius / Story / Leidecker  
Dieter MoebiusMoebius, Dieter   
Ale MoellerMoeller, Ale  
Hugh & Katy MoffattMoffatt, Hugh & Katy   
Karma MoffettMoffett, Karma  
Marsha MoffittMoffitt, Marsha  
Michel MogliaMoglia, Michel   
Mohammed FairouzMohammed Fairouz  
Nicholas MohannaMohanna, Nicholas   
Moipei QuartetMoipei Quartet  
Steve MoisherMoisher, Steve   
Fantan MojahMojah, Fantan Bio
Mojave WindMojave Wind  
Mo'Kalamity & The WizardsMo'Kalamity  
Juana MolinaMolina, Juana  
Lauren Molinamolina, lauren  
Donald Molinemoline, donald  
Polly MollerMoller, Polly  
Jane MolloyMolloy, Jane   
Mick MoloneyMoloney, Mick  
Paddy MoloneyMoloney, Paddy  
Bruce MolskyMolsky, Bruce  
Nils Petter MolvaerMolvaer, Nils Petter  
Marc MommaasMommaas, Marc  
Marc MommasMommas, Marc  
Janelle MonaeMonae, Janelle   
Jim MonahanMonahan, Jim  
Silvano MonasteriosMonasterios, Silvano  
Ben MonderMonder, Ben  
Drori MondlakMondlak, Drori   
Moneda DuraMoneda Dura  
Kevin MongelliMongelli, KevinDiscographyBio
Jane MonheitMonheit, JaneDiscographyBio
Monica QueenMonica Queen  
Merdith MonkMonk, Merdith   
Meredith MonkMonk, Meredith   
Merideth MonkMonk, Merideth   
Thelonius MonkMonk, Thelonius   
Monk's Music TrioMonk's Music Trio  
Monks of Keur MoussaMonks of Keur Moussa  
Monks of the DesertMonks of the Desert  
Sylvia MonnierMonnier, Sylvia  
Diane MonroeMonroe, Diane  
Marilyn Monroemonroe, marilyn  
José Luis MontónMontón, José Luis  
Antoinette MontagueMontague, Antoinette  
Mariana MontalvoMontalvo, Mariana  
Montana Mandolin SocietyMontana Mandolin Society  
Montana SkiesMontana SkiesDiscographyBio
Lorenzo MontanàMontanà, Lorenzo  
Marisa MonteMonte, Marisa   
Pietra MontecorvinoMontecorvino, Pietra  
Eddie MonteiroMonteiro, Eddie  
Shawn MonteiroMonteiro, Shawn  
Robert MonteleoneMonteleone, Robert  
Chino MonteroMontero, Chino  
Gabriela MonteroMontero, Gabriela   
Sandrine MontezunMontezun, Sandrine  
Ray MontfordMontford, Ray  
Matthew MontfortMontfort, Matthew  
Barbara MontgomeryMontgomery, Barbara   
Bob Montgomery/Al Hermann QuintetMontgomery, Bob Hermann, Al Quintet  
Holly MontgomeryMontgomery, Holly  
Jocelyn MontgomeryMontgomery, Jocelyn  
Nathan MontgomeryMontgomery, Nathan   
Wes MontgomeryMontgomery, Wes   
Antonio MontiMonti, Antonio  
Coco MontoyaMontoya, Coco   
Montreal Guitar TrioMontreal Guitar Trio  
Montuno PoliceMontuno PoliceDiscographyBio
MoodafarukaMoodafaruka Bio
The Moody BluesMoody BluesDiscography 
James MoodyMoody, James   
Kate MoodyMoody, KateDiscographyBio
Ruth MoodyMoody, Ruth  
Thelonious Moogmoog, thelonious  
Martha MookeMooke, MarthaDiscographyBio
The Peter Moon Bandmoon peter band, the  
Dotsun MoonMoon, Dotsun   
Michael MoonMoon, MichaelDiscographyBio
Peter Moonmoon, peter  
Moondo PresentsMoondo PresentsDiscographyBio
Carey MooreMoore, Carey   
Celeste MooreMoore, Celeste Bio
Daniel MooreMoore, Daniel   
Dave MooreMoore, Dave  
Demi MooreMoore, Demi  
Des MooreMoore, Des  
Imogen MooreMoore, Imogen  
Jeremy MooreMoore, Jeremy  
Joseph Patrick MooreMoore, Joseph PatrickDiscographyBio
Kelly MooreMoore, KellyDiscographyBio
Randall MooreMoore, RandallDiscographyBio
Rickie MooreMoore, Rickie  
Rose MooreMoore, RoseDiscographyBio
Stanton MooreMoore, Stanton   
Steve MooreMoore, Steve  
Tom MooreMoore, TomDiscographyBio
Shashika MoorruthMoorruth, Shashika  
Shashika MooruthMooruth, Shashika  
Rob MooseMoose, Rob  
Daphna MorMor, Daphna   
David MoraMora, David  
Henry Mora OrchMora, Henry  
Minima MoraliaMoralia, Minima  
Gayle Moran CoreaMoran Corea, Gayle  
Nick Moran TrioMoran Trio, Nick   
Moravian College Jazz FacultyMoravian College Jazz Faculty  
Sebastian MorawietzMorawietz, Sebastian  
Jim MorayMoray, Jim  
Laura More [Freaks]More, Laura  
Airto MoreiraMoreira, AirtoDiscographyBio
Fabricio MoreiraMoreira, Fabricio  
Moreland & ArbuckleMoreland & Arbuckle  
Paula MorelenbaumMorelenbaum, Paula  
Tony Moreno QuartetMoreno Quartet, Tony  
Clara MorenoMoreno, Clara   
Frankie MorenoMoreno, Frankie  
Papi MorenoMoreno, PapiDiscography 
Enrique MorenteMorente, Enrique  
Estrella MorenteMorente, EstrellaDiscographyBio
Marie MoresheadMoreshead, Marie   
Dan MorettiMoretti, Dan  
The Morgan SistersMorgan Sisters  
Christiana MorganMorgan, Christiana  
Ginny MorganMorgan, Ginny  
John MorganMorgan, John  
Kit MorganMorgan, Kit  
Lanny Morgan QuartetMorgan, Lanny  
Pamela MorganMorgan, Pamela  
Scott MorganMorgan, Scott  
Teresa MorganMorgan, Teresa  
Tommy MorganMorgan, Tommy  
Morgaua QuartetMorgaua Quartet  
Ikue MoriMori, Ikue   
Pan MoriganMorigan, Pan Bio
Cary MorinMorin, Cary  
Cyril MorinMorin, Cyril  
David Morleymorley, david  
Shelley Morningsongmorningsong, shelley  
Moroccan SpiritMoroccan Spirit  
Giorgio MoroderMoroder, Giorgio  
Bret MorrellMorrell, Bret  
Ennio MorriconeMorricone, Ennio  
Amy MorrisMorris, Amy  
Fraser MorrisMorris, Fraser  
John MorrisMorris, John  
Lynn MorrisMorris, Lynn  
Sarah MorrisMorris, Sarah  
Shane MorrisMorris, Shane   
Trevor MorrisMorris, Trevor  
Dave MorrisonMorrison, Dave  
Sam MorrisonMorrison, SamDiscographyBio
Van MorrisonMorrison, Van  
Randy MorrissMorriss, Randy  
William Morsemorse, william  
Mortal LoomMortal LoomDiscographyBio
Derek MortlandMortland, DerekDiscographyBio
John MortonMorton, John   
Mark MortonMorton, Mark  
Quator MosaiquesMosaiques, Quator  
Todd MosbyMosby, ToddDiscographyBio
Moscow Studio Symphony OrchestraMoscow Studio Symphony Orchestra  
The Moscow Symphony OrchestraMoscow Symphony Orchestra  
Annie MoscowMoscow, Annie  
Shawn Livingston MoseleyMoseley, Shawn Livingston   
Kathy MoserMoser, Kathy  
Michael Moses TirschMoses Tirsch, Michael  
Bob MosesMoses, Bob  
China MosesMoses, China  
Dr. Harold Grandstaff MosesMoses, Dr. Harold Grandstaff   
Harold MosesMoses, Harold  
Pablo MosesMoses, Pablo  
Rick MosesMoses, RickDiscography 
Moshav BandMoshav Band  
Mark MosherMosher, Mark  
Paulinho MoskaMoska, Paulinho  
Lisa MoskowMoskow, Lisa  
Louise MosrieMosrie, Louise   
Jessica MossMoss, Jessica  
Lawrence MossMoss, Lawrence   
Henrik MossbergMossberg, HenrikDiscographyBio
Mostar Sevdah ReunionMostar Sevdah Reunion   
Mostly AutumnMostly Autumn   
Kathryn MostowMostow, Kathryn  
Darren Motamedymotamedy, darren  
Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece CoMother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co   
Mothers of InventionMothers of Invention  
The MothersMothers, The  
Paul MotianMotian, Paul  
Motion Sickness Of Time TravelMotion Sickness Of Time Travel  
Motion TrioMotion Trio  
David MotionMotion, David  
Andrea MotisMotis. Andrea  
Motor City Women and Detroit ExpressMotor City Women and Detroit Express  
Tomas Pagan MottaMotta, Tomas Pagan   
Josh MottleyMottley, Josh   
Randy Windtalker MotzMotz, Randy Windtalker  
Tim MotzerMotzer, Tim  
John MoulderMoulder, John   
Scott MoultonMoulton, Scott  
Mohamed MounirMounir, Mohamed  
Rob Mounsey & Flying Monkey OrchestraMounsey & Flying Monkey Orchestra, Rob   
Paul MounseyMounsey, Paul  
David MountMount, DavidDiscographyBio
Mountain ThymeMountain Thyme  
Ana MouraMoura, Ana  
Gabriel MouraMoura, Gabriel  
Paulo MouraMoura, Paulo  
Boris MourashkinMourashkin, Boris  
Graf MourjaMourja, Graf Bio
Nana MouskouriMouskouri, Nana  
George MoustakiMoustaki, George  
Mouth MusicMouth Music  
Moutin Reunion QuartetMoutin Reunion Quartet  
The MovementMovement   
Moving HeartsMoving Hearts  
Keith Moyer & The Nu Element Jazz EnsembleMoyer, Keith & The Nu Element Jazz Ensemble  
Alison MoyetMoyet, Alison  
Allison MoyetMoyet, Allison  
Mr. Ho's OrchestroticaMr. Ho's Orchestrotica  
Mr. Soon (Joseph Jakob)Mr. Soon Bio
Mr. TimMr. Tim  
Bruce MscosarMscosar, Bruce   
MTA LabMTA Lab  
Oliver MtukudziMtukudzi, Oliver  
Yinan MuallemMuallem, Yinan  
Yinon Muallem Rast EnsembleMuallem, Yinon  
Muchachito Bombo InfiernoMuchachito Bombo InfiernoDiscographyBio
Michael MucklowMucklow, Michael   
Shubha MudgalMudgal, Shubha  
Alan MuellerMueller, Alan  
K&B MuellerMueller, K&B  
Karen MuellerMueller, Karen   
Paul MuellerMueller, Paul   
Paul Juba MuellerMueller, Paul Juba   
Tobin MuellerMueller, TobinDiscographyBio
Fermín MuguruzaMuguruza, Fermín  
Jabier MuguruzaMuguruza, Jabier  
Nico MuhlyMuhly, Nico   
Muied LumensMuied Lumens  
Blekbala MujikMujik, Blekbala  
Ephat MujuruMujuru, Ephat  
Apurba MukherjeeMukherjee, Apurba  
Indrani MukherjeeMukherjee, Indrani  
Ahmed MukhtarMukhtar, Ahmed  
Maria MuldaurMuldaur, Maria   
Jan MulderMulder, Jan DiscographyBio
Danny MulhernMulhern, Danny  
Nigel MullaneyMullaney, Nigel  
Petra MullejansMullejans, Petra  
Michael MullenMullen, Michael  
Anne MullerMuller, Anne   
Bob MullerMuller, Bob  
Frank MullerMuller, Frank   
Gerry Mulligan QuartetMulligan Quartet,gerry  
Brendan MulvahillMulvahill, Brendan  
Peter MulveyMulvey, Peter  
Mumford & SonsMumford & Sons  
Luca MundacaMundaca, LucaDiscographyBio
Anima MundiMundi, Anima   
The Munich Philharmonic OrchestraMunich Philharmonic Orchestra  
Alê MunizMuniz, Alê  
Jonas MunkMunk, JonasDiscographyBio
Jaime MuñozMunoz, Jaime  
PC Munoz and the Amen CornerMunoz, PC and the Amen Corner  
Doug MunroMunro, Doug  
Doug Munro & La Pompe AttackMunro, Doug & La Pompe Attack  
Stephen James MunslowMunslow, Stephen James  
Dorothee MunyanezaMunyaneza, Dorothee  
Johannes MunzMunz, Johannes  
The MuppetsMuppets, The  
Leon MuragliaMuraglia, Leon  
Kaori MurajiMuraji, Kaori  
Larry MuranteMurante, Larry   
Lee MurdockMurdock, LeeDiscographyBio
Neel Murgai EnsembleMurgai Ensemble, Neel   
Amal MurkusMurkus, Amal  
Ángela MuroMuro, Ángela  
Michael Martin MurpheyMurphey, Michael Martin   
Chris MurphyMurphy, Chris  
Elaine MurphyMurphy, Elaine  
Gandalf MurphyMurphy, Gandalf  
Greg MurphyMurphy, Greg  
Mark MurphyMurphy, Mark  
Skip MurphyMurphy, Skip  
Cornelia MurrMurr, Cornelia  
Anne MurrayMurray, AnneDiscographyBio
David Murray Black Saint QuartetMurray, David Black Saint Quartet  
James MurrayMurray, James  
Michael MurrayMurray, Michael   
Ron Murray & VueloMurray, Ron  
Chris MurrellMurrell, Chris  
Kiram MurtiMurti, Kiram   
Kiran MurtiMurti, Kiran  
Muruga GVCBMuruga GVCB  
Sakthivel MuruganandhanMuruganandhan, Sakthivel  
Musa Dieng KalaMusa Dieng Kala  
Michael MusedMused, Michael  
Story MusgraveMusgrave, Story   
Music For Pets BandMusic For Pets Band  
Music From StanfordMusic From Stanford  
Music GateMusic Gate  
Music is LoveMusic is Love  
New Orleans Musica da Cameramusica da camera, new orleans  
Musica DivinaMusica Divina  
Musical NatureMusical NatureDiscographyBio
Musical SpaMusical SpaDiscographyBio
Michela MusolinoMusolino, Michela  
Charlie MusselwhiteMusselwhite, CharlieDiscographyBio
Sabah Habas MustaphaMustapha, Sabah  
Mustard's RetreatMustard's Retreat  
Mutation VectorMutation VectorDiscographyBio
Poppa Steve MutimerMutimer, Poppa Steve   
Mutual BenefitMutual Benefit  
I MuvriniMuvrini, IDiscographyBio
Muyayo RifMuyayo Rif  
Mirosław MuzykantMuzykant, Mirosław  
My Brightest DiamondMy Brightest Diamond  
My IndigoMy Indigo   
My Robot FriendMy Robot Friend  
My Shadow and IMy Shadow and I  
My Sleeping KarmaMy Sleeping Karma  
Brad MyersMyers, Brad  
David Lee MyersMyers, David Lee  
Robert Aeolus MyersMyers, Robert Aeolus  
Ralph MyerzMyerz, Ralph   
Richard MylesMyles, Richard  
The MynabirdsMynabirds  
Mysteries of the NightMysteries of the Night  
Mysterium (Jeffery Cobb)MysteriumDiscographyBio
The Mystery Of The Bulgarian VoicesMystery Of The Bulgarian Voices  
Mystic BowieMystic Bowie   
Mystic DiversionsMystic Diversions  
Mystic HarmonyMystic HarmonyDiscographyBio
Mystic JourneyMystic Journey   
The Mystic Moods OrchestraMystic Moods Orchestra  
Mystic PeteMystic Pete Bio
Mystic RhythmsMystic Rhythms  
Mystic Roots BandMystic Roots Band  
Mystic TechMystic Tech  
Mystical SunMystical Sun  
Mister Vapor and AltusMystified  
The Mystifying OracleMystifying Oracle, The  
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